Someone Posts A Picture Deemed Insulting on Internet So Muslims in Bangladesh Protest Religious Intolerance By Burning Down Four Buddhist Temples and 15 Homes of Buddhists

We have yet another rampage by Muslims protesting religious intolerance. Muslims claimed that a Buddhist man posted a picture deemed insulting to Islam. They responded by promptly burning down at least four Buddhist temples and then burning down the homes of at least 15 Buddhist families. That should show people not to be religiously intolerant.

The hundreds of Muslims went on a rampage at the Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh where the two religions have lived in harmony . . . until some alleged Buddhist posted one picture on the Internet.

Source: Reuters

19 thoughts on “Someone Posts A Picture Deemed Insulting on Internet So Muslims in Bangladesh Protest Religious Intolerance By Burning Down Four Buddhist Temples and 15 Homes of Buddhists”

  1. Though the years have changed…. The actions really have not…..

  2. nick spinelli
    1, October 1, 2012 at 10:10 am
    It’s also as ironic as Nobel Peace Prize winners having a drone addiction.

    Worth sending to the White House. They have a page for submissions.

  3. anon posted,

    I get your point. But must jest: To be allowed to set up there, they promised to teach how to make furniture out of sand using Pakistani labor.
    Although Nubian slaves are the best workers.

  4. Malisha,

    Not sure who you want to kill. Congress, corporations heads, JCS, the Prez. Or is it those who feel we have crapped on their heads sufficiently long enough to make it worthwhile fighting.

    Religion is just an excuse, agreed.

    But it makes is easier to rile your people up.
    It makes it easier for our government to make crazy enemies out of them, and not just folks who are tired of being droned by us, and having their throats cut by the Talibans.

    Understanding your wife is hard, your neighbors are batty, and another religion is non-human.

    PS to all. Now we are going to have muslim call to prayers allowed. The Catholic church across from the mosque will get competition.

  5. Another example of people coming together, courtesy of The Religion of Peace subscribers.

    Mark is right, when have there been any reports of Jain or Bhuddist suicide bombers? Contrast this with what some subscribers to Islam have to offer the world

  6. Ralph, do you have to practice to be that big of an as. . . jerk or does it just come naturally to you? Your comments add nothing of value but do give a pretty clear image of a a rather sad, distorted world view. Perhaps you could turn off Rush & FAUX News and try learning a little something beyond your own sad little prejudices. I know its hard but there are rewards

  7. Mob mentality driven by hate, can’t let them get the upper hand or we’ll be in big trouble

  8. People are not really being killed over religion, IMO, they are being killed because of the misplaced and even correctly placed out-of-proportion and out-of-control rage of their killers, who use religion as their excuse because they do not, themselves, understand their own desire to harm and kill and dominate and control and debase others.

    That said, what we ought to do about it is kill all those mo7herf[]ckers who are doing it.

  9. When your religion is the Only Truth, then all those other religions don’t count and you can insult them and burn their stuff all you want.

    Unfortunately, all those other religions may believe the same thing, so it all cancels out.

  10. It’s also as ironic as Nobel Peace Prize winners having a drone addiction.

  11. I am just stunned by this news and I am absolutely shocked that Muslims, of all people, would do this. How could this possibly occur amongst a people that are so firmly dedicated to the advancement of civilization and the health and wefare of mankind?

  12. Didn’t we have a woman commenter here who had spent 10 years in Libya, from 67 to 77.

    Nope that was on the NYTimes yesterday.
    But the events in Bangladesh and Libya are still related.

    She said:
    “susan cloughsanta fe, nm
    I lived in Tripoli for ten years; arriving in 1967 and leaving in1977. Eight of those years were under Gaddafi. I never felt that those representing the interests of the USA had any idea of the mindset of the Libyans. They still don’t. Sad.”

  13. Religious warfare is the bloodiest kind. Radicals are radicals and the religion they adhere to makes little difference so long as they find some trigger to vent their rage. But there is no denying that radical Muslims have less compunction about senseless violence that a lot of other fundamentalist sects whose clashes with modernity have tempered their animosity. After all, where are the Jain or Buddhist suicide bombers?

    The findamental question now is: Does our national security allow us time to wait for the Muslim fundies to evolve into a more tolerant group?

  14. If your Hairy Thunderer is omniscient and omnipotent how can He be insulted? Why would he need you insignificant specks of dust to defend Him?

    That goes for all these God botherers no matter who their Cosmic Muffin is. If your guy is so magnificent why must we all be forced to worship Him on bended knee?

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