Baby Burkas: Saudi Cleric Issues Fatwa For Babies To Wear Burkas To Avoid Tempting Saudi Men

baby_burkasSaudi cleric Sheikh Abdullah Daoud reportedly has a solution to the sexual molestation of baby girls in the Islamic world: force babies to burkas. It is the latest fatwa on Islamic morality from the extremists in the Kingdom — the problem is not Saudi men who molest girls but the fact that babies do not cover themselves out of modesty.

In an interview that just came to light, Sheikh Abdullah Daoud reportedly cited unnamed Saudi authorities that babies are being molested in the Kingdom.

Various Muslims have denounced the fatwa as demeaning to Islam.

Baby burkas could open up a new market for the morally repressive. It appears that Saudi men will now be protected from the shameless vixen babies who tempt them.

Source: Examiner

35 thoughts on “Baby Burkas: Saudi Cleric Issues Fatwa For Babies To Wear Burkas To Avoid Tempting Saudi Men”

  1. Sounds like another case for castration police!
    Sort out your men Saudi. Let the kids play!
    They don’t want covering up with bits of cloth.

    Saudis are sex mad.
    It must have something to do with keeping the sexes separate.
    Curiosity makes the population explore sex where ever they can.

  2. This is just nuts. If they only put burkhas on the girls, then the Saudi men will know which are males and which are females, so they can more easily fulfill their manly duties. They need to put EVERYONE in burkhas … including the old men and women… let it be a surprise.

  3. Does it seem to anyone else them message he is sending here is: The Muslim men who do these evil things are like children playing Where’s the Baby…as long as whatever it is they desire is covered, they won’t think of such monstrosities.

  4. i guess there’s a joke in there somewhere about a burka for camels. of course then they’d have to wear bootys to cover their toes.

  5. Well, religious fundamentalism strikes again. The Islamic world really needs Thomas Paine and James Madison types who strike against this absurd religious fundmentalist drivel that engulfs that part of the world.

  6. Ho hum. Another round of propaganda from our Professor.
    I wonder over his obsession with Saudi Arabian clerics “misconduct”.

    Propaganda? Yes, if your eyes are open. “We vs them” in spades.
    equals “when do we bomb the MF’s back to the camel age”?
    With XY billion muslims, we will have to start bombing soon. They multiply like rabbits.

    Or is it a simple media tactic by our host: When reason palls as a reader attractor, trot out a little “hot stuff” to jazz up the the mix.

    We go from sublime insights one day (see comments on MikeS latest) to the sideshow carney the next.

    Defend Saudis? Naw, they are human and according to us deserving of all human rights. Besides, bombs pollute the environment.

    Soon we will have an electronic pacifier for all the needy men on this earth—–regardless of tastes. Anybody feel like putting yourselves on the waiting list?

    OS We still have clorine allowed here. But best do as MikeS says: Think of your emotional health. Very good advice, I believe.

  7. There are certain beliefs which, regardless of their cultural or religious context, lie far beyond the limits of toleration. The views of Sheikh Abdullah Daoud are an endorsement of sexual violence of the most deviant sort. He ought to be stripped of whatever teaching authority he possesses and his name should be included on lists of potential sexual predators. He should also be prohibited from ever securing a visa to travel to this country.

    It’s time for the Arab spring to spread eastward.

  8. Apparently according to their clerics, Muslim men have no self control and see all females no matter what age as candidates for rape. Punishing women, girls or babies because of the inability of men to control themselves is an outrage. Muslims should be up in arms about this kind of “teaching” as it demeans their religion. If men are in fact so lacking in control perhaps the men of “god” could think of a way to rein them in.
    I apply this same standard to the alleged Chrisitans who view rape as just another way for a women to conceive or forcible vaginal penetration by an ultrasound device as an appropriate tool of governmental control of women. Chrisitans and Muslims should unite against these outrageous people.

  9. I’ve got a better idea than covering up babies: blinding and amputation. If muslim men are “tempted” by the sight of a naked baby, then there’s something inherently wrong with muslim men. It’s the men who need to be controlled, not the women and babies.

  10. Bron1, February 4, 2013 at 10:15 am

    I feel very sorry for Muslims. Most are good people, they deserve better than the clerics they have.

    Certainly Muslims do not have a monopoly on out-of-touch, out-of-control clerics.

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