Gunning Down “The Colonel”: Chicago Puppy Shot Twice By Police . . . Family Then Ticketed Three Days Later After Speaking With Media

colonel-phillips-1204We have been following a growing trend of alleged unjustified shootings of pet dogs by police officers. We can now add a case out of Chicago where a 7-month-old miniature bull terrier, called “The Colonel” by neighbors, was shot by a police officer. A lawsuit names Officer Brandon Pettigrew as the cop who twice shot The Colonel, which weighs less than 30 pounds. According to witnesses, the officer then calmly returned to writing the ticket and handed it to the distraught owner. The police returned three days later, according to media reports, and asked why the owners were speaking to the media . . . and proceeded to give them a ticket for having a dog off a leash.

The incident happened near my family’s house on the north side of Chicago.

On Saturday afternoon, witnesses say that the Colonel followed his owner outside of the owner’s gated home where the officer was writing a parking ticket for the van of Al Phillips. According to witnesses, the officer warned him about having a dog without a leash twice and then proceeded to shoot the puppy twice. Witnesses say the puppy was not threatening the officer, who then proceeded to finish his ticket and give it to a distraught Phillips.

The Colonel was rushed to an emergency vet and had five hours of surgery to save his life.

143px-Chicagopd_jpg_w300h294What is incredible is that the police returned later to the scene while Phillips was speaking with a reporter and demanded to know why he contacted the media. According to the report, they then gave him a ticket for not keeping his dog on a leash.

That was three days after the incident.

The ticket deepens the controversy. I have never heard of a leash ticket being written three days after such a common occurrence. I walk our dog in Chicago regularly during holidays and often see dogs off the leash. The ticket raises concerns of retaliation. It was entirely inappropriate for the officers to ask for an explanation of why the family was speaking to the media, if this is found to have occurred. The presence of a reporter adds credence to the allegation. To then combine such an improper question with a ticket only magnifies the misconduct.

Even if the ticket was not retaliation for embarrassing the CPD, it seems calculated to cover the officer for the shooting by citing the owner after-the-fact. Unfortunately, Cook County Anita Alvarez is not viewed as particularly protective of citizens in confrontations with the police.

The lawsuit is likely to get more information and action than official channels, unfortunately. Among other things, it could allow for discovery not only on the incident but the governing policies of the CPD.

Source: CBS

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  1. Are we really trying to figure out who’s the most corrupt, with cities like NO, Chicago and Detroit in the contest? What about county governments? Do we want to throw in Fairfax VA, Montgomery County MD, Rockland County NY? How about Simi Valley out in Sunny California? How does a county or city win this prize, are there three judges and one of them has to be a woman? Will viewers get to vote? Jeez! Most Corrupt? Most Corrupt?

    Who tallies it all, Deloitte? Arthur Anderson?

    And the winner is…

    1. “Are we really trying to figure out who’s the most corrupt, with cities like NO, Chicago and Detroit in the contest?”


      The cooment you made introduced by this sentence makes exactly the point I was trying to make, but more elegantly.

  2. Gene, as we both know, both Illinois and Louisiana have had their share of morally questionable governors of both parties. Illinois had Ron the Con and Ryan, both of whom are currently living at a taxpayer funded bed and breakfast.

    Louisiana’s governors are not only corrupt, but traditionally more colorful, such as Huey Long and Fast Eddie.

  3. Nick and Gene,

    A persons truth is the truth they know with the facts they have at hand in making a rational conclusion….. Not wishful, hopeful thinking….. Gene, there are some rather unpleasant transaction that I’m aware of that the gators got fed… yes, there are things I don’t know every detail but….. I agree….

  4. AY,

    You may think you’re joking about the alligators. It’s not a joke if you knew some of the stories I do. Chicago may have more total corruption, but Chicago is twice the size of NO. New Orleans has more per captia corruption and I’d wager on that. In a state known for its general level of corruption being quite high, New Orleans is an exemplar of excellence.

  5. AY, A few surprises on the list but it basically comports w/ my experience. Life is always full of surprises, that’s what I love about it. Some hate surprises, they like everything neat and tidy.

  6. The mayor of NYC is a Republican. And it shows. We saw the show during the OWS protests.

  7. Nick,

    I think you’re on the right track with Detroit but at this point when the cops are burning the city….. Chicago is still more corrupt than New Orleans…… Not even close….. In LA…. You don’t hear many complaints…. The alligators rarely talk…..

  8. nick, I don’t care about the study or the results. My family lives in the Chicago suburbs and that is their opinion of the circle campus. My sister was talking about their medical school last week. I don’t really keep up with it.

  9. Blouise, SWM is Old Faithful in trying to discredit a UIC study because she doesn’t like the result. She likes to shoot from the hip and call a good University “adequate”. How sanctimonious…I guess it ain’t Swarthmore!!

    And, as I’ve said several times, if Repubs were a ruling class you would have the same authoritarian regime. It would be a Repub. partisan authoritarian regime. Pretty basic sh!t here for folks that are supposedly smart. I have to tell one sanctimonious gent Chicago is a Dem regime and that virtually all US cities are Dem regimes and I have to constantly repeat to a supposed genius what I’ve said several times, it would be no different w/ a Repub partisan regime. Lay off the stupid pills.

  10. Blouise, Who knows? It was not like I was saying that the Daley machine was not a corrupt democratic machine.

  11. nick,

    I don’t understand … what did SwM write that caused you to call her old faithful?

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