Morocco High Council Issues Fatwa To Kill Those Who Renounce Islam

stoningThe two most serious threats to religious critics remain blasphemy laws and apostasy laws in Muslim nations, which deny citizens the right to free speech and association on matters of religion. Apostasy is particularly lethal since Muslims in many countries follow what they believe to be the need to kill anyone who renounces Islam. Morocco’s Higher Council of Religious Scholars (CSO) has this week taken a step back in time with a fatwa demanding the death penalty for Muslims who renounce their faith. In the Hadith, Bukhari 52:260 quotes Mohammad as saying “If somebody [a Muslim] discards his religion, kill him.”

Bukhari 84:57 also quotes Mohammad as saying “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him” among other provisions calling for the killing of people simply because they no longer wish to worship in this faith.

This council dictates the official Islamic rules for the country and announced that Muslims who reject their faith “should be condemned to death.”

The most direct impact of these fatwas is to encourage Muslims to take such matters into their own hands as a moral killing or beating.

Apostasy remains one of the most fundamental barriers to freedom in the Muslim countries. The right to choose one’s own faith is a fundamental human right, including the right to have no faith. With blasphemy, apostasy laws remain the sirens of religious opposition in the world.

Source: News Tribune as seen on Reddit

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  1. Thought for today. If an atheist believes that man simply invented God, Then why do atheists exclude the possibility that God invented man?

  2. Islam Is by its very nature a replacement theology, if it can be called the theology. This means that for Islam To survive it believes that all other religions or belief systems must be destroyed. Christianity originally involved a Replacement theology as well.

    Religions such as Buddhism Hinduism and Judaism have Never adopted replacement theology as a cornerstone of Their beliefs.

    So, on one level Jihad is simply a New form of the Crusades. The barbarism and brutality that is an inherent part of the Islamic culture, Has been very effective in promulgating the replacement theology of Islam. That is why it is the fastest growing religion if it can be called that in the United States and throughout the world. The fact that leftist politics Is so prevalent today makes the spread of Islam
    even easier and faster.

    Leftists today are quick to brand any criticism of Muslims as Islamophobia, a stupid term that they have invented and use incessantly And reflexively.

  3. The Koran is a book of rules for living your life by.
    You take guidance from it.

    unless he who makes the Fatwa is extremely well-educated and trained in Islamic jurisprudence according to the requirements mentioned above, he has no authority to issue a fatwā. The Prophet Muhammad (s) said, “Whoever gives fatwā without knowledge, the angels of the heaven and the earth curse him.” Second, if he is so qualified, the fatwā remains non-binding, applying only to those choose to accept and wish to enforce it.

    To issue a new fatwā as an unqualified and unauthorized individual is impermissible and forbidden in Islam. Of course to relate the rulings of qualified scholars is permitted, provided it is transmitted without changing the context or wording. The fatwās of unqualified individuals are considered “null and void,” according to ¿Umar, second caliph of the Prophet (s).

  4. RWL, I understand the inclination to slant things to tell the story we believe should be told. I think it is important to only make arguments that can be supported by real facts, not misrepresented information.

  5. This machine says Fartwar when I mean that religious thing the tentheads do.

  6. Michelle,

    Interesting Info! Knowledge is power: the more you know, the more you grow!

  7. BarkinDog is what some of us refer to a Ninth Day Adventist. Much of the pac believes in the Eighth Day. I wont take a stand. Four legs good, two legs bad. I would not want to lose part of the flock over quibbles.

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  9. Bukhari is a compiler of sayings of words attributed to Muhammed or his companions. It is NOT part of Quran and is not considered to be the direct word of God. Among Muslims,some take it more seriously as others and some manipulate to fulfill their own agendas. The quote in original article of the Quran was not supplied in Turleys blog, only hadith though Bukari was presented AS Quran. That is factually incorrect.
    Read the article. It is not a fatwa but an explanation of “a” viewpoint of islamic law. Not the only one. In the actual Quran, that is only directed at those who actively fight to harm Muslims(act of war)

  10. Michelle,

    Explain your 1st 2 sentences in depth (if you would be so kind to do so). I am not in disagreement with you, but I do want to know how you came to your conclusion (please provide a link or 2, if possible).

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  12. Bukhari is not in quran. This source info is incorrect as to it even BEING a “fatwa ” and some very basic info is factually wrong and simple to have checked or reported accurately. I know you don’t claim to be a journalist but as a matter of personal integrity you should report with more integrity. Your article was meant to inflame and it does-misrepresenting facts is obviously a non-concern when you want a headline.

  13. How about a story on what’s going on with blacks and the Connecticut Justice system???


  14. Mafia, meet Morocco, Morocco meet the Mafia. You leave either only in a pine box.

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