High School Student Posts Video On How The U.S. Is Becoming Police State . . . And Claims That He Is Promptly Visited By The FBI

Justin Hallman, 16, wanted to show how the United States is turning into a police state. He succeeded all too well in not only receiving an A+ in his American Government class but also allegedly a visit from the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) confirming the very premise of his film posted on YouTube (below).

Hallman is a civil libertarian who supports Ron Paul, criticized an array of measures including the National Defense Authorization Act, crackdown on free speech, and attacks on the hacktivist group Anonymous. I have raised many of the same concerns, but I never got the interest that Hallman appears to have generated from the good people at the FBI.

Hallman’s house was promptly visited by two FBI agents, according to Hallman and his mother. The teenager stayed inside the door and refused to answer the door. His mother later called and was told by the agents that “We need to talk to your son.” They came back to the house and said that they wanted the teen to work for the FBI as an informant and spy on others, particularly Anonymous. He says that the agents closely questioned him about his support for Ron Paul as well as a conversation he once had with his teacher about the Illuminati secret society.

I have tried to find a response from the FBI denying the underlying facts of the boy’s account. If this visit occurred, I would have hoped to see a response on the conduct of these agents in allegedly seeking to turn a high school student into an informant or investigating such a film (including apparently interviewing his teachers).

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  1. Dredd 1, September 13, 2012 at 8:43 pm

    It is not only wee the people who at times feel these things instinctively, knowing they are trueish.
    How about if you send e-mail responses in the “wee hours of the morning.”

  2. A shame this one died early, as I see it. Hope everybody saw the Guardian’s TSA mission creep article. Creepy. TSA trainin center motto? “Dominate, Intimidate, Control”

    Has anybody seen the architects sketchs for a FEMA camp?
    Did you notice any high smoke stakes next to low buildings. Interior elevation or plan sketche showing shower heads in large rooms might also be of interest too.

    Give up a heads up in which case, wontcha?

  3. Don’t be foolish, we’ll do nothing and like it until mothers can no longer find bread for their children, and then the men will act, and many will die hoping to get a slice.

  4. Thanks Again…NIck…You Know

    Robert Mueller and the FBI are watching this site…And they have engaged
    in unconstitutional surveillance of this writer for years…(Buggin of telephones and GPS surveillance with a small louisiana group of politicians)in violation of search and seizure clause and the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act…since my writings in the 1080s critical of the Trilateral Commission ….technological transfers to the Soviets and China, etc….i would challenge mr. mueller to document any illegal activity i have engaged in…instead of hiding behind semantical rulings in favor of the FBI and covering up the fact that he lied…by a judiciary that is subject to political manipulation…What say Ye…mr. mueller???? You can use this site

  5. Messpo said:

    “If credentialed mental health care professionals (note the plural) conclude that your actions warrant the conclusion that you present an imminent threat to your safety or the safety of others they should petition the court to have you committed for observation. If the judge agrees, you should be subject to compulsory evaluation in a mental health facility.”

    And if these are “chosen” professionals, or in many other cases*** given no choice, then we know what their conclusion will be.

    If the prosecution does not have a case on criminal grounds, then can always lock you away as loony.
    They did in the USSR. Did we not learn something from them and the Nazis?

    Yeah, one basic thing: All may be created equal, but from their first breath the chasm widens.

    ***For ex. JFK post mortem was done under general officer level supervision. Many doubts of facts presented there.

  6. I wonder jsut how intelligent this NSA screening of internet, etc is?
    Can it handle semantics and context?
    Any AI people here?

    Messpos ultimate surveillance machine?


    If you nail up a tract on the church door, then you must expect rebuttals to be added to the same nail.

    Hope Blousie reads this.

  7. Messpo,

    My first reflection was to retract my objection, but then reallzed that yours is a general goal, not one concerning just those cases of which I know nothing.

    It remains to be seen what is the truth in the Marine’s case. If there is evidence that he is mentally unstable then he will subject to re-committal and threatened again with brainwashing.

    As it was the marine’s police action was staged with combat techniques with experienced LEOs who gave the man plenty of rope to hang himself. When he didn’t, they took him anyway. A foregone conclusion?

    They even tried to rough him up when he used the “go limp” tactic on them, hitting him against a fence when he was on the ground limp. Why? Because a roughed up guy looks more thug like in the mug shot.

    Could say more, but time will tell. Just don’t you go asking for the government to have patience with your internet complaints, etc. They will come for you too.

    And now for a snart! Be nice, and they might let you pilot a drone, into your own hate’s backyard.

  8. The article is a bit lame. What City? What State? Ask the Congressman to hold Congressional hearings into this. If he/she wont do it then vote them out. Ron Paul!

  9. Anono-whatever and GeneH.

    Agree with both.
    GeneH said, I got 9 months to kill, what am I gonna do?

    Anon, good take. Who knows what lies behind names? I hide because I am stupid and have my name as my email address. Spam. whazzat?

  10. woody, I truly appreciate a person who isn’t so stuck on themself that they can take a ball busting. Bust mine anytime, woody.

  11. lottakatz 1, September 13, 2012 at 11:42 pm

    Dredd: “The “it feels true” part is the instinctive belief that there isn’t much they will not do.”

    No trust. It’s a bad place to be.

    You know they’re lying because their lips are moving.

    They have the burden of proof, not us.

    It is an ancient wisdom.

  12. Sorry, this is about “All Honorable Men” by James Stewart Martin, who worked to stop the American trans-atlantic cartel of companies supporting Germany with strategic material, etc before and during WW2.

    Link are to .pdf’s in two parts to the book.

    Anonymously???? had had problems posting them.

    He recommended it and impressed by him and the books dedication I went to spitfire (a fascist fighting site) to look. The dedication expresses the question which I have naively stated here several times.

    “And what did you do about it?”


    My goodness, why?

    Very simple, because it is extremely current in exposing what has happened before, AND SHOWING WHAT WE AN EXPECT (BE CERTAIN NOW AS A FACT) to happen to our nations and the nations of the world.

    In its very first lines, it exposes the cartel which was formed cooperation over the Atlantic to the advantage of companies who supported Germany’s side in re-arming. Contrary to our foreign policy and our position in the war. AMERICAN COMPANIES OPPOSING THEIR OWN COUNTRY’S WAR EFFORT!!!!
    It goes on the show what was done to fight this during and after the war.

    TODAY? Today Obama and many corporations are supporting a proposed “TRADE PLAN” which will allow corporations to in cartel like actions challenge governments around the world and bring them to a kangaroo court and be hindered in exercising their sovereign rights

    Do you see that that was exactly what the WW2 cartel attempted to do, but not using a binding trade agreement, rather using secrecy as their tool.

    Corporaiions have always been impatient with governments, especially “unstable” democratic one.

    Now they are prepared to sneak by us the BIGGEST STEP under the disguise of a trade pact, which sells all of us down the river to the control of corporations.

    National sovereignity, what’s that. Your decisions? Your governments are bound by law to comply with corporate decisions—–with the new pact, which Obama supports, it is said.

  14. I filed FOIA, Privacy Act, APA, FRA, constitutional suits against the FBI,
    EOP, and Mr. Mueller and served interrogatories on Mr. Mueller in which he denied having records and investigating me and i proved he lied under oath and the judge did nothing ….. Mr. Mueller what say you…we need congressional and senatorial investigations into all of the above subjects

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