Hagee The Historian

We have previously seen Rev. John Hagee and his rather twisted sense of the divine (here and here). Now it appears that he is turning to military history and explaining how prayer and fasting clearly ended the civil war. Hagee was introduced recently by Glenn Beck as “a prophet of our times” and sat enraptured as Hagee explained how Lincoln was able to bring an end to the civil war with a day of prayer and fasting.

Hagee told Beck’s viewers:

The thing that brought the Civil War, in my mind, to an end, was that Abraham Lincoln called for a day of fasting and prayer for the whole nation… and it was approved by the Senate and there was a specific day that he called all of the people of America to pray…

The nation was ripped apart by hatred as brother fought brother and father fought son but, when this man, this godly man, this man whose speeches are laced with bible verses, got down and asked our nation to pray, suddenly, things began to happen that brought the Union together and Robert E. Lee had the grace to surrender a battle that couldn’t be won, and the Union was preserved.

The problem is that the Day of Prayer was on March 30, 1863 and Lee did not surrender until April 9, 1865.

It is of course a bit unclear how the day of prayer March 30, 1863 ended the civil war . . . two years later.

There were a few events between March 30, 1863 and April 9, 1865 that might be relevant in ending the war. These include Gettysburg (July 1, 1863), Vicksburg (July 4, 1863), Battle of Chickamauga (September 19, 1863), Battle of the Wilderness (May 4, 1865), Battle of Spotsylvania (May 8, 1864), the Battle of Petersburg (Apr 2, 1865), Fall of Richmond (Apr 2, 1865), the Burning of Atlanta (Sep 2, 1864), Sherman’s March to the Sea (Nov 15, 1864), the Fall of Nashville (Dec 15, 1864), the fall of Savannah (Dec. 21, 1864), and the Thirteenth Amendment ending slavery (Jan. 31, 1865). Those small events after the the day of prayer may have had a marginal impact on Lee’s decision ultimately surrender. By the way, just in case you thought Lee only had defeats after the day of prayer in 1863, Hagee might want to visit the battlefields at places like Chancellorsville (May 1, 1863).

Hagee’s theory reminds me of the scene in “Men Who Stare At Goats” when the character Larry Hooper gives Lyn Cassady the Dim Mak or death touch, which will kill him decades in the future.

It is fascinating to religious leaders like Hagee rewriting history to explain how the power of prayer — and indeed their own implied power — actually turning world events as if the confederates lacked the power of prayer or faith. It also ignores the disconnect in claiming the power of prayer to end the war but apparently not to influence Lee (a deeply religious man). It also suggests that God was just waiting for a sufficient number of prayers and a resolution approved by the United States Senate to set events in motion to end the war . . . years (and hundreds of thousands of deaths) later. Lee then “had the grace” to end the war two years later. Under this same logic, the opening prayer before FDR’s declaration of war in Congress on December 8, 1941 ultimately ended World War II on September 2, 1945.

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  1. As we all know Ralph, any web site with Muslims is a terrorist supporting website. Glad you point that out before they pick me up on NDAA charges. Something else you probably agree with.

    Oh, about those stones, you can dish it out but can’t take it. typical.

  2. Shano, you have the effrontery to use an Muslim-terrorist supporting website link as “evidence” for your pseudo-argument? No comment needed.

  3. Shano, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone. . .” John 8:7, KJV.

  4. “And in his actions, he has always been an honorable man. ” (Ralph Adamo)

    The Rev. John C. Hagee is as seriously flawed as any other pious jerk who got involved in an affair with a younger woman within his congregation resulting in divorce and lost custody of his children. That’s probably why there isn’t much from this period of time (1976-1987) in his biography.

    Yessiree … adultery is about as honorable as it gets for the good reverend

  5. Hagee “honorable”? hahahhahhahahah What a crock. No con man has honor of any kind. He is a glutton obviously. And a stupid one at that.

    His followers are even more clueless than he is, at least he got rich by spouting this nonsense. They just get their wallets emptied..

  6. Shannon,
    I think you have it backwards. Israel is using Hagee. He is their “useful idiot” and he’s getting rich for his service. Scofield Bible apostasy has been around since the early 1900s. He’s just another dispensationalist loon.

  7. “Of course, the real reason that the Leftists hate Pastor Hagee is that he is a leader of the largest pro-Israel group in the USA. How dare he do that, the Leftists cry out. And, of course, Leftists hate Israel and those Joos who are advancing science, medicine, and the arts. But that goes without saying.”

