Turkish Schoolchildren Issued Anti-Semitic and Anti-Darwin Textbooks

Turkey was long a bastion of secular politics — a rare position in the Muslim world. After the ascension of an Islamic party-controlled government, however, religious extremism is taking hold in a variety of areas to the alarm of civil libertarians in Turkey and around the world. The most recent example is a series of books issued to schoolchildren that are filled with anti-Semitic and anti-Darwinian references. Darwin is actually described as a Jew (he wasn’t) with a big nose and a weird fetish for monkeys.

Children in the Maltepe district of Istanbul were issued the books at the demand of the local education authority — a situation reminiscent of our own struggle with local school boards in the United States pushing creationist and anti-evolution material.

The new Islamist government has increased the number of religious schools and required the offering of classes on Mohammed in state schools. Islamic leaders view public education as a barrier to their attack on secular government and society.

In the latest outrage, the children were given books that describe Albert Einstein as a “filthy and slovenly” Jews who ate soap, adding “The sad part is during that time the Gestapo was putting Jews into ovens and making them into soap.”

The children are told that Darwin “had two problems: first he was a Jew; second, he hated his prominent forehead, big nose and misshapen teeth.” Rather than go to school, the book says Darwin would just go the zoo and throw nuts to the monkeys. Ironically, Darwin was not only not Jewish but he originally went to Cambridge to enter the Anglican ministry as part of the Church of England.

What is astonishing is how these books not only openly propogandize history and science but make up facts to achieve those ends. It does, of course, more than warp the student’s knowledge of history and science, it inculcates anti-Semitic views in these children — views that are likely to remain with them as adults.

Source: FT

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  1. The next time they have one of their frequent Earth Quakes in Turkey…. I’m going to write them a little letter, in Hebrew, telling them that Jahovoh did it to them….. and Darwin and Einstein wished it.

  2. D. Smith: hasn’t Turkey been trying for full membership since the late 80s? Rather ironic that’s it’s now receiving real consideration with Erdogen and the JDP in power. The Turkish military is constitutionally charged with keeping the government secular. Hope it stays that way. Marginalizing the top brass is not good.

    N. Spinelli: yeah the books are either from or influenced by the Wahhabists. Even American Fundamentalists attempt to do no more (not take it so far) than cherry-pick from evolutionary biologist’s books and papers (being heavily influenced by the ideas of same /sarc), twist a bit of history as to the origins of the 3 totalitarian movements of the 20th Century (Japanese always seem to get a pass), as well twist their own religious work. Are there some outliers? Sure, but not whole populations as in the Islamic world.

    Gene H.: yeah claiming Einstein ate soap then tying it to the myth that the Nazis rendered Jewish fat for soap is particularly vile. If this is correctly translated “putting Jews into ovens and making them into soap”, the writers are particularly stupid.

    The “weird fetish for monkeys” with Darwin as Jew is a pretty obvious allusion to some Suras about “become apes”.

    The world continues to turn.

  3. M Rey,
    Take it somewhere else. You are on the wrong site. Try Stormfront, they may be more to your liking.

  4. Turbinheads are much worse than the communists were in any country except possibly North Korea.

  5. Isn’t the Jewish religion based on blood sacrifice ??? Don’t both Muslims and Jews call a man “Father” that cause he heard voices automatically thought that meant go kill a child ??? So what does one expect from such blood thirsty genetics ??? Seems they both currently hold onto those genetic traits quite fervently. Sadly, it’s American taxpayers paying for that Jewish blood sacrifice these days.

  6. Turks, secular or otherwise, have for years denied Assyrian Christians their rights, including hospital care according to triage principles, open extortion (robbery at ATMs), seizure of property, etc.

    The Kurd situation is even worse.

    Turkish intellectuals? Never encountered any in Sweden. Nice to chat with though. The Nobel Lit prize winner. Boring book, but then most of the Lit prise winners usually are. But that is OT.

