Seventy-Year-Old Saudi Man Marries 15-Year-Old Girl [Updated]

150px-muslim_woman_in_yemenSaudi Arabia has another case of a pedophilia dressed up as marriage. In the latest case, a 70-year-old man paid a family $17,500 in a dowry to purchase a 15-year-old girl as a bride. The girl proceeded to lock herself in the bedroom for two days in fear on their wedding night and then fled home to her family. The groom is now demanding that the girl be handed over to him or to get a refund from the family. [Update: a divorce has been issued in the “marriage” and the articles now report the man as 70 years old rather than 90 years old]

I realize that dowry traditions have long existed but they often appear little more than selling off your young daughter, in this case to a pedophile. How the family can claim to love his child and sell her off to a 70-year-old is hard to square.

The girl locked herself away on the first night after being legally married in the Kingdom where many clerics believe that young girls who are seven or eight are subject to marriage as consistent with the Koran. Some deny any age limit. It is hard for reformers to get much change when Mohammad is believed to have marriage 6-year-old Aisha and consummated the marriage when she was 9.

Source: Al-Arabiya

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  1. I’ve been toi Saudi 4-5 times. But not as a scholar, but on business as long as 4 weeks at a time, chiefly during the 80’s.

    A few quotes and some quetions.

    First, has anybody here been there?
    How long and for what purpose?
    Will you reveal your type of sources?

    I’ll dodge the question on women as I did not thoroughly inform myself then nor can I speak authortatively on how women are suppressed in USA today.

    “…the harsh punishment meted out to criminals,”
    How long since we and the English such punishmenfs for stealing a loaf of bread? I don’t defend this but ask only how without sin are we today in our injustice system.

    “…absolute monarchy of the ruling family”
    That is a good one. As some who have ´read the Baker book on the Bushes could know, the Royals sit there only because we have kept them there.
    teaching surveillance techniques, modern interrorgation techniques.
    Did we have a choice? I think so as we primarily wanted a stable oil supply and had many other uses of them planned, like CIA secret mission enablers and payers of the unauthorized missions.

    “…the poverty of the masses is truly disgusting.”
    The masses are taken care of in the same fashion as in Libya I presume.
    Free house purchase, education, and as many long-tailed goats, camels, and two row seats in pickups for any who ask. Plus guaranteed citizen salary. They know how many crumbs to drop from the royal table to keep the poor passive. Just as some of our rulers have learned. But ours are crazier, I feel.

    Do I love Saudis, no. But I have observed them. Has anyone here?
    Do I claim to be an authority, Nope. Not even well-informed. I just observe.

    The most disgusting thing is óur governments quietness and its hypocrisy on these issues.
    All of the issues are valid, agreed.

    But heaping abuse hardly effects the Saudis. And only ends up supporting
    FN intervention as in Libya. How has it gone there?

    The Saudis are to be despised. Blame it on Lawrence of Arabia, the English and French ambitions and the need to meet the oil needs of America. And not a small amount of money for those here who milked the cow for their own sake.

  2. “Change is coming very slowly to the Saudi Kingdom and small steps are being taken all the time. Yet never on this blog are those stories posted. Just the ones like this to incense and inflame. I don’t like this hidden agenda from one quite so sanctimonious one little bit.”


    Could you please elucidate just what change is coming to the Saudi Kingdom? It seems to me that the virtual imprisonment of all women, the harsh punishment meted out to criminals and the absolute monarchy of the ruling family, speaks of a country most similar to the medieval tyrannies of history books. While being among the worlds wealthiest nations the poverty of the masses is truly disgusting. Now if my judgment about the Saudis is too harsh I am quite willing to see the evidence. What do you have?

  3. lrobby99 contributed:
    Change is coming very slowly to the Saudi Kingdom and small steps are being taken all the time. Yet never on this blog are those stories posted. Just the ones like this to incense and inflame. I don’t like this hidden agenda from one quite so sanctimonious one little bit.

    Small steps eh? How about taking the small step of not chopping off people’s heads for adultery or converting to another religion?

    Saudi Arabia deserves its reputation because it created it. The repression of its goverment is so reprehensive due to its crimes against humanity whatever good it actually does is foreshadowed by its depravity. The saudi government can come into 21st century benevolence at any time it chooses. But instead it continues to be a pariah that embarassingly many other governments, especially including the US, just sit by and do nothing to hold them accountable.

    I don’t hold as being acceptable the notion that “well the kingdom is making small steps so for the forseeable future more people will be murdered, women will continue to be property, and persecution will prevail.” Tell that to the kingdom’s victims.

    If the agenda appears to be hidden, I will offer to reveal it. Here it is…

    This blog is concerned about the civil rights and liberties of all individual persons and publishes injustices accordingly. If a group or individual does not want to be published as being a despot or bigot all one has to do is not be a despot or bigot.

    You might be concerned of the blog targeting folks in saudi or other countries. Know that there have been several articles about Chicago’s police department and their outrages, or a particular president’s behavior as well. Why does this happen? because those two continue to engage in objectionable acts. The revelation of these acts by publication is not an outrage caused by the author of these blog articles, it is the instigators themselves. The bloggers are just exercising their freedom to publish injustices. The oppressors can stop their behavior at any time, and maybe even get a favorable mention in the blog for doing so.

