Police: Mother Of Alleged Bomber Has Outstanding Criminal Charges

article-0-19747785000005DC-827_634x361Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, the mother of Boston Marathon alleged bombers Tamerlan and Tzhokhar Tsarnaevso, appears to be wanted for theft in the United States — a charge that could make her interview with authorities more complex for any lawyer. She failed to appear on a theft charge in Massachusetts in October. The looming charges appear to be one of the reasons for her reluctance to return to the United States.

article-0-1972000D000005DC-75_306x423The legal status of Zubeidat Tsarnaeva is uncertain. From court records she would appear in violation of a court order to appear to answer two counts of malicious/wanton damage and defacement to property. In June, she stole $1,600 worth of clothing from a Massachusetts Lord & Taylor store. She was due in court on October 25, but never showed up. It is not clear if a bench warrant was issued after her non-appearance.

To make matters worse, she was captured in a religious rant on CNN when called about her son: “If they are going to kill him. I don’t care. My oldest son is killed, so I don’t care. I don’t care if my youngest son is going to be killed today. I want the world to hear this. And, I don’t care if I am going to get killed too. And I will say Allahu Akbar!“ It appears that, like her oldest son, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva has become more religious in recent years. It is a chilling insight into those who replace conventional maternal and moral values with extreme religious views. I realize that she is clearly distraught but this is a pretty unnerving response.

The use of religion at such moments strikes many faithful people as curious like the recent people convicted of stealing parking fees who noted that they would not steal during Ramadan. Of course, in nations committed to Sharia law like Saudi Arabia, stealing $1,600 worth of clothes commonly would result in having your hand cut off.

Source: Daily Mail

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  1. nick,

    Considering that her residence was an apartment and that, when interviewed, one of her former patrons said she used the family’s bathroom, that right there is outside the code. (The patron’s mention of using the bathroom had to do with the strange remark the mother made which was something like, you may use the bathroom for none of the men are home.)

    Cleveland is one of the most liberal cities in America. I’ve never had any desire to live anywhere else although there are many other cities I love to visit.

  2. sling:

    no I was not thinking about the “victory mosque”.

    Are you an Islamic scholar, taken comparitive religion classes, read the Quran, read anything by maybe Al Farabi, Omar Khayyam?

    Do you have any superior knowledge on which to base your responses or is it all purely emotion?

  3. Blouise, Vegas has the odds @ 100-1 she was licensed. I’ve not seen the interior of their upstairs apartment, but did see a CNN shot from the exterior..Icky! It’s not the Cambridge most folks picture. However, that’s not uncommon. When I tell folks in the midwest I grew up in Ct. most picture pastoral suburbs of NYC. I grew up in a blue collar, factory town and that’s what most of Ct. is. Now, when you tell people you’re from Cleveland I’m sure folks picture factories and pollution, not your pristine estate! Actually, I think the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has helped change folks view on Cleveland. It got me there[twice] and I like your city. It feels more east coast to me than midwest.

  4. Sling:

    “You have it wrong.
    —– unless you mean America self-destructing.

    In the meantime good luck with exterminating 23% of the world’s population.”

    Do I have it wrong? Are you an Islamic scholar?

  5. I meant that it appeared to be a Deuteronomy 24:16
    ……but there was some sort of stealhily thing going on

  6. The thread title feels a bit like Deuteronomy 24:16

    But then the media and the pollsters did put pressure unto Deuteronomy, so he saith 5:9

    But much later there cameth a Saviour, and the dude was righteous and was quoted thusly:
    John 9:1-3

    Disclaimer: I made up all of the above, or it was some book in a hotel room when the TV was crap.

  7. Arthur Randolph Erb writ thusly:

    I DO hope that folks will note that the Muslim congregation threw the nut out and have not wished to have the officials do anything for his body or his family.

    Yes they did, in charity, try attitude adjustment.
    Any reluctance to facilitate ritual may have more to do with the guy not actually being one of them rather than a politic embarassment.

    Meet Bron, who writ thusly:

    My question to any Muslim reading: America is a country which believes in freedom of religion, it is enshrined in our Constitution so why are you fighting us when we accept your right to worship as you see fit?

