Pope Blesses Ugandan Leader Who Wants To Execute Gays

120px-Benedykt_XVI_(2010-10-17)_4539584_337626972981080_1808442652_nPope Benedict XVI this week raised an outcry among civil libertarians and gay activists by blessing Rebecca Kadaga, the Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament, who has promised to pass the country’s notorious Anti-Homosexuality Bill as a “Christmas gift”. Kadaga’s bill would execute gays who are found to be “repeat offenders.”

Kadaga’s very appearance at a human rights conference was an outrage (as it has been at other conferences) but she then received the blessing during a mass. She said afterward “I think it is something that I will remember all my life.” Most of us feel the same way in seeing the photograph of the head of a major religion blessing someone who wants to execute people for their sexual orientation.

Source: Uganda Picks

35 thoughts on “Pope Blesses Ugandan Leader Who Wants To Execute Gays

  1. Outrage is too soft of a word for what I feel right now for this so called pope. Christ would be appalled and all Catholics should be too. However, this should not be a surprise to anyone who knows the history of the papacy and its affection for dictators and genocidal maniacs. I would say he knows not what he does but I am pretty sure he is well aware.

  2. Would that Ugandan law have general application to pedophiles who engage in homosexual acts with their victims or are they immune?

    Just searching for reasons. That’s all.

  3. How can we continue allowing our government giving organizations like this tax exemptions? Encouraging mass murder must be a crime!?

  4. That is nothing. Pius XII was refered to as Hitler’s Pope for many good reasons. The Croatian Ustashi regime complained to him that the Italian forces in Yugoslavia were sheltering and not turning over Serbs to them to be murdered. The Pope sent a message to Musollini asking that he force the Italian troops to kick out the Serb refugees from the Italian sector so that they could be murdered. Then John Paul decided to make Cardinal Stepanovic a saint who was also a big fan of that murderous Ustashi regime.

    This Pope was also called the Panzer Cardinal for good reasons. He spent WWII as a soldier on the Eastern Front where the Church said that he was engaged in building military works. Of course, the fact is he never touched a shovel, but held a rifle guarding the slave laborers who DID the actual work. They did not say how many slaves he shot and killed. I guess they did not want to ask that question. At least John Paul Ii was on the right side in WWII and fought the horrendous evil of Nazism instead of abetting it..

  5. The RCC will ultimately be sued out of existence. They gave up $660 million just in CA and it’s not going to be nearly enough to stop the lawsuits. No one is afraid of them any longer, except perhaps for those with the mental illness that allows one to keep on giving money to a corrupt organization despite knowing where most of that money must now go: to pay lawyers to defend that which cannot be defended.

  6. I think I will go ask for MY christmas gifts early. the world is supposed to end next week,

    the earth will said to be saved by Jesus who apparently got caught up in the traffic at the airport. tsa caught HIM smuggling what they thought were precious stones.
    so I will save the world right now and say the antichrists will be claiming that Jesus saved it against Gods will.
    PROPHECY: the days will be getting longer.

    Now that is cosmic! true, but cosmic.

  7. This clearly demonstrates the wide difference between “religion” and “spirituality”. There is nothing spiritual about organized religion – its all about dogma and exclusion. There is no way a truly “spiritual” person could sanction violence or discrimination against another human being – or any sentient being. In fact, anything other than acceptance and love for all sentient beings would be unthinkable for the truly spiritual person.

  8. I guess by proxy is the only way the Pope can execute people now. It’s all those homosexual boys that got the priests in trouble by seducing them. [sarcasm]

  9. I’VE lit the candle at both ends in THE BIBLE.
    men wrote it like all other religions, all men wrote them to suit their own needs.

    as you can tell, it’s been another busy day. later!

  10. Maybe we are being to hasty in judging Benny Ratzo. Maybe his long term goal is to ship his most troublesome priests there & let the country solve the churches problem.

    “will no one rid me of these troublesome priest?”

  11. The other day, I told my dad I’d punch the Pope to get a really good slice of NY style pizza. He just laughed. He said, “You know you’d punch the Pope without any pizza involved simply because you don’t like the pedophilia hiding old freak. I’m no Catholic, but the old Pope [John Paul II]seemed like a decent well-intentioned man if nothing else. This guy?” A dismissive wave of the hand. “How the Hell did the find and approve a member of the Hitler Youth unless that’s the kind of twisted guy they were looking for?”

    I had to agree.

    However, some good pizza would have been a bonus.

    I won’t tell you the joke he then made about beating the Bishops.

    I’ll just say if Heaven is real, my dad’s gonna have some ‘splainin’ to do.

  12. Well, the Pope blesses everyone in the St. Peters Square — all at once. How does he know if Jack The Ripper is out there in the crowd?
    Bless one, bless em all. Curse not. Cure snot. Either way he is the Pope not God. When the Cardinals get together in the huddle they think about one thing and that is beating the Rams.

  13. Blessing revoked if that includes pedophiles with pink beanies with voting rights to decide who will be Pope. Uganda is a long way from Rome but so is Remulak. Report back to Beldar for more instructions Benedicto.

