Critic of Proposed Anti-Blasphemy Law In Tunisia Arrested

We have been following anti-blasphemy laws around the world, including the increase in prosecutions in the West and the support of the Obama Administration for the prosecution of some anti-religious speech under the controversial Brandenburg standard. Now, journalist named Sofiene Chourabi has been arrested for simply criticizing a proposed new blasphemy law in Tunisia, which he rightfully condemned as a threat to free speech. We previously discussed the case. Chourabi was a leading voice in opposition to the prior ruler — part of the country’s “Arab Spring” movement. However, that government has been replaced, like so many other such countries, with an Islamic government that proceeded to crackdown on free speech and religious freedom.

The arrest came when Chourabi was camping on a beach at 5:00 AM in response to what police say was a caller complaining about the consumption of alcohol. The police admit however that he was sleeping under a stand. They say that they found alcoholic drinks. However, possession of alcohol is not a crime in Tunisia. Nor is that there a crime against drinking alcohol on Ramadan.

The ruling Ennadha Party says that its favor of freedom of speech except when they consider the speech to be blasphemous against Islam.

Source: NPR

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  1. The Parliament scene from “The Ruling Class” (an excellent black comedy)encapsulates my mental picture when I think of all of the august, legal and governmental bodies (without regard to international boundaries) handing down their edicts, pronouncements and verdicts. So formal, mannered, entitled and (self) deluded.

    I love Monty Python but O’toole does it with such unmitigated wickedness…

    A newly minted lord assumes his hereditary seat, ripping mad and right at home. There’s no shorter cut of it was available so begin at 2:38:

  2. I used to have dinner with a friend of mine whenever she was in town; she paid (she had more money).

    We used to argue. She was a graduate of Radcliffe (1959) and I wasn’t a graduate of anywhere. But we’d argue, politely, about all sorts of things. She had a lot of knowledge; all I ever had was some rudimentary logic.

    One time she said to me: “You know, you make it very hard to argue with you when you use logic like that!”

    It was a social gaffe on my part, apparently.

    “Hard to argue with insane logic.”

    Especially so when the purveyors of the insane logic have big guns.

  3. The nut group always enters last.

    The Koran says that women are equal to men in the eyes of Allah, (I believe with reservation).

    The intent is clear, that if Allah does so, then how can mankind do otherwise.

    They’ve been fighting over the Koran interpretation since 632AD or so.

    Personally, I’ve never had Gabriel talking to me. That another guy has and tells me how to defecate in a proper muslim way (they do so) makes me wonder about him and his source.

    My dreams are weird enough as it is.

  4. You need ten pounds of sugar. And proper yeast. Activated carbon helps filter out the nasty stuff.

  5. Whoever does not have mercy not forgiving is grieving the holy spirit hence in danger of blasphemy. Ir is a combination of what you say, and do.The doing is evidence of the words. God alone knows who is committing blasphemy,and who is not because he alone knows who he is in, and who he is not in

  6. Whoever does not have mercy not forgiving is grieving the holy spirit hence in danger of blasphemy. Ir is a combination of what you say, and do.The doing is evidence of the words. God alone knows is committing blasphemy because he alone knows who he is in, and who he is not in

  7. I’m still trying to figure out how you file charges on behalf of unseen entities (FSM excepted as he does manifest in physical space/time, but only to believers!). How do you confront your accuser?

    Authority of any kind, left unchallenged degenerates into totalitarianism. Religion is no exception to this. In fact history and present day reality is full of proof of this assertion.

    On the BBC today, there was an interesting discussion about the mass uprising of women in Tunisia. Seems the new govt. will take out the phrase: “men and women are equal”, replacing it with, “men and women complement each other”.

  8. I will not rest until there is a law in place punishing people for disagreeing with my firm belief in the Flying Spaghetti Monster(may you be touched by his noodely appendage). Since His presence in this world is self evident and His power is undeniable those who cast doubt or aspersions on his Holy meatballs should be put to death. To even question my assertions of His place in the universe He created should bring swift & terrible retribution since the poor dear is unable to defend Himself.

    Threads like this I almost miss tootie – hope she is on her meds & getting better

  9. From Wikipedia

    Thomas Aquinas says that “it is clear that blasphemy, which is a sin committed directly against God, is more grave than murder, which is a sin against one’s neighbor. … it is called the most grievous sin, for as much as it makes every sin more grievous.”

    Hard to argue with insane logic.

    10,000 years ago cutting edge science….was making better cutting edges.
    Cutting edge religion was making up gods to explain the unknowns of life experience and nature.
    Science has kicked countless gods off their perches in 10,000 years.
    Today making up new gods to explain unknowns is getting difficult.
    However getting established gods to make up new insanities is the grist
    of todays cutting edge religions.
    The duller the mind the truer becomes the insanity.

    Step right up folks the god of eternal bliss beckons hear his call and obey.

    Eternal Bliss never goes out of style. It just clothes itself in different fashion.
    The tailors of religion sure charge a lot, and demand a lot.
    Those that run around naked are blasphemers.

    The “Insane Clothes Posse” …sounds like a rock band.

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