Legos or Logos? Turks Protest Latest Lego Set

Screen-shot-2013-01-25-at-10.21.08-AM220px-İstanbul-AyasofyaAustria’s Turkish community has launched an international campaign against Lego because it insists that a Lego model sold as “Jabba’s Palace” is based on the sacred Hagia Sophia mosque in Istanbul. It is a curious argument since the only similarity is the use of a classic domed palace structure. I have been to the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul (which is spectacular) and I fail to see the clear duplication. Ironically, the original church was dedicated to the Logos not the Legos, which might be the source of the confusion.

Hagia Sophia was originally built as an Orthodox patriarchal basilica and later converted into a mosque. It was dedicated to the Logos, or the word of God in the trinity.

The use of a general domed structure for an exotic palace in Star Wars was not surprise as a classic image. It does not mean it was based on the Hagia Sophia. Hagia Sophia was a breakthrough in architecture and is considered the classic representation of Byzantine architecture. It was much duplicated or referenced in later designs.

The campaign against Legos appears rather hyper-sensitive. What do you think?

Notably, Legos appears a lightning rod for interest groups.

Source: Telegraph

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  1. I am a Turk but I don’t understand the ones who are protesting over this. The similarity is ridiculously not there. Even if there was, why would anyone go out of their way to protest such a low key thing. Those protesters should be busy protesting the injustices that are being done in Turkey.

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