Pope Blesses Ugandan Leader Who Wants To Execute Gays

120px-Benedykt_XVI_(2010-10-17)_4539584_337626972981080_1808442652_nPope Benedict XVI this week raised an outcry among civil libertarians and gay activists by blessing Rebecca Kadaga, the Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament, who has promised to pass the country’s notorious Anti-Homosexuality Bill as a “Christmas gift”. Kadaga’s bill would execute gays who are found to be “repeat offenders.”

Kadaga’s very appearance at a human rights conference was an outrage (as it has been at other conferences) but she then received the blessing during a mass. She said afterward “I think it is something that I will remember all my life.” Most of us feel the same way in seeing the photograph of the head of a major religion blessing someone who wants to execute people for their sexual orientation.

Source: Uganda Picks

35 thoughts on “Pope Blesses Ugandan Leader Who Wants To Execute Gays”

  1. I’VE lit the candle at both ends in THE BIBLE.
    men wrote it like all other religions, all men wrote them to suit their own needs.

    as you can tell, it’s been another busy day. later!

  2. I guess by proxy is the only way the Pope can execute people now. It’s all those homosexual boys that got the priests in trouble by seducing them. [sarcasm]

  3. This clearly demonstrates the wide difference between “religion” and “spirituality”. There is nothing spiritual about organized religion – its all about dogma and exclusion. There is no way a truly “spiritual” person could sanction violence or discrimination against another human being – or any sentient being. In fact, anything other than acceptance and love for all sentient beings would be unthinkable for the truly spiritual person.

  4. I think I will go ask for MY christmas gifts early. the world is supposed to end next week,

    the earth will said to be saved by Jesus who apparently got caught up in the traffic at the airport. tsa caught HIM smuggling what they thought were precious stones.
    so I will save the world right now and say the antichrists will be claiming that Jesus saved it against Gods will.
    PROPHECY: the days will be getting longer.

    Now that is cosmic! true, but cosmic.

  5. Wow. The hits just keep on coming. The Pope is the head of one criminal organization blessing another criminal organization in Uganda. WWJD?

  6. The RCC will ultimately be sued out of existence. They gave up $660 million just in CA and it’s not going to be nearly enough to stop the lawsuits. No one is afraid of them any longer, except perhaps for those with the mental illness that allows one to keep on giving money to a corrupt organization despite knowing where most of that money must now go: to pay lawyers to defend that which cannot be defended.

  7. That is nothing. Pius XII was refered to as Hitler’s Pope for many good reasons. The Croatian Ustashi regime complained to him that the Italian forces in Yugoslavia were sheltering and not turning over Serbs to them to be murdered. The Pope sent a message to Musollini asking that he force the Italian troops to kick out the Serb refugees from the Italian sector so that they could be murdered. Then John Paul decided to make Cardinal Stepanovic a saint who was also a big fan of that murderous Ustashi regime.

    This Pope was also called the Panzer Cardinal for good reasons. He spent WWII as a soldier on the Eastern Front where the Church said that he was engaged in building military works. Of course, the fact is he never touched a shovel, but held a rifle guarding the slave laborers who DID the actual work. They did not say how many slaves he shot and killed. I guess they did not want to ask that question. At least John Paul Ii was on the right side in WWII and fought the horrendous evil of Nazism instead of abetting it..

  8. How can we continue allowing our government giving organizations like this tax exemptions? Encouraging mass murder must be a crime!?

  9. Let’s start the punishment with all the Gay Priests & Pedophiles………….

  10. Would that Ugandan law have general application to pedophiles who engage in homosexual acts with their victims or are they immune?

    Just searching for reasons. That’s all.

  11. But no Vatican offer to make her their Enforcer to police randy priests. Maybe because of the priest shortage?

  12. Outrage is too soft of a word for what I feel right now for this so called pope. Christ would be appalled and all Catholics should be too. However, this should not be a surprise to anyone who knows the history of the papacy and its affection for dictators and genocidal maniacs. I would say he knows not what he does but I am pretty sure he is well aware.

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