  7. The textbooks don’t come from Texas, they come from our “ally” Saudi Arabia. This sh!t has been taught there for decades.

  8. I spent time in Turkey in the late 90’s. It was a very interesting country, adventurous though and not really for the weak at heart in some areas.

    When i was there it seemed there were two camps of people. Those who were more secular minded and those who were Islamists. The islamist type were more visible because, in one example, they made their wives walk behind them about two paces and had them dress more traditionally and seemed more retrospective. The secular types were more modern and open and seemed to be in the vast majority.

    Turks are certainly different in the sense they don’t as a whole bow down to influence by other muslim countries and are fairly headstrong in their independance. I stil believe most are the secular / modern type. Many back then took relief their military had twice taken out governments from power that became islamist which was against the Turkish constitution.

    The most recent return to mildly islamist politics with the Justice and Development party resulted in some senior military officials being marginalized and some efforts made to change the law to defend the islamist party. Previously the Turkish public would have been more supportive of clamping down on the party but it is not so much the case any more, though it still is a concern of many.

    But for the past ten years Turkey had been wanting to join the EU and the worry these islamist movements have created in Europe itself, especially in France, that it could flood Europe with islam and cause problems for the other states. It is pretty much in my view a conclusion Turkey’s admission is simply not going to happen.

  9. The soap bit was a particularly interesting bit of propaganda. And by interesting, I mean exceedingly vile.

  10. Further proof that religion, regardless of brand, is a primary inhibitor to humans’ intellectual growth and development. We have American Christians preaching the same junk and trying to alter textbooks for their narrow minded purposes. Maybe religion is a disease or mental illness and we can still find a cure before they destroy the earth.

  11. This is nothing new in Turkey since a number of years ago, I posted with a Turk who was on the net who spoke English. He informed me that Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, was a good Muslim. THAT is really way off the truth since he razed mosques when they were too close to a favorite tavern. He was a militant atheist in fact. That the Islamics would try to lie about the most revered man in their history is astounding. So this latest one does not surprise me.

  12. Where were these text books printed? In Texas?

    Our friend, Turkey, just another leader in the fight against knowledge.

  13. How many times are we amazed at the similarities of fundamentalists who are allergic to science, whether in the U.S. House of Representatives, or in other nations like Turkey?

    They deny science they can see in action on their own television sets presented by mainstream media for heaven sake.

  14. OK, anti-Semitism can be sold very cheap by almost any means. So why does Turkey have to now put so much effort into selling it by the most appalling stupidity ever conceived? Is it because even the natural intelligence of children must be insulted when concocting the inane and insane version of reality being peddled? Eating soap? What’s THAT about?

    How would Einstein be so filthy if he were actually EATING soap, kids? Wouldn’t he be clean inside and out? Darwin did not go to school but spent his time at the zoo throwing nuts to monkeys? I’m telling Yann Martell about this one!

    All the real intellectuals in Turkey must be very embarrassed about this.

  15. Isn’t Turkey a signatory to the UN’s Rights Of The Child?

    All children have a right to not be mentally abused with their parent’s (or State’s) choice of religious whoo.

    Religious indoctrination is child abuse – call it for what it is.

  16. Frankly, (no pun intended) we are going to hell. And the few who are not pushing us in that direction are going to follow with the rest of us however they wish.

    I think that it won’t be climate death or other similar causes It will be nuclear war which kills us all.

    Or do we believe the Dr. Stranglove solution, where the leaders will survive under the surface the necessary time? Perhaps, but will that provide a basis for a revival of the human race? I think not in view of their record.

    Human race? Race, yes to extinction. That is our fate.

    Amazing what was done since 1905. Regards to Einstein. If he had not done it then the Germans would have. Or somebody else. It is in our genes.

    I don’t believe in Karma, we would still be apes in which case.

  17. The forces of ignorance and bigotry are advancing in every corner of our world. The last time these forces held sway we had a thousand years of darkness; it could easily be longer this time

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