    I think Bron is talking about the “Victory Mosque” aka “Ground Zero Mosque” which apart from not being a mosque was 2 blocks from “Sacred Ground”.

    Apart from that, there might be something in there about all the 1.6 billion Muslims fighting America because they “hate our freedoms”.

    Despite being being apparently/possibly (based on the quotes) being diametrically opposed on the question of the evil of all Muslims, you might have a lot in common.

    Reading here and all over, I have come to the belief that America is deeply religious.
    It’s a Biblical religious that is absolutely pre-Jesus.
    It’s a (self-)righteous/exceptional vindictive eye-for-eye smiting sort of thing.
    It sounds like a mirror of the worst possible interpretation of Islam.

    Projecting much?

  8. nick,

    He has an uncle living in Maryland, a wife living in Cambridge, two sisters living in the States, and an Aunt living in Canada … lots of people to claim his body.

  9. Blouise, Bingo!! Nobody, as of yesteday, has even claimed shitbird#1’s body. By Muslim law he should have been buried last Saturday or Sunday! The US will be chastised by Muslim zealots for not taking are of that, I bet.

    1. NS You are quite correct that the apologists for Muslim fanatics will blame the US for that, and will be just one more “proof” of the US war on Islam. I DO hope that folks will note that the Muslim congregation threw the nut out and have not wished to have the officials do anything for his body or his family.

  10. ARE,
    Regardless of language, we still have cultural and religious differences to consider. Also, we still have criminal charges in the mix, which most likely influences any and/or all public statements. As I said, I am going to be watching how this plays out with much interest.

  11. So since we went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11,

    The connection from 9/11 to Iraq was what exactly?

    That isnt going to happen, so if I have this right, the only way this is going to end is with the destruction of America or the destruction of Islam. Is that right? Seems to me I have it right.

    You have it wrong.
    —– unless you mean America self-destructing.

    In the meantime good luck with exterminating 23% of the world’s population.

  12. It is interesting how the devote of one branch of the asylum are so quick to marginalize the scum on their branch while insisting that the scum on that other branch over there simply must represent all of those crazies!

    Bad people do bad things, some bad people ‘credit’ their bad things to the Great Cosmic Muffin they mutter to as instructed in youth. Others ‘blame’ the bad things on that other guys Benevolent Hairy Thunderer. Each is able to cite specific bad things recommended in the collected works of fantasy those others believe in while ignoring the ones in theirs. Each can cite specific prohibitions to bad stuff in their own fair tales while ignoring the same in the others.

    Neither side can see the mental illness that causes them to behave this was but believes the others mental illness is real. The only time they agree is when someone who believes in neither’s dilutions does a bad thing – they agree it is the absence of the great guiding light from above that caused that bad thing and offer as proof that no true believer in their invisible sky wizard would do such a thing. When they do its because they are not really a true believer QED

  13. Arthur Randolph Erb,

    Darn it! I had completely forgotten about the smoking holes.
    So it must entirely that “they hate our freedoms”. End of.
    This is good news, because it’s such a simple concept for everyone to understand. Nobody needs to stress about complex stuff.

    I did highlight the

    “in recent years”

    in my post above.

    It appears that rage on the part of the elder brother predated any interest in religion.
    He’s basically a school/cinema shooter but just happens to have channelled via Islam – rather than Islam channelling through him.
    His manifesto appears to have been along the lines of “Sh*t is f*cked up and bullsh*t”.

    I would not be at all surprised to see more pressure cooker bombs going off – and perpetrated by people like Adam Lanza and others who have killed far greater numbers of people.
    Did you know that the brothers do not qualify for the FBI definition of “mass Killers”?
    This is not in any way to trivialise the outrage, but a sense of proportion is called for.

    The reason the world seemed to stop for a while and an entire city got locked down was not violent deaths. It was an assumption that bombs (as opposed to Bushmasters ) mean MUSLIMZZZZ!!!

