An Unarmed California Man Threatens to Kill Himself — Police Allegedly Arrive And Hit Him With A Stun Gun and Then Shoot Him To Death

Police in Keyes, California are investigating why police officers killed an unarmed 32-year-man after first shooting him with a stun gun. Family members called police to tell them that George Ramirez was suffering from depression and threatening suicide. The Stanislaus County sheriff’s deputy is now on administrative leave. According to reports, Deputy Art Parra Jr. has been on the force for six years.

Ramirez reportedly had a history of depression and the family said that they wanted to get him help. When police arrived, Ramirez reported demanded to know “Who sent you to arrest me? Where’s your credentials?” The single officer reportedly used the stun gun soon after arriving at the scene and family members said that the shot caused Ramirez to fall to the floor. They insisted that he had not threatened the deputy. When Ramirez got back on his feet, the family says the deputy proceeded to shoot him three times in the torso. The father says that after the officer killed his son, three other officers arrived and started pointing guns at him and the family.

We have not heard the officer’s account, who was reportedly not injured.

The absence of a gun does not necessarily rule out a justified use of lethal force. The facts as stated by the family however are quite disturbing and the absence of a weapon raises serious questions of excessive use of force by the officer. I am also not sure of why the officer did not just the stun gun again rather than lethal force.

Source: KCRA as first seen on Reddit

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  1. That young man was no threat to the cop and did not deserve to die like this. I’ve known the family my whole life. And to Mr. Art Parra (officer) I really wish that one day one of your kids dies on the floor of your kitchen shot 3 times choking on his own blood after been electricuted so you can understand what you’ve done to these people you coward pos assasin.

  2. We don;t know, as article says, if or what Ramirez said or did. This may have been, very sadly, a situation of ‘suicide by cop’

  3. bettykath

    If the boys get a new toy they just have to show it off.


    How true. 😉

    Dentists, in my opinion, are even better examples of that than cops. Of course, they seldom kill people.

  4. I have talked with others similarly situated and we think this LEO acted reasonable under the circumstances.

  5. Maybe they thought it would work like shock treatments. the police often have to deal with mentally ill people and often are woefully prepared. Back in the day when I worked as a psychiatric tech, i noticed that cops seemed far more freaked out by even moderately disturbed people they’d bring to the hospital than just about anyone else who ever came with a patient.

  6. Does anyone with even half a brain ever apply for these ‘cop’ jobs anymore?

  7. When do we get the first ALEC law authorizing sales of reduced strength tazers for over the counter unregistered sales? And an accompanying law to authorize use in domestic quarrels, NB only family use is OK, no outsiders may bring them to the party.

    Uh huh, we do already!?!
    (imitation of Jon Stewart on the phone with the control room).

  8. Frankly,
    lol you’re the man today.

    I learned as a kid that 200 ma hand to hand (ie cross torso) would give fatal heart fibrillation. Guess if that knowledge or the caution it implies are included in the training?

  9. The stun gun or taser is deadly force and will kill and does kill people. What do you do officer, get a heart report from his physician before you shoot the guy? The gunpoweder variety is more lethal. Both are use of deadly force.

    If you think tasers are safe then shoot your mom once a day when you go visit the old lady in the nursing home. Or if they are ok then shoot the entire Board of Police Commissioners on the day they consider their budget. Tell them to up the insureance if they buy any tasers.

  10. So, everyone got what they wanted – whats the problem? Moer and more people are discovering calling the police may not be the best solution. Its like consulting a surgon because you have a cold – they are going to recommend an operation. To paraphrase, when EVERY tool you have is a hammer anything can look like a nail.

  11. Indeed. Three times in the torso? A bit much to simply stop the advance of a troubled man.

  12. Unfortunate…… Very unfortunate….I wonder if the deputy was wearing a lapel cam….. That could give us the answers to questions that troubles me….. FYI….. A NASA invention I hear…..

  13. If you’re suicidal just call 911. They’re way cheaper than Jack Kevorkian.

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