Baby Burkas: Saudi Cleric Issues Fatwa For Babies To Wear Burkas To Avoid Tempting Saudi Men

baby_burkasSaudi cleric Sheikh Abdullah Daoud reportedly has a solution to the sexual molestation of baby girls in the Islamic world: force babies to burkas. It is the latest fatwa on Islamic morality from the extremists in the Kingdom — the problem is not Saudi men who molest girls but the fact that babies do not cover themselves out of modesty.

In an interview that just came to light, Sheikh Abdullah Daoud reportedly cited unnamed Saudi authorities that babies are being molested in the Kingdom.

Various Muslims have denounced the fatwa as demeaning to Islam.

Baby burkas could open up a new market for the morally repressive. It appears that Saudi men will now be protected from the shameless vixen babies who tempt them.

Source: Examiner

35 thoughts on “Baby Burkas: Saudi Cleric Issues Fatwa For Babies To Wear Burkas To Avoid Tempting Saudi Men”

  1. I would say someone needs to explain that pedophilia doesn’t have crap to do with modesty or sexuality of a normal mode. But I don’t think the religious nuts “get” it….

  2. Sometimes I think I would like to do a full mental status workup on some of these guys. Then there was the cleric who beat his five year old daughter to death because he thought she had lost her virginity. These clerics are some of the most sex-obsessed people I ever heard of.

    Of course, we also have all the christianist self-hating closet queens who rail against homosexuality, premarital sex and a woman’s right to choose her own medical and reproductive care. Between these two groups we have at least a potential multi-volume textbook.

    On second thought, I have explored enough psychological sewers for two lifetimes. To undertake a study like that would require too much brain bleach.

  3. Very well put, Mike Spindell….. Religion is the curse of the human race….

  4. Next it will probably be the baby’s fault she got molested because her parents did not clothe her properly, and thereafter a show trial for adultery.

  5. Point #1 – Religious extremism comes in all stripes.

    Point #2 – Even if the Niners had scored another TD, they never would have made the 4 1/2 point spread.

  6. Insanity such as this is the direct result of fundamentalist religious belief, which is mixed worldwide with the idea of male superiority (dominance). Since the words of a “God” are irrefutable and the male can never be at fault in matters of sexuality, females are portrayed as “temptresses” no matter what age they are. Any man who thinks their taking sexual advantage of a female is her fault, is a disgusting pig, no matter what his false religious piety. Sadly in my life I’ve known more than a few males who pretended piety, while objectifying females.

  7. Beldar:

    And here I thought it was CBS or a 49er’s hacker. CBS to keep people from bailing to watch Shark Tank or Downton Abbey and a hacker who like the 49er’s.

    It probably was a bookie who was going to get killed on the point spread. In any event I dont think it was a random occurrence, in less of course it is the result of the Obama economy. Or perhaps a Saudi Cleric who did not like watching young men in tight pants because he was sporting a woodie.

  8. Between the Catolic pedophile priests and the erratic Muslim clerics, we are getting good post Super Bowl entertainment. The folks back on Remulak watched the Super Bowl on their screens too. They say that a priest with a beenie reported in that a bookie named Nagel killed the power so as to give the 49ers a time to repair their thoughts. The point spread got back to where the bookie wanted it. What plays in Vegas stays in Vegas he said. We were wondering what planet Ray Lewis is from. Is he related to Eddie Cantor? These things confuse us. Or is it Eric Cantor?

  9. I guess it’s a choice between two evils….. Death by strangulation or death of the soul by molestation….. Seriously, hasn’t anyone considered the risks associated with babies and scarves…… Guess….not….

  10. The cleric is saying that Muslim men are of weak moral character. It might be a good idea for someone to check out the behavior and proclivities of the cleric.

  11. “Various Muslims have denounced the fatwa as demeaning to Islam.”

    If this begins to happen more often I will interpret it as a sign of progress.

    The catholic church is mired in the early 1900s
    The muslim faith is mired in the early 1700s.

    When the adherents of a faith have the ability to criticize and question the insane (or ridiculous) tenets of their faith. ….Progress may happen.

    Of course in the past people that challenged a faith have been.
    Burned at the stake, Beheaded, Excommunicated, Shunned, Turned out,

    Separation of Church and State is absolute Brilliance.
    When the State is an adherent of a religious Faith, progress and population suffers.

  12. I feel very sorry for Muslims. Most are good people, they deserve better than the clerics they have.

  13. Nothing like a doody filled Burka…… to turn away a baby raper….. The Saudi’s are very ‘sick’ people……

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