Kansas District To Force Students To Attend Lecture On Dinosaurs By Creationist Group

docphoto220px-Triceratops_AMNH_01The Palinotologists are back. A Kansas school district is refusing to back down from a plan for mandatory assemblies featuring a creationist group to explain the history of dinosaurs. Despite overwhelming data and testing showing the world is millions of years old, many creationists insist that Earth is only a few thousand years old. Dinosaurs represent a bit of a problem of course. The solution, as famously stated by that American intellectual Sarah Palin, is that men co-existed with dinosaurs. Hugoton Public Schools invited Creation Truth Foundation’s founder Dr. G. Thomas Sharp to teach the “Truth about Dinosaurs” at two assemblies. Hugoton Public Schools superintendent Mark Crawford however insists that students must hear about science from this biblically based group.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has warned the district that such assemblies cross the line into religious indoctrination. The group is committed to a biblical understanding of dinosaurs. The group features such sites as “Darwin was wrong” to correct fundamental misunderstandings of evolution. The group however denounces science as a threat to faith:

The basic reason for these problems, however, is the absence of belief in the Bible as basic truth, especially within the realm of science. If one cannot believe the Bible is true in one area, then the Bible’s authority in all areas is questionable. Therefore, believing in the scientific and historic truth of the Bible is pivotal to belief in God’s Word as absolute Truth.

9205907Crawford refused to the cancel the event by insisting the group will not teach creationism. However, this is a religiously based group that rejects evolution and is committed to denying evolution. Why ask this group? The group treats dinosaurs as seductive items used by secularists (he spends a huge amount of time arguing with Jurassic Park, the movie).

In this video, Thomas works to convince people that there is no more objective basis for evolution than creationism so you can simply pick one over the other. It is full of misrepresentations of the geological and paleontological records. He insists that God made “God’s Gospel lizards” on day six and they were taken on the ark by Noah (but just “young folks” among the dinosaurs):

Thomas denounces those who ignore the key of Adam’s sin in this record as his concept of science and resisting the secular conspiracy to “dumb down” students. The use of such a science-denying group to teach about dinosaurs is shocking. Kansas has a huge dinosaur collection and countless experts. Yet, Crawford found this group?

It is difficult to find much of Crawford’s background beyond his degrees from Emporia State University, Wichita State University, and Southwestern College.

As for Thomas, his scientific knowledge comes from B.S. (Bachelor of Science) from Purdue University, obtained a Master’s at the University of Oklahoma, and a Ph.D from South Florida Bible College and Seminary. In the video above, Thomas asks the crowd if they ever wondered why science used Latin (and the metric system) rather than English to confuse and disadvantage laypersons in understanding it. The lecture turns back to the Bible to show that it was accurate and mentioned dinosaurs by other terms like dragons. He also tells people that there are “lots of evidence” of dinosaurs living with men that prove that they were created by God the day before the creation of man. The lecture is actually fascinating in how pseudo-scientific claims can be twisted to suggest an objective basis to disprove evolution and to show that the “biblical view” is the only true view.

Coming to a Kansas school near you . . .

Source: Raw Story

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  1. How about a story on Connecticut forcing blakc men into jail for nothing???


  2. Lotta,

    Thanks for the heads up. We don’t generally watch T.V. What’s nice NOVA does a really good job of streaming things right from their site, so the first two episodes are already up.

  3. Well, of course you know the reason why there are no longer any dinosaurs around is because Jesus shot ’em all; which is more proof that God wants us to have guns. That’s why He gave us our second amendment.

  4. Gyges, Good for you and your son. I watch a lot of the BBC documentaries and series of historical interest. They do bunches of them too, big topics and small.

    The current four part NOVA documentary about Australia, “Australia, The First Billion Years”, is a good one. Episode 3 which will highlight their big (prehistoric) land animals is coming up. If you or he have missed the first two, the third installment (This Wednesday, the 24th.) should delight a dinosaur buff as a stand alone episode. It’s titled “Monsters”. The forth episode is titled “Strange Creatures”. I’m sure the first two episodes will be available in re-run or maybe tucked away somewhere on the interwebs….


