Hagee The Historian

We have previously seen Rev. John Hagee and his rather twisted sense of the divine (here and here). Now it appears that he is turning to military history and explaining how prayer and fasting clearly ended the civil war. Hagee was introduced recently by Glenn Beck as “a prophet of our times” and sat enraptured as Hagee explained how Lincoln was able to bring an end to the civil war with a day of prayer and fasting.

Hagee told Beck’s viewers:

The thing that brought the Civil War, in my mind, to an end, was that Abraham Lincoln called for a day of fasting and prayer for the whole nation… and it was approved by the Senate and there was a specific day that he called all of the people of America to pray…

The nation was ripped apart by hatred as brother fought brother and father fought son but, when this man, this godly man, this man whose speeches are laced with bible verses, got down and asked our nation to pray, suddenly, things began to happen that brought the Union together and Robert E. Lee had the grace to surrender a battle that couldn’t be won, and the Union was preserved.

The problem is that the Day of Prayer was on March 30, 1863 and Lee did not surrender until April 9, 1865.

It is of course a bit unclear how the day of prayer March 30, 1863 ended the civil war . . . two years later.

There were a few events between March 30, 1863 and April 9, 1865 that might be relevant in ending the war. These include Gettysburg (July 1, 1863), Vicksburg (July 4, 1863), Battle of Chickamauga (September 19, 1863), Battle of the Wilderness (May 4, 1865), Battle of Spotsylvania (May 8, 1864), the Battle of Petersburg (Apr 2, 1865), Fall of Richmond (Apr 2, 1865), the Burning of Atlanta (Sep 2, 1864), Sherman’s March to the Sea (Nov 15, 1864), the Fall of Nashville (Dec 15, 1864), the fall of Savannah (Dec. 21, 1864), and the Thirteenth Amendment ending slavery (Jan. 31, 1865). Those small events after the the day of prayer may have had a marginal impact on Lee’s decision ultimately surrender. By the way, just in case you thought Lee only had defeats after the day of prayer in 1863, Hagee might want to visit the battlefields at places like Chancellorsville (May 1, 1863).

Hagee’s theory reminds me of the scene in “Men Who Stare At Goats” when the character Larry Hooper gives Lyn Cassady the Dim Mak or death touch, which will kill him decades in the future.

It is fascinating to religious leaders like Hagee rewriting history to explain how the power of prayer — and indeed their own implied power — actually turning world events as if the confederates lacked the power of prayer or faith. It also ignores the disconnect in claiming the power of prayer to end the war but apparently not to influence Lee (a deeply religious man). It also suggests that God was just waiting for a sufficient number of prayers and a resolution approved by the United States Senate to set events in motion to end the war . . . years (and hundreds of thousands of deaths) later. Lee then “had the grace” to end the war two years later. Under this same logic, the opening prayer before FDR’s declaration of war in Congress on December 8, 1941 ultimately ended World War II on September 2, 1945.

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  1. “One day after i am long gone, you will remember me and say, we should have stopped the nuclear program of Israel, abolished the Federal Reserve and kicked all secret societies, occultists, usurpers and Zionists out of our wonderful country, to keep it that way, but it is never too late, just remember that”.. John F. Kennedy

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    If she has the time, is willing to take the abuse, and is agreeable to decloaking … otherwise, I’ll settle for her posts on others’ threads. 😉

  3. Blouise, thank you for the encouragement, I always enjoy your postings also.

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  5. I was just reading about a book recommended by the fundies for homeschooling kids in history. This Hagee guy would make a great contributor to that work.

    It claims that the reason France had the revolution while England and America did not was . . . humanists and deists! (Apparently knowledge of the actual writings and beliefs of the actual founders is frowned upon). It also blamed a lot of the problems on the Catholic church, which given the affinity the RCC’s leadership has shown for the sorts of people who historically have accused them of this should create some interesting conversations in their circles.