  4. David Blauw, MikeS and others. Thanks.

    And to the islamophobes and the stupids: FU, and get some knowledge on what you preach. You are afficted, and it pains you. Go see a shrink.

    The Koran says, as do the Haddiths, that Mhmd married Aisha at 8 to make her, an orphan, a part of his family. Women could not adopt.
    He is said to have consumated the marriage when she was 16. Who knows. It is like the Bible; heavily redacted and revised. There were almost 200 different copies circulating once. And then the Caliph made only one acceptable. Imagine the gnashing of teeth.
    The haddiths, they are like the doctrines the RCC added. Not worth reading in having any connection with Mhmd.

    I second the motion of ??? that there be a stop to these Islamophobic blogs, no matterWHO is the source.

    Are you trying to give the WH an excuse to war with first Iran, and then taking ovér Saudi? Remember Afghanistan, Iraq? We don’t need a new crusade for the women’s and suppressed people’s sake.
    Much easier with the Saudis, although we did weaponize them.

    If I am not mistaken Prince Bandar owns the only private bank in Saudi for handling “private moneys” of the Royals. It was Bush Sr who took contact with him and has been buddies with secret agreetments with them to act as cut outs for CIA activities, even after his directorship.
    Of course enabling Saudi money in America is the real reason, after large rakeoffs.

    There is far more than meets the eye. More later, Long now.

  5. What can you expect from a country of ignorant illiterates who worship a pedophile , THE PROPHET PEDOPHILE

  6. I can’t believe all these Islamophobic comments. It’s Islam, after all; so it’ all good.

  7. Change is coming very slowly to the Saudi Kingdom and small steps are being taken all the time. Yet never on this blog are those stories posted. Just the ones like this to incense and inflame. I don’t like this hidden agenda from one quite so sanctimonious one little bit.

  8. Technically 15 would not a pedophile make. In fact if there are not states in the US that have 15 as the age of consent it may be a recent change.

    Still you have to wonder how screwed up a 90 year old is to buy a 15 YO, or how totally messed up the girls family must be (did they need the money that badly? Do they somehow believe this is a good marriage for the kid?).

    We can all be justifiably outraged at the obvious amorality of it but it is their country and they should run it as they see fit. All we can do is pray that some day they will be touched by His Noodley Appendage (all blessings be upon Him) and see the error of their ways and respond accordingly.

  9. People can blame religion all they want and it does in this case provide extra “cover” and “justification” for this outrage, but I think we all know that pedophiles are pedophiles, and they need neither their culture nor their religion to support them in their practices. All those things do is serve as facilitators–and Islam isn’t the only religion, nor is Saudi culture the only culture, in which that happens.

    Until women’s rights are universally valued and upheld as taking precedent over any country’s cultural or religious practice, things like this will continue to go on.

  10. Regarding this story all I can say is so how very typical. The Saud’s made a pact with the ultra-extremist Wahabi sect to gain their power and so must allow their country to live under the tyranny of medieval religious practices.

  11. “Our friends the Saudis! And they want to ship their Sharia lifestyle to the rest of the world and Obama will do nothing to stop them or anyone else!”

    Michael Haltman,

    After that comment above linking President Obama to this story I followed your link and found you a proud conservative. While you are right about the Saudi’s you’ve apparently forgotten that among the politicians closest to the Saudis in the U.S. are the Bush Family, Dick Cheney and in the past the entire Reagan Administration. If you think yourself a political commentator than I would suggest doing more study before making your pronouncements.

    As far as the Saudi’s go, they are our country’s greatest danger in the Middle East, yet have so infected money into U.S. politics that they are portrayed as allies. The main Saudi operatives in the U.S. though are the Bush Family. In fact powerful Saudi Prince Bandar, is know as “Bandar Bush” in political circles and their is the famous picture of he and GW holding hands like lovers.

  12. the outrageous part is that at 15, this girl most obviously said “NO” quite adamantly and unmistakeably. This is nothing more than State sanctioned rape.
    It is not religion, despite the pathetic paint job….it is rape. What is the pre-bargaining position of the family in society? Is there some twisted sense that in that weird culture they are doing the child some good? The thinking can’t be written off without knowing all the facts THEY are faced with but a 15 year old young woman who says no is now put in danger….and before it has begun her life and prospects compromised by micro brained arseholes.

  13. Saudia Arabia is a Pirate Territory. There is a saying there that translates roughly like this: Pork em if ya gottem. And, one must add that pork is taboo. Another phrase about a child’s age: If they can squirm, use the worm.
    Pirate Territory. Dont go there, or near there by sea. Dont fly over. If you have to, flush.

  14. 15???? I’m incensed! What a slap in the face of Moohammered… His first wife was EIGHT! That’s a true Pedophile for ya.

  15. Football players rape & drag unconscious 16 yr old girl from party to party

    Each religion (including football) allows the most ardent and qualified adherents the right to be pieces of “shoot” I believe in this higher power, therefore all my actions are okay. …..

    Simple, stupid and historically true. The culture these beasts live within is also the petriy dish that cultures and grows their behavior.
    Naming it as religious righteousness is the pinnacle of human hypocrisy.

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