  5. Srsly, little kids should be taken on a field trip to the park by their teachers to hunt for dinosaurs and be directed to their cleverly disguised offspring (somewhat removed in time) by way of introducing to evolutionary biology.

    I actually did this with my son. He’s a HUGE dinosaur buff. We’ve gone through all the videos at the Library about anything prehistoric (the animation on the BBC specials is amazing btw), but especially about dinosaurs.

  6. Gyges: “But if you don’t believe in evolution, you loose out on believing one the coolest thing ever. That chicken you had for dinner? That’s descended from a dinosaur.”

    I KNOW!! No simple myth can match the magic and delight of what time and opportunity in nature can do. I recall reading “The Hot Blooded Dinosaur” when it was published and in the few page run-up to the conclusion I just couldn’t take it, I jumped up and did a happy-dance, BIRDS ARE DINOSAURS! WOOHOO! Srsly, little kids should be taken on a field trip to the park by their teachers to hunt for dinosaurs and be directed to their cleverly disguised offspring (somewhat removed in time) by way of introducing to evolutionary biology.

  7. Most students, today go to school with a cell phone in their pocket…. many of them ‘smart phones’. I know that there’s an App called… ‘Fog Horn’. I recommend that students put this App on their phones, and during this ridiculous Lecture, ”accidently” set their ‘Fog Horns’ off…. at their phone’s loudest volume………..

  8. Elaine, who was Eve trying to impress? She was stuck with Adam and it isn’t like he had much choice. LOL. I always thought she got her lip coloring from the rainbows the unicorns in the garden created as they flew by… I might have my memes mixed up though 🙂

    Surely there were unicorns in the Garden and if those crazy Creationists don’t believe that then why even bother listening to them?


  9. Bettykath, sure they would. That’s their job. 🙂

    Actually, I just freaked out a tad 🙂 A couple of posters seemed to fantasize about the kids showing some level of disrespect, planned or spontaneous, and that struck me as misplacing the responsibility. A court of law is the best remedy though. Preferably one that would issue an injunction against the lecture.

  10. Darren,

    I got word from the Creator that Eve used natural vegetation to make dyes to color her lips. I believe Avon ladies didn’t come on the beauty scene until sometime in the 17th century.

  11. But if you don’t believe in evolution, you loose out on believing one the coolest thing ever. That chicken you had for dinner? That’s descended from a dinosaur.

    T-rexes had a wishbone and everything.

    “And don’t fool yourself, evolution is a religion.”

    No, evolution is scientific theory that accurately predicts several observable phenomenon.

  12. And after the thread on the T-shirt arrest I didn’t think a school story could get me more twitched-up, silly me. Sue, sue, sue. This is what courts and the Constitution are for. Parents should attend with their children and heckle- advocating that the kids do it is putting a lot of weight on kids that their parents should more appropriately be hauling. Besides, if the kids heckle they might get arrested!

  13. Elaine:

    I watched the creationism video but I am confused about one thing; Where did Eve get her lipstick? How could she have lipstick before God created the Avon Lady? My grandmother is nearly 102 and the oldest person I know. She was an Avon Lady and did not tell me Eve was a customer. Nobody is older than my grandmother that I know personally so nobody could have sold it to Eve. Creationism must not be true.

  14. Scientists use Latin to confuse lay people? Wish they had told me that when sitting through painfully long Latin masses in Europe when I was a kid. Talk about using Latin: the Catholic Church did just that; it is viewed by many ex-Catholics as myself as keeping lay people in their place and ignorant. I wonder if these people derived their comment from that example? Oh, don’t worry, they are wrong on this use of Latin.

  15. I just cannot can not fathom how any right minded person can mix their religious beliefs and scientific facts. If they believe that the Bible is the only correct book of knowledge, just how the heck did Jonas Salk come up with a cure for polio when the Bible is silent on the issue?
    I love the Zimmerman videos.

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