Hate Couture: “Hitler” Clothing Store Opens In India

If you are looking for a nice outfit to go with that Hitler wine, you might try the Hitler clothing store in Ahmedabad, India. The owner of the Hitler clothing store, Rajesh Shah, is under criticism for the use of the name but has said that he will not change it unless someone reimburses him for the new sign and re-branding costs. Here is the incredible part of the story, Shah says that he had no idea who Hitler was. “Hitler” is used in India to simply refer to someone who is strict.

Shah even put a swastika in the dot of the “i’ of Hitler to maximize the connection but he insists that he had no idea that Hitler killed millions. I am not sure what is more disturbing the thought of a Hitler store or a store owner who is so completely ignorant of basic history. Either way this is a man who is too moronic to be trusted with money.

Shah says that he wants 150,000 rupees ($2,700) to change “the logo, the hoarding, the business cards, the brand.” Of course, he is only likely to change it to “Goering Goods” or “Stalin Styles.”

Of course, one in four Brits do not believe Churchill existed. Still, the controversy over the stores in India is part of a broader debate over Indian school books which have been accused of downplaying the Nazi crimes.

Source: Yahoo

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  1. Does Mr Shah really NOT know about Hitler, I doubt it.

    But there is no doubt that the Holocaust ( Hitler ) was Evil, but then is nuclear bombs and bombing GOOD ? How do we differentiate the two evils.
    I’m somewhat naive with regards to the name Hitler, is it banned / eliminated from use, ? Except from being bad taste, as with mr Shah and calling wine Hitler etc. I don’t know its illegality, is it all over the world or only parts, if its only parts, can the long arm of the law get to there ? Would the same ” law ” include: Mao, Saddam, Idi Amin, Ben Gurion, Kim Jong, Pol Pot, Shamir, Stalin, Bush, Radovan, Al Bashir, Pinochet, Mugabe the list is sadly longer.

    There is a popular play in Denmark from 1722, by Ludvig Holberg : Jeppe pa bjerget ( Jeppe on the mountain ) from it a famous slogan came out: they
    say Jeppe drinks, but they don’t say WHY he drinks.

    Why did Hitler hate so bad ? Childhood Phobias ? Read and listened too much to the news that came out after W.W1, about the financial and controlling groups that wasn’t at all affected by the war, but to the contrary grew from it ? we can only guess; it depends with which eyes do you read history.
    I don’t want to open a bag of worms, but it looks to me as something out of 2012 ! Who will be the next Hitler ? Ralph Adamo points to Iran’s leader, I point to many : Ovadia Yosef, Netanyahu, Mitt Romney or Lieberman.
    I want to be an ostrich.

    Is there a world order, that dictates the way we should think and speak ? If so, what’s its name how do we identify it, does it have a manual with the prohibited words ? Someone told me ( from England ) that you are not allowed to use the word : blackboard, but rather whiteboard ! now is black currants degraded to white currants ? When I order black coffee, i’m so afraid that i forget to ask for : ” coffee without cream please ” I’m so confused ! I need that book with changes. ( not Obama’s ) !

    Dr. J.T states that one in four Brits do not know about Churchill”s existence,
    that’s more outrageous, than Shahs knowledge. He also recently said that most people in USA did not know the names of the sitting Supreme Justice.
    How many know the names of the real rulers of USA ? I bet also a few.

  2. The left wing vs. right wing paradigm is obsolete. Would you consider the opposite of Stalin to be Hitler? But that is the absurdity of thinking in terms of left vs. right. The correct way to envision what you call the political left and the right is as a circle with the left and right meeting together. Where those two meet, they favor pro-government control, pro-tyranny, anti-liberty, and anti-freedom policies. Also, because Jews and Israel thrive in environments of liberty and freedom, and are threatened when contfronted with environments of tyranny and autocratic oppression, both leftists and right-wingers also have hatred for Jews and Israel as well.

    In today’s World, what was known as the “left” in earlier days, has supplanted the “right” as the primary political force of oppression. Although Hitler was thought of under the old paradigm as an extreme reight-winger, the Hitlers of today are more properly characterized as leftists. Ahmadinihjad is an example of such a leftist. Castro is another. Chavez is still another. And the Muslim Brotherhood is a group example of the left. But, as mentioned earlier, the factors the left and right have in common (pro-government control, pro-tyranny, etc.) greatly outweigh any differences they may have.

    Returning to the modern circle political paradigm, those who favor liberty and freedom, and hold the Jeffersonian view that “that government that governs best, governs least” are positioned at the opposite side of the circle, at 180 degrees. So, if the left and right appear to be “opposites,” the differences are largely illusory, as the left is really 360 degrees from the right. And as a practical matter, those who identify themselves as “liberals,” but not extreme leftists, are really positioned somewhere between where the left/right meet at one end of the circle and the opposite end at 180 degrees, but on the left-side of the circle. Similarly, those who identify themselves as “conservatives,” but not extreme right-wingers, are really positioned somewhere between where the left/right meet at one end of the circle and the opposite end at 180 degrees, but on the right-side of the circle.

  3. Perhaps Ralph believes that because Nazi is a contraction of “Nationalsozialistische” (National Socialist, part of Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or National Socialist German Workers’ Party.) that they are Leftists.

    1. and the Democratic Republic of Congo, is democratic…..

      It is NOTHING more than BLATANT stupidity…..

      before you debate politics and policy, one should at least have a fair grasp of HISTORY…..

      It is better to be thought of a fool….. than, to open your mouth, and REMOVE all doubt…..

  4. Ralph Adamo…. “As long as Hitler, Nazis, IslamoNazis, Stalinists, etc. are promoted as respectible, the Leftists should be very, very happy. But please don’t pretend that you know or care anything about history.”

    and…. speaking of UNEDUCATED……

    Ralph…. are YOU really so unaware, that you fail to understand that Nazi party was a RIGHT WING party?????

    Do you also think that The Democratic Republic Of Congo, is Democratic???

  5. This isn’t really surprising. If you’re German and travel in North Africa, the Middle East, and South and Southeast Asia you’ll learn to deal with the occasional, super awkward “Hitler was a great man!” (“Ehm, no, he was not.”) conversation.

    Granted, it’s partly that Hitler is often the first and only thing they know about Germany, and they expect a “right or wrong my county” (yes, I know, that sentiment isn’t the correct meaning of the original quote) attitude.

    But there is a great deal of “I like anyone so hated by your ex-colonial masters” in there too.

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