    Thanks to all the the conflicting information about the Boston bombings, I now know how to make a very effective bomb using off-the-shelf materials. I didn’t need to access a Jihadist website/magazine or even talk to anyone. Just do a search for Hobby Fuse or even Pressure Cooker Bomb. It’s all there – even on WikiPedia.
    Cooker, metal chunks, tape, hobby fuse / flying fish, electric matches, garage door opener or r/c model.

    Making bombs is not something that interests me at all. I was simply interested in the conflicts between FBI & Co talking about “sophisticated” (aka ‘therefore must be AQ plot’ ) and the criminal complaint mentioning “low grade” and “hobby fuse”.
    This curiousity was completely satisfied by a couple of Google searches.
    Even a child could do it – and they will.

    The sooner that people stop trying to blame things on religion, the better.
    ITRS – It’s the Rage Stupid

  14. Mother of the Year. Can someone go on Google and translate her last name into English. My Google translater is broke. The first half is Tsar. Maybe she thinks that she married into the Royal Family. Her surviving kid is poster boy asking to get rear ended in general population in prison. Meanwhile, here at the dogpac, the marina outhouse has imprinted her photo on the toilet paper rack next to the Sears Roebuck Cataloque and People Magazine. Personally, no dod in his right mind would wipe his uttBay with that ugly face photo. But the humans are having at it in the outhouse here at the marina. Some dog keeps stealing the toilet paper so they have to resort to the second chance pile.

  15. I was waiting for people to be unhappy with the representation he gets. He is a citizen and has no means, evidently, and therefore is afforded public counsel. Should he get a bad lawyer?
    Rafflaw says “,,,after what he and his brother did?”
    We go after Bloomberg and others for trying to take away our rights but somehow it is okay that these guys not be given the rights they are permitted as American citizens, such as innocent until proven guilty and adequate counsel, meaning maybe even a very good lawyer.
    I don’t know if they are guilty or not, sure looks like it so far, but when I see media, like one of the morning shows this am with a caption that reads Boston terrorist (think that was the word they used) not talking. No suspected, no alleged.
    This guy needs to get a fair trial so there will be no technicalities to allow an appeal if they are found guilty. And if found guilty no refusals to accept the guilty verdict, based on evidence, and not speculation.

  16. So, the next time you hear a heartwarming story of two Christians who halt fighting in a war because it is christmas eve, or a rapist who releases a captive alive because they are reminded of Jesus- remember this.

    That a nominal Muslim remembers bits of his religion during a holiday in the midst of his low down activity does not mean that Islam allows one to be bad unless it is a holiday-anymore than the Bible teaches that mardi gras is fair game so long as you give up something for lent. Depavity mixed with religion should not be what defines the religion. That they leave OFF the depravity is a testament to the fact that their religion has taught them enough to know better. . .

    These people were non practicing and irreligious Muslims until an Armenian convert showed them the way to practice true Islam? Anyone who knows anything of the attitude of Armenians towards Islam would immediately start wondering what motivation there might have been-an Armenian teaching them how to practice their religion. . .mentoring them towards this crime. . . further demonizing Islam. This young man didn’t fit in his home, he wasn’t accepted in his own mosque for his views. . . which he didn’t learn in a mosque! He learned them from a new Armenian convert. When you start hearing the conspiracy theories,this might head it up. I might even buy into the conspiracy theories on this one.

    The mom is clearly a weak and stupid woman. I could have sympathy for the woman who lost her sons that she loved and is still in disbelief. She knows better and has no thought to anyone else? Not even her younger son?

  17. “What the hadīth means is that fighting begun under these conditions is to cease when the enemy people accept Islām. Bukhārī himself hints at this when he quotes this hadīth under the heading if they repent and keep up prayer and pay the poor-rate, then leave their way free,” i.e., cease fighting with them.”

    So since we went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11, which I now see why many Muslims refuse to accept it was done by Muslims. If they accpet that as fact then our war was started by Islam and it is not a defensive war but an offensive war.

    So if we allow that many Muslims consider this a defensive war, then the only way it will ever stop is if all Americans will accept Islam as their religion.

    That isnt going to happen, so if I have this right, the only way this is going to end is with the destruction of America or the destruction of Islam. Is that right? Seems to me I have it right.

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