    Ralph Hill: So are you Chinese or Japanese?
    Minh Souphanousinphone: No, we are Laotian.
    Ralph Hill: The ocean? What ocean?
    Kahn Souphanousinphone: From Laos, stupid! It’s a landlocked country in South East Asia between Vietnam and Thailand, population approximately 4.7 million!
    Ralph ponders this for a few seconds.
    Ralph Hill: So are you Chinese or Japanese?

  8. Shano, I completely disagree with your characterization of Pastor Hagee. While I don’t agree with everything that he has said, if he is to be judged at all, he should be judged on his actions. And in his actions, he has always been an honorable man. The money that Pastor Hagee and CUFI have raised has been devoted exclusively to the cause of strengthening Chrisitian and Jewish relations and to encourage support for Israel through educational programs. You may not personally like these goals, but there is no question that CUFI has made remarkable achievments that have advanced those goals.

  9. “Christianity: The belief that a cosmic Jewish zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree…”

    Yep, Hagee the Historian. Makes sense to me.

  10. Raff, Pastor Hagee’s group, Christians United for Israel (CUFI) is an organized group consisting of more than one million members. It is the single largest ORGANIZED pro-Israel group in the USA.

    Jews and those of Jewish heritage may or may not be pro-Israel, and indications are that a good many of them are not. Most of the Jews who are not supporters of Israel are Leftists. (Surprise, surprise.) For example, many of the Jews associated with Hollywood are anti-Israel. This was not always the case. But things have changed radically–literally and figuratively–from the days of Paul Newman and Otto Preminger (star and director, respectively, of Exodus) to Sean Penn and Oliver Stone, two far Leftists.

  11. Ralph, you know Hagee is just using Israel- in his fantasy mind set Israel has to reclaim all the ‘biblical lands’ in order for Christ to come back for the Rapture.

    It is these religious fairy tales that oppose and combat science, democracy and progress in America. Hagee is a pure con man, nothing more, nothing less.
    the people who follow him are willfully blind or mentally confused and weak. They cannot see all the lies this man tells in order to make cold hard cash.

  12. mespo727272 1, October 1, 2012 at 9:55 am


    “The bitter Army.”

    The bitter army is the one with the most suicides after “bringin’ democrazy to them heathurn” … the bitter end army … the “destroying them in order to save them army.”

    They are exceptionally bitter with “gawd and hystery” on their side.

  13. I have heard the Rev. John C. Hagee described as Rush Limbaugh’s older and more serious brother.

    His twisting the history of the Civil War is as convoluted as his twisting of Christian theology.

    Like all good con men he radiates certainty in his delivery and he produces many best selling books but as Robert Boston remarked in The Most Dangerous Man in America?: Pat Robertson and the Rise of the Christian Coalition:

    “How a book sells is not an indication of its merit. The American public has a seemingly bottomless appetite for nonsense, as evidenced by the countless tomes about astrology, aliens from outer space, quack diets, and UFOs that have regularly graced best-seller lists over the years. Some books that sold millions have later been exposed as hoaxes. A slot on the best-seller list tells you exactly one thing about a book: that a lot of people bought it.”

    The Rev. John C. Hagee is as seriously flawed as any other pious jerk who got involved in an affair with a younger woman within his congregation resulting in divorce and lost custody of his children. That’s probably why there isn’t much from this period of time (1976-1987) in his biography. His battle with the postal service over their refusal to grant him non-profit mail rates (with so much for sale via the mail, Hagee isn’t exactly non-profit), is just another indication of the man’s hypocracy.

    All in all this guy is just another religious con artist … America produces them by the bucketful. Some, like Joseph Smith and L. Ron Hubbard, catch on. Others, like the Rev. John C. Hagee, make good guests for Beck’s audience of true believers.

  14. How about a day of cease fire, Lincoln settled the debate on states rights by a war that cost a 100,000 American lives, what a great president?

  15. Funny how according to the reverend, prayer and such ended the civil war through inviting God’s providence yet since 1865 we continue to have wars. How could this be? Why not end all wars if He could.

    Sometimes I wonder, rather jokingly to myself, if God created Neutron Stars and Magnetars in far away places because He got so frustrated with humanity He had to break away and do something different for a while.

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