    I am looking for online info, will post links if I find anything

  6. After studying some photos of Hagee, I have come to the conclusion he likes being comfortable. Fat and happy, as the old saying goes. I have some difficulty imagining him sneaking around in the catacombs, meeting with fellow Christians to celebrate secret Eucharist and risking his life for what passes for the typical Sunday morning sermon.

  7. I have a feeling that Jesus would have a problem with Mr. Hagee. A real problem. As Gandhi once said, he liked that Jesus fellow, but did not care much for most of his followers.

    Hagee would have identified much more closely with the moneychangers than the apostles.

  8. “When I get to the blawg late I usually don’t comment because most everything relevant and irrelevant) has been said but some threads are just too tasty to let pass without kudos to the posters.” (lotta)

    But I wish you would comment even if you feel it has all been said for I enjoy reading your individual take on any subject. I’m not being polite … I sincerely mean it.

  9. raff,

    What truly disturbs legitimate Christian theologians is his modified “Dual Covenant” view. His only doctoral degree is an honorary one from Oral Roberts University which explains his ignorance when it comes to actual Christian doctrine and theology.

    His basic Calvinist views (predestination) combined with the heretical Dual Covenant beliefs puts him in the Cult category wherein one will find many similar end-timers. His views on the Jews in Israel flow nicely into that end-time and Dual Covenant heresy.

    It suits him and, most importantly, has allowed him to enjoy great financial success.

    The really good con men/women go into the religious field because running the con there is perfectly legal and lucrative.

  10. Re: Shano’s link to:

    “Disaster Predictions
    …………………………………………….The World is currently experiencing an unprecedented amount of turmoil. Psychics are reporting disturbing visions……………………………………………….. At Disaster Predictions we endeavor to report news of Earthquakes, Tornadoes, Wars and other life-threatening events BEFORE they happen.”

    Shano, LOL, brilliant! Simply brilliant! When you hear the “terrorist” Muslim response to Hagee’s thesis on this, THIS, website and the “terrorist” Muslim response sounds like the more reasonable statement you know the Hagee has entered the stratosphere of delusion. Man, you win the Internets today. 🙂

    Mespo: “See Jericho, Battle of”, way up-thread.

    I knew this was going to become a really fun thread when I returned and read down to your comment, thanks buddy. 🙂

    Gene, Oh brother…. good one. 🙂

    Blouse : “I have heard the Rev. John C. Hagee described as Rush Limbaugh’s older and more serious brother.”

    LOL, the intro (to an otherwise serious and solid posting) says it all. Well done 🙂


    When I get to the blawg late I usually don’t comment because most everything relevant and irrelevant) has been said but some threads are just too tasty to let pass without kudos to the posters.

    Eddie, like your (G)avatar, stick around, your snarky humor I welcome, I really liked “King of the Hill”.

  11. Elsie, “Many flies are attracted to excrement.” Indeed. However, this metaphor bears no correspondence to the more than one million members of Christians United for Israel. But it would explain the Leftist olfactory-like attraction to Obama’s policies and practices.

  12. Arguing with fundies is a waste of time. Like the parable of the frog in the well, when confronted with the ocean their heads tend to explode.

  13. In re Rev. Hagee’s “honor” . . .

    Pete: The Preacher said it absolved us.
    Ulysses Everett McGill: For him, not for the law. I’m surprised at you, Pete, I gave you credit for more brains than Delmar.
    Delmar O’Donnell: But they was witnesses that seen us redeemed.
    Ulysses Everett McGill: That’s not the issue Delmar. Even if that did put you square with the Lord, the State of Mississippi’s a little more hard-nosed. [laughs] Baptism! You two are just dumber than a bag of hammers!

  14. Ralph, you haven’t commented on the less honorable acts Hagee was involved with. You mention there are about one million Americans who belong to CUFI. So, what? Many flies are attracted to excrement; doesn’t mean all of them are! Religion is so tiresome; I need to take a nap from it, a very long one!

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