Turkish Schoolchildren Issued Anti-Semitic and Anti-Darwin Textbooks

Turkey was long a bastion of secular politics — a rare position in the Muslim world. After the ascension of an Islamic party-controlled government, however, religious extremism is taking hold in a variety of areas to the alarm of civil libertarians in Turkey and around the world. The most recent example is a series of books issued to schoolchildren that are filled with anti-Semitic and anti-Darwinian references. Darwin is actually described as a Jew (he wasn’t) with a big nose and a weird fetish for monkeys.

Children in the Maltepe district of Istanbul were issued the books at the demand of the local education authority — a situation reminiscent of our own struggle with local school boards in the United States pushing creationist and anti-evolution material.

The new Islamist government has increased the number of religious schools and required the offering of classes on Mohammed in state schools. Islamic leaders view public education as a barrier to their attack on secular government and society.

In the latest outrage, the children were given books that describe Albert Einstein as a “filthy and slovenly” Jews who ate soap, adding “The sad part is during that time the Gestapo was putting Jews into ovens and making them into soap.”

The children are told that Darwin “had two problems: first he was a Jew; second, he hated his prominent forehead, big nose and misshapen teeth.” Rather than go to school, the book says Darwin would just go the zoo and throw nuts to the monkeys. Ironically, Darwin was not only not Jewish but he originally went to Cambridge to enter the Anglican ministry as part of the Church of England.

What is astonishing is how these books not only openly propogandize history and science but make up facts to achieve those ends. It does, of course, more than warp the student’s knowledge of history and science, it inculcates anti-Semitic views in these children — views that are likely to remain with them as adults.

Source: FT

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  1. Otteray Scribe 1, October 22, 2012 at 4:40 pm

    I could supply the microscope so the violin may be seen.

  2. Ono,

    Pathetically it is a dilemma which evil is worse.
    Is that why so many choose sports and skip the ballot box.
    I prefer bad knowns to bad unknowns. My only excuse.

    Maybe MikeS has it right. Since Nov.23, 1963 Presidents have not had much to say about decisions. But it is a
    heady life anyway

  3. Idealist707,

    I think we are on the same page with regard to Romney. I also have those exact sentiments for Obama. It’s a pathetic situation.



  4. ONO,

    You are so right.

    It is also laughable to think that:
    —-Romney would be a good president
    —-that the onepercent will let us have more

    Romney as Governor faced a massive demand for and supported Massachusett’s own Obamacare.
    Now he wants to see the Natinal version of Obamacare cancelled.

    He is owned, just like he owned the companies that he bought to slaughter for profit. And we know who owns him, and it is not the American people or its Constitution.

  5. Evolution theory should be taught. I remember being taught that people thought the earth was flat. Laughable to think such ridiculous notions existed then and now!

  6. M Rey, what are blood thirsty genetics? 👿

    M Rey Bemray Bo Bay
    Banana Fana Fo Fey (Fey)
    Moe Schmo Dumrey, M Rey! 😈

  7. I got a visit of a caretaker from Turkey this morning. She is about 27, loves Erdogan, says he has done so much for the country in a short while.

    She did not believe that lying books had been put in the public schools. She had herself spent a year at 12 years in a muslim school to learn how to be a proper muslim, and thought that incorporating this in the public system was good. Obviusly, there was not PROPER muslim schooling in her public school then,

    That was her report as she made my bed, etc.

    Do you think she would vote for Romney if she could?
    Nice woman tho’.

    We speak of letting Turkey into EU—-would the USA qualify now. Not if the real facts come out. Smile.

  8. Turkey, in the next year, may all of the Earthquakes upon this Planet, fall upon your country…..

  9. I was wondering about educated parents whose children will come home repeating this BS. What will the parents do? Will they be prosecuted (or persecuted) if they try to teach their children the facts? This will be very painful and destructive to a lot of families.

  10. I have posted info on the Third Party Presidential Debate (Tues.,Oct. 23- 9PM ET) on the “Minnesota Lawyer Convicted…” article. Please take a look. Thanks.

  11. Arel, it is sad when a racist has nowhere to go. I guess I will have to get out the tiny violin.

  12. Otteray Scribe,

    Stormfront may not work for him either. Last time I looked, around 2005, they were backing any Arab causes that involved attacking Jews. M Rey included Muslims too, so he may have nowhere to go.

  13. Manuelito (Rey),

    GDD. Or come to Sweden. We have a parliamentary party for you here. IQ 150, all five of the delegates together counted.

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