Museum Burka: Greece Demands Ancient Statues Returned From Qatar After Museum Covers Them To Protect Muslim Sensibilities

qatargreeceart2The only problem that Qatar has with ancient history is that its pre-Islamic art falls to comply with Islamic sensibilities. An exhibit has been touring the world on the beauty and grace of “The Olympics — Past and Present.” Two ancient statues showed this expression in artistic form but the Islamic nation decided to obscure the statues behind a black screen because their naked bodies were considered indecent under Islamic values.

Maria Vlazaki, the Greek Culture Ministry’s director-general of antiquities and cultural heritage, went to Qatar to see the exhibit (note, by the way, to Greece: it might not be necessary to send delegations to see exhibits of Greek art when the country cannot afford basic services). They found the statues behind a type of museum burka.

One of these statues is dated to 520 B.C. and is a long-haired kouros and the other (a Roman-era) statue depicts a young athlete with short curls. The museum explained that there were “objections from above” to the statues as well as several small bronze nudes. That is not a reference to divine intervention but Qatari leadership which apparently found the statues too sexually enticing and corrupting for unrestricted viewing. Who needs the Internet when you have miniature 500 B.C. bronze nudes?

A poll last year found that 60 percent of Arabs support the censorship of art to bar “inappropriate” images and enforce Islamic standards.

Source: NPR

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  1. Ralph,

    So, let me see if I got this: Islamic people can’t do art because some of them have covered up Greek art as offensive to their religion, and somehow or another I’m part of the problem because I like art that’s offensive to Christians?

    Next you’re going to be telling me that Islamic culture has contributed nothing to the culinary world, and I’m part of the problem because I eat fish.

  2. Darren, I would expect nothing less from a mindless weasel.

  3. Yes, Christian are much more sensible about the horror of a nude; like, say, John Ashcroft. How do these people forget that it is their magnificent God which created the human form?
    How about a new Amendment to the Constitution that would say, in essence, that the government of the USA shall in no way be operated through a particular religion’s “mandates,” or some zealot’s interpretation of same, a sort of “freedom FROM religion,” as it pertains to govt.? Quite refreshing, eh?

  4. Ralph:

    I am not quite as adept as you are with the feces thing, in fact, I didn’t realize that weasel feces had smelled better than bull feces. Not that I ever had the occasion to compare the two. I guess you have the advantage here and your expertise in this matter certainly is unprecidented, and I respect that as it is quite an accomplishment.

    So from now on, whenever one thinks of “weasel” or “feces”, Ralph Adamo will surely come to mind.

  5. Darren, as the late, great Dorothy Parker once said, defining “horticulture”–“You can bring a whore to culture, but you can’t make her think. I guess you ultracretinesque Leftists are trying to make a case for Jesus with excrement as “art” by comparing it to Islamic “art.” Nice try. Well, weasel feces may smell better than bull feces, but feces is feