An Unarmed California Man Threatens to Kill Himself — Police Allegedly Arrive And Hit Him With A Stun Gun and Then Shoot Him To Death

Police in Keyes, California are investigating why police officers killed an unarmed 32-year-man after first shooting him with a stun gun. Family members called police to tell them that George Ramirez was suffering from depression and threatening suicide. The Stanislaus County sheriff’s deputy is now on administrative leave. According to reports, Deputy Art Parra Jr. has been on the force for six years.

Ramirez reportedly had a history of depression and the family said that they wanted to get him help. When police arrived, Ramirez reported demanded to know “Who sent you to arrest me? Where’s your credentials?” The single officer reportedly used the stun gun soon after arriving at the scene and family members said that the shot caused Ramirez to fall to the floor. They insisted that he had not threatened the deputy. When Ramirez got back on his feet, the family says the deputy proceeded to shoot him three times in the torso. The father says that after the officer killed his son, three other officers arrived and started pointing guns at him and the family.

We have not heard the officer’s account, who was reportedly not injured.

The absence of a gun does not necessarily rule out a justified use of lethal force. The facts as stated by the family however are quite disturbing and the absence of a weapon raises serious questions of excessive use of force by the officer. I am also not sure of why the officer did not just the stun gun again rather than lethal force.

Source: KCRA as first seen on Reddit

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  1. The news of George is devastating. I knew him briefly. I say briefly because life is so short as it is, and George’s life was unjustly cut short. I knew him in his early teens. When life is so innocent, so uncomplicated. I can’t imagine what he must’ve went through during those last moments of his life. As I read the details, I can’t fit into my mind how something like this could happen to such a beautiful family. It made me want to hug my children tight and pray for a time where no one could ever harm our lived ones again, a time when we can see George again. May our creator keep you in His memory and may the next time you open your eyes and take once again your first breaths, you find yourself in the eternal peace of Gods Kingdom where you will no longer be anguished by the stinging pangs of depression. And may He place His hand upon your family and soothe their aching hearts. See you on the other side George.

  2. Art Parras Jr, (Sheriff Deputy)

    Whats 15 seconds??? To many nothing. But I would like to know what they were for you??? To be able to read your mind and see what made you take that choice. 15 seconds, what probably took you to make our world cloudy and a nightmare because in 15 seconds took my cousin life away. Maybe you should see the heart broken look my aunt carries or the deep desperate look of the father who sits lost in a different world. All because of your 15 seconds of glory that your index finger enjoyed on Monday. Do you sleep bastard???? If you do maybe you can give my aunt, uncle and his brothers 15 seconds of your glory sleep!!!! Our pain is here to stay, our world is pitch black and we cant see but what has been descirbe to us of what you have created in our world. If you have kids, sit back and think of your child being murdered infront of you as you lay helpless as a parent. All they asked for was help for their son, not your thoughtless actions!!! We looked for help, an exit. Instead you brought us a door to an avenue with much grief, anger, and much sorrow. Here we are in this path, helpless again, afraid to ask for help!!
    Mr. Parra, you have crushed a great family…… Can we get our 15 seconds back????

    Ill miss you George and soo will the family!!
    Anthony Valenzuela

  3. The monoloid cop did all his I.Q. permitted him to do. He is a trained idiot for the NEW WORLD ORDER BANKERS. HE IS A PIECE OF GARBAGE.

  4. The cop will be put one Paid Leave untill they can find a judge that will release him back to work,and that won`t take long at all…two,three hours at the most.

  5. I think he would have gone down with the first shot, does that mean he was on the floor for the second and third?

  6. Florida Statute 782.11 which was the original charge that the officers intended to use against Zimmerman on 2/26/2012 was a form of manslaughter applying to police who were in the act of apprehending someone who was actually COMMITTING A FELONY at the time. It does make sense that a police officer should not be criminally punished for killing when he is actually preventing a crime and the police effort “goes south” without his meaning to commit such an irremediable aggression. BUT that is a far cry from (a) a non-police person killing someone who was NOT committing a crime or (b) a police person killing an unarmed person who was merely acting upset. We’re just a society that does not emphasize responsibility, accountability, or decent behavior. What we have in place of all that is torts and crimes, and frankly, that will never work.

  7. It is disturbing to me that so often these cops get suspended sentences etc. for crime they should get life in prison for.

  8. Blouise,
    Today Googled 99% training. Thanks for mentioning it. Read WalMart Tool Kit. Great stuff. How to exert real pressure is in numbers, meeting with Walmart 1% and store managers will give only answers decided from above.
    It all depends on how good a media image we can create, which will be what gives them the incentive. Their income from the public is their softspot.
    This may be the way. Encouraging.

  9. Blouise: Eric Holder should require all police go to this training. Hell, they should be running their own courses on non violence.

  10. Why doesn’t the legal defense bar do more to help rid the country of
    outlaw LEOs? Why don’t rich PI attorneys do more?

    No money in “prevention”.

    Police: n., armed force for protection and participation.

  11. Blopuise,l went to the 99% training here. Nice turnout for a monday morning.

  12. That’ll teach them to waste the police’s time by expecting them to serveand or protect the public.

  13. With all respect to veterans, their training is not police training. As MCM said; Evaluating and avoiding escalation is primary for any warrior. But our war vets aren’t trained for that, I suspect. Every MF is a danger in their world. As long as we take many of our police from that pool then we will have worsening problems.

    I think the comment from the ER was the best´evaluation so far.

  14. There is great need for public servants namely the police of every city in this country to be policed by the communities they serve. They have murdered to many people and have gotten away with it.


  16. shano,
    Where ever you are … just got this from a friend whose husband brought it home from work:
    “99% SPRING TRAINING: Volunteers may attend a 99% Spring Training that will take place at the Union Hall on Day, Date, Time. Training will be in non-violent direct action against social injustices. Everyone is welcome to join.”
    Too cool. A bunch of us have signed up. We don’t belong to the Union but we called the Union Hall just to make sure it was okay and the secretary told us it’s a come one, come all and that they’re getting an over-whelming response from members and non-members alike.


  18. Cops are out of control everywhere. When is it going to be time for another beer summit and complete retraining of every police force in the nation? The public is getting sick of this abuse and tragedy.

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