The Unhappiest Place On Earth: Hezbollah Builds Theme Park In Latest Attraction In “Resistance Tourism”

We previously saw how a Middle Eastern children programs cut off the paws of rabbit characters under Sharia law and feature murderous Mickey Mice. Now those fun-loving men at Hezbollah are creating a multi-million dollar theme park celebrating its military victories over Israel.

The new theme park will be located in the Lebanese city of Mleeta and feature those staples of children entertainment of barbed wire, tanks, rockets, archive battle footage and an assortment of weapons used against Israel. It is what the party called “resistance tourism.”

What a delightful way to spend the family vacation.

Source: Business Insider as first seen on Reddit

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  1. Even Hezbollah theme parks are subject to business plans, and this one got approved.

    Probably because a museum celebrating the slaughter of Jews would have great appeal to the majority of citizens of Lebanon.

    And Syria. And Jordan. And Libya. And Egypt. And Iraq. And Iran. And Saudi Arabia. And UAE. And Yemen.

    But by all means, let us be careful to point out that there has been hostility on both sides.

  2. OK, this is just beyond. It’s beyond, what can I say?

    In the 90s at a certain point (before “Monsieur Arafat n’est pas mort”) (and also before “Monsieur Arafat est mort”), I was invited to come into a room and watch a video. We were all (who didn’t know each other) told that what we saw in the room had to stay in the room. We saw a grainy, inexpert, home video that was obviously filmed by a non-professional person although it showed pretty clearly what was going on. A little girl of about 6 or 7 in a pretty, embroidered dress, came up to a microphone that was adjusted to her height, and she began to shout and scream in Arabic while subtitles allegedly translated her words into English. They said that she was intending to serve Allah by “pouring out my blood on the soil of the criminal state to soak into the earth and avenge my country” and that she would land on the shore [which shore?] and “throw my life out of my body so I can fight for my people as my physical body is destroyed to create a great light of freedom” and on and on with phrases that no child could make up at that age — clearly memorized, but delivered with so much passion that she was trembling and her voice was a screech as she stretched her little hands out in the final high-pitched crescendo.

    Then the other children watching (about 20 of them, both genders) cheered and clapped and then she broke from behind the mic and ran full speed into an embrace of an old man with the familiar black & white scarf, while the camera jerked into view enough so that we recognized Arafat and everyone gasped. Then the “credits” rolled informing us that an unknown videographer had taken the clip at a summer camp for children.

    It was child abuse. This little girl might have actually killed herself; who can know? I was disgusted of course. But I recognized that she was in an altered state by the time she got her hug of approval.

    No matter how the kids are brainwashed into thinking it is good for them to hurt themselves in the service of some twisted, hateful purpose not of their own making (and not, surely, of their own maker either), it is hideous and appalling. I have never gotten that beautiful little girl’s distorted, shrieking face out of my mind.

  3. I’m not following why this is being called a “theme park,” which makes me think Six Flags or Disney World. It sounds like a slightly lame, but otherwise run-of-the-mill, museum/battlefield park. It’s not like we (America) have anything like that. /rolleyes

  4. Awful but how many countries are traing their youth that war, violence, hate is a good thing.

  5. Hezbollah Does not know wish bad for whoever get bad. Thjat is why the devil will get bad in the end dying in Gods light when he in a greedy in his soul tries to take the city of God with people like that of Hezbollah in Gog and Magog. The people in Hezbollah do not realize they are heading for fire being sadomasochistic to their own soul loving war.
    Revelation 20. They have to learn this.KJV.

  6. Lewis Black is one of my favorite comedians. I’ve seen him a couple times. He did a funny bit here in Madison talking about the drinking habits of Cheeseheads. He ended it w/, “You folks aren’t’re PROFESSIONAL!” You have to hear Black saying it.

  7. On of the new attractions in Vegas is a range where you can fire large, automatic weapons. We should not be smug Americans. Of course, some folks are just smug by nature, not nationality.

  8. 60 + years of perpetual war has warped the entire region. murders to avenge murders to avenge murders to avenge murders, bombings to avenge shootings to avenge bombings to avenge rockets to avenge . . . well, it really does not matter any more its self perpetuating and it will last as long as both side want it to. And enough people on both sides do want it continue so it will. And more minds will be warped and more people killed and more lives will be destroyed. “Until the whole world is blind”

  9. Hezbulla, or however ya spell it in English, is a war machine of Iran. The Saturday Night Live song of 30 years ago of Bomb, Bomb, Iran has relevance today. We need a new verse to include the Hezbulla settlements on the Gaza Strip.

  10. I’m going to start a fundie theme park tour. We can start at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, where kids can get a chance to ride a robotic triceratops and then slip on over to Mleeta where than cruise around in a decommissioned tank and take a few shots with an AK. Very educational and in some strange way very much the same.

  11. Hmmmm….. I wonder if ……the nuclear waste from Japan has washed upon the shores…..

  12. For every verse children learn of the Quoran… Children get a ride, downhill, on the edge of a sword………….

  13. What Gene said! If Hezbollah has so many military victories, why do they need a tourist attraction? Wouldn’t there alleged success be everywhere to be seen?

  14. This is the kind of story that, as Lewis Black says, makes the dogs in my head start barking.

    Stupid humans.

    Purveyors and purchasers both.

    Makes me glad I’m just visiting this planet.

  15. Sad that a hope I had for Palestine could be perverted in such a terrible way.

    About 15 years ago, I suggested to a friend of mine Gaza would be a good place to sponsor a very famous amusement park. It should have world class roller-coasters and all the requisite attractions to be found at the parks we here in the US know and love.

    The mechanics of this would be to provide a joyous place for children there and it could bring in some much needed tourist dollars to benefit the citizens there, a place that ordinary Europeans and Middle Easterners would greatly love to see. Plus, these parks employ thousands of young males who might have too much idle time to get involved in bad things.

    The most important aspect of this park would be it would be totally free of politics and have home grown icons of childhood fantasy and it would be run by legitimate businesses of ordinary Palestinians. It coud not be owned by any western amusement companies, though having them as consultants would be worthwhile.

    Now that I see this article, dissapointing. So close, and yet so completely far away.

  16. Glorifying military matters?
    They probably have parades too.
    If they had warships, their political candidates would be photographed on them for good PR.

    That would never be allowed in proper civilized countries.

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