“Satan’s Little Helper”? Christian Group Calls For Boycott Of Movie “Hobbit”

Christians For A Moral America really do not want you to see the Hobbit. It appears that really bad things come in really small packages. Producer Sir Peter Jackson is a self-proclaimed atheist. It would appear that he would have been better off proclaiming that he was an orc.

Here is the statement from the organization:

Invading your local cinema next winter is a new work of evil The Hobbit. The Hobbit follows on from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy and seemingly has brought everyone back to “Middle Earth” from the dead. Peter Jackson has once again stepped up as Satan’s Little Helper to direct the two-part film and is once again using witchcraft and wizardry to peddle the film, even though the books had strong Christian undertones (good vs evil; Christians vs Atheists) but Jackson being the self-proclaimed Atheist he is obviously doesn’t want to present this movie in the way it was meant by Tolkien. Let’s vote with our wallets and send a big message to Hollywood and Jackson; Christians will NOT tolerate this blatant Anti-Christian bigotry and Atheist propaganda. Our children’s minds are filled with enough poison these days from the media without us as parents actively doing the same while filling liberal fat cats’ coffers.

The group appears as focused on Jackson being an atheist as the screenplay itself — not to mention “liberal fat cats.” (It turns out that conservative fat cats are acceptable in the eyes of God).

The prejudice against atheists is growing with leaders in both the United States and abroad joining a crusade against those who refuse to embrace a God — any God.

It seems that every religious groups is rushing to warn that the Hobbit is either faith-friendly or faith-threatening. The Catholic writers have found that film to be not only faithful but Catholic in its message — tying its messages directly to Biblical accounts. Others have identified Gandalf as the ultimate Christ figure.

Then, of course, it could be just a really cool movie.

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  1. as an ordained christian minister, let me say that it isn’t movies one watches or music one listens to that condemns the soul.it’s the unacceptance of christ in one’s life..salvation is unconditional,hobbit or no hobbit!!you moronic legalists that claim that the media is to account for the world’s woes ,are all uneducated biblically..here’s your story:you accept christ and toss all your R stuff in the trash forever and stop listening to aersosmith and your saved//.that kind of christian makes me want to puke as they’re misconstruing the entire basis of salvationand what god REALLY expects/I’ve never felt convicted regarding the movies i watch ‘nor the music i listen to so i watch things i’m sure that would make legalistic christians cringe.i watch horror movies and i listen to music like aerosmith and evanescence…most churched christians today believe in works as the key to seeing god’s face…do that and don’t do that..the don’t do that is just as much works as the opposite..ie,church christians today really believe one has to to be living with one’s a nose in the bible 24/7 to eventually see heaven.i watch horror movies,i listen to green day but i also have my study,my prayer and my meditation in the lord time as well as a 24/7 conciousness of his presence and spirit..but uh oh.what you’d be focusing on is that i watch american idol..or the following..etc…uh oh..my bad/get my drift you legalistic pharisees??you put trivial requirements that aren’t even god’s requirements on the shoulders of people and you chase them away from the cross with your bantering about the media causing the damnation of everyone’s souls..really? in gods day there was no tv or radio..and i’m curious..what good did bashing elvis and the beatles jim morrison and now lady gaga do to further the christ mission..NOTHING.the media is NOT the cause of sin,it’s the product.what’s seen and heard on tv is only there because society desires it.not the other way around.society is the cause ,media is the product .stop focusing on tv movies and hollywood and focus instead on instructing other believers,especially new converts, how to pray and how to listen to god’s voice and how to hear it..but no..you’d rather be bashing people because they aren’t christians/i don’t expect hollywood to get saved anytime soon and you know betetr as well..oh well..go ahead and make your kids listen to what you lisetn to,pick their friends ,etc cause that’s what you do.i think it’s sinfulo to ban a preteen or teen from being a normal child of their peers and to toss their rap music or pop stuff in the trash telling them (quote)”cause that’s what jesus would do” /and unfortunately this is what many church people..religious people,not christians..do to their kids.if you’re going to go after the hobbit at least have the decency to admit you do so in the name of religion and not christ/obedience means listening to his voice,his convictions..the holy spirit/,not the red letters in a book.but i don’t believe most christians understand that clearly///i’m on the side of the unbelievers here as the only christians i see posting are self righteous ,arrogant religious legalists.i can’t call you ‘fools cause..well..you know..(look it up).

  2. So many above boldly share its just a movie? Tragically, look at the rising number of teenagers in America that are demon possessed because of their fascination with porn? You haven’t seen anything yet as the number of serial killers spreads through our cities.

  3. 27 animals were basically killed with cruelty for entertainment including patronizing the skinned alive animals with fur. The Hobbit is TRASHY FILTH!

  4. As a Christian myself, I enjoyed the LoTR movies very much, and when they came out in the movie theaters, I held them each as some of the best films I’f ever had the pleasure of watching.

    As a Christian myself, I believe the entire stance against sorcery and witchcraft are not Biblical and completely made up. The English translation of the Bible has had quite a few mishaps since the 1600s and I believe the word sorcery is one of them. The translation of the word sorcery in the Bible comes from the Greek word “farmakeia” or the more modern spelling “pharmakeia.” This word did not mean spellcaster in ancient Greece, but rather referred to the more familiar term of “witchdoctor” or “shaman”. Various drugs and/or hallucinogens were often administered by shaman to put someone into a trance, through which strange and unexplanable experiences could be had.

    To make a long story short, as a Christian, the only reason see to avoid watching the Peter Jackson directed Hobbit movie is if you really just don’t like Hobbits.

    BTW, King Kong was a horrible movie, and most of it had to do with the atrocious casting effort, or lack thereof. Jack Black is a hilarious comedian…and Adrian Brody a great drama actor….neither of which were actually cast in this movie to use these talents whatsoever. I hope the Hobbit follows in the footsteps of the LoTR movies and not King Kong.

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