  14. This disgusting Nazi pedophile has done more to destroy the Catholic church than any other person.May he rot in hell and I hope that he dies soon from some terrible and painful disease Jomo

  15. this is the same man that is Prophisssssized to be the last pope in catholic doctrine. if he has not told you that I will destroy babble-on is in their bible also then pooh-pee will deny ME, and not tell you that I ordered his killing on spero news site. like THE BIBLE said I will rule with an Iron fist when I get the proper laws in place without contention.

    for example, global warming seems to be a problem and so does over population, and your body puts out heat. so how do you solve such a simple problem.

    so what I did do is insure that all clergy will continue to speak against ME and they will eventually be killed. they have no choice but to mislead the populations of all countries against ME. they should preach that THE BIBLE SAYS that they must hang themselves, or be hung by their own followers so the people don’t go to hell. if the president claims GOD, and JESUS are here and closes every religion institution, the people have nothing but their clerics, clergy, rabbis, and priests to blame. all these clerics deny GOD through their religion that all say to convert or GOD will send them to hell, and every body stands by their own religion and denies GOD.

    would be done in a time of miracles and to insure nothing would be done by any religion i wrote the truth in the most disgusting manner that I could and ALL ANTICHRISTS would make them selves known by speaking against GOD. you also have clergy that read this site and say nothing. hence the old saying, do nothing and nothing will happen. a good leader will say that is how the religions are misleading the people. it is written that I will take the heads of the beast, means they die. or the beasts will destroy the world over the years as your politicians tell you they have the answers that the chosen one claims and you will think you have found another way around ME.

    the miracles have been performed including the nuclear war, and you won’t believe that, or ME either.

    with many things not written on this site, but written on others sites and denied for years, this is going up with THE PROPHECY: I will bring the host to it’s knees. and the antichrists will counter with : you will be judged by what is in your heart. NOW, if you just thought, screw this GOD and do nothing. I have you judged by what is in your heart like your clergy and clerics claim, the world will deny GOD.

    so was I dumb and dumber for enlightening you to the future. and you were warned having nothing to do with the shooting in conn. syria has been doing it and the clergy tell people that they are the infidels for not accepting jesus as their savior, when JESUS said that, HE was the way to (for) THE FATHER.

    Now go out and put a smile on and do your holiday shopping only if you have the money.

  16. The catholic cult is bending over backwards to please African despots because it’s the only continent on which the cult still has a major hold over society, where the cult is still seeing a growth in slav…I mean, adherents. Everywhere else, it’s in decline.

    It’s also a place where there isn’t much national or continental media. If pedopriests want a place to hide and continue their abuse unnoticed and with the protection of a country’s leadership, it’s Africa.

    James in LA
    >> The RCC will ultimately be sued out of existence. They
    >> gave up $660 million just in CA and it’s not going to be
    >> nearly enough to stop the lawsuits.

    Undoubtedly. A few years ago, the SPLC sued the Ku Klux Klowns out of existence in the same way, over violations and abuses.

  17. The repetition of this calumnous misrepresentation of the situation at the general audience with the Pope is despicable. This woman was part of a delegation who was at a general audience. The Pope did not personally bless her but merely met her and shook her hand. No doubt he didn’t even know who she was, specifically. This story is all spin. Interestingly, few seemed outraged when Pope Benedict met with an actual murderer– Fidel Castro. The Pope has shown charity to all he encounters, even those with whom he disagrees and who mean him harm. Perhaps we could all learn from his example.

  18. I was just surprised, although I don’t know why, as to the silence from the pews so to speak on this. I would have thought people who followed the teachings of Christ, and people who claim that they are pro life would be all over this and up in “arms”. But then again I forget that in their world the value of life seems to go down once a child has crossed the “mothers doorway”, and goes down even more if that child happens to be gay. Yes this law that the Pope has blessed by proxy of it’s enabler will no doubt kill lots of Gays and Lesbians. It will also kill those suspected of being Gay or Lesbian. It will also kill via the repeat offender clause any Mother, Father, brother, sister, Grandparent, cousin, friend, neighbor, teacher, preacher, anyone who helps, hides, or does not turn in to the government all know Homosexuals. Good on ya Catholics and bible bangers for your pro life silence. Don’t get blood on your lips as you kiss the Pope’s garments.

  19. What male child wasn’t a member of the Hitler youth back then and there? All 14 year old males were conscripted into the Hitler Youth after December of 1939. During that time he did not participate in its activities as a willing participant. In fact, his cousin, who had downs syndrome, was murdered by the Nazis during their Eugenics program.

    I don’t think The Pope would support anything remotely linked to the Nazis.

    As for Pizza. I’ll take Abby’s Pizza in Wenatchee. Pepperoni, light on the sauce and baked until the the edges of the pepperoni begin to crispen and curl upward. That is how we liked it for three decades my friends and I. But then again when that is the Pizza you grew up on, it hard wires your brain to prefer it above the others.

    Darn it. Now the craving is back.

  20. Could the real problem be that there are people in Uganda who identify themselves as homosexuals however they are really pedophiles?

  21. Op-Docs

    ‘Gospel of Intolerance’


    “Raised in Pennsylvania, I grew up in the black church. My father was a religious leader in the community, and my sister is a pastor. I went to church every Sunday and sang in the choir. But for all that the church gave me — for all that it represented belonging, love and community — it also shut its doors to me as a gay person. That experience left me with the lifelong desire to explore the power of religion to transform lives or destroy them. I became interested in Uganda, an intensely religious country that attracts many American missionaries and much funding from United States faith-based organizations. The American evangelical movement in Africa does valuable work in helping the poor. But as you’ll see in this Op-Doc video, some of their efforts and money feed a dangerous ideology that seeks to demonize L.G.B.T. people and intensifies religious rhetoric until it results in violence. It is important for American congregations to hold their churches accountable for what their money does in Africa.

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