Tunisia Arrests Leading Critic For Drinking In Public During Ramadan

Tunisian blogger and political reformer Sofiane Shurabi has been arrested by the government for drinking in public during Ramadan. We recently saw how Saudi Arabia issued warnings to non-Muslims that they were expected to respect the food and drink limitations of Ramadan in public. This arrest comes with added suspicion of a political agenda since Shurabi was a scathing critic of deposed president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and an opponent to the rising control of Islamic parties over the country.

Shurabi, a young woman, and a journalist friend were arrested on a beach for allegedly “being drunk in a public place, disturbance of the peace and unacceptable behaviour.” They could face up to seven months in prison for simply drinking in public during Ramadan.

Shurabi works for the Institute for War and Peace Reporting and has been a critic of the dominant Islamist party Al-Nahda.

In criticizing such cases, we should keep in mind that this country long had “blue laws” that prohibited shopping and alcohol sales on Sunday to reinforce religious values. Those laws have largely fallen to the wayside though some remnants remain. The recent cases out of countries like Saudi Arabia (which does not allow churches or public worship from other faiths) and Tunisia is that the laws are meant to require adherence to the practices of one faith.

Increasingly, the denial of free exercise and free speech is being carried out in the name of “tolerance” and “respect” rather than a simple insistence of orthodoxy. The rhetorical change does little for those who wish to practice their own faith or no faith.

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  1. So what. I get accused of drinking all the time. I’ll get drunk if I want as long as I’m not bothering anybody else. Don’t drive drunk. That’s a rule.

    Are any of you people having sex? Are you using condoms?

  2. A friend of mine is a Muslim by birth (not by observance) and an Arab-speaking independent journalist. One year he was invited to an Embassy gathering of one of the Muslim Majority countries. He used his GPS system to find the address and went in, in the early evening. He saw trays of refreshments being passed around and he thought, “How strange that the ambassador is not observing Ramadan in this public arena,” but he partook. Then he saw alcoholic beverages being served and he thought, “How very strange,” but again, he partook. Then he began to sense some other things that did not make sense. He unobtrusively checked with someone and discovered he was at the wrong embassy. He quietly left and found his way to the right embassy, where traditional evening prayers were just getting underway! By then he was full and also a bit tipsy.

  3. When he goes to trial they will make him shave his beard. Whoops that is only in America. See the article above about the court martial justice being rendered in America.

  4. Forgot the OT notice.

    From the report it would seem that congressional committees operate so that the majority says: “we decide and you can protest. rebuttal is not necessary.”

  5. Drunk in Public and Disorderly Conduct. Seems they are taking selective ideas from the United States. This folks is what you call a “Tool Law.” One that is sufficiently ambiguous and generally applicable to “Problem People” to scruff them off the streets and lock them up for a night so that the police did not have to babysit them for the rest of the shift. In this case it seems to be certainly more political than anything. I would venture to say they were probably the most sober and poliite of the drunks that were arrested in that country nationwide. But what do I know.

    I find it rather frustrating that many people in our country support this type of behavior by countries founded and constituted upon a particular religion. They look at secular countries censoring and oppression of free speech to be of outrageous scorn but with muslim countries the same people often either apoligize for their actions or do nothing to call the actions of these countries into question. I still do not understand why this happens.

  6. Just as a sikh resident is alleged to have said:
    “Anyone with a turban is (a legal target(?))”.

    Shall this be one time LEO does not claim it is a loner?

  7. idealist, Reports are out that the shooter is a white supremist and has been a member of the White Power Movement since 2000. Not really surprising….

  8. A little OT, but since it is in the usual spirit of decrying, despising, or deploring the muslim medieval world it is not so far off the intended thread here.

    Reliable reports are coming in after the demise of the invaders attempting to invade Israel from Egypt.
    It seems the deceased warriors are resting comfortably in the company of their 48 allocated virgins each.

    I wonder if we have any reports yet from the Sikh temple shooter?

  9. Oh when will the liberals and their enablers in the lame stream media stop their war on Ramadan? Tunisia is an Islamic country, it was founded on Islamic principles and these awful secularist liberals are just spitting in our faces!

    Please join Ahmed O’Reily and I as we push back against this war on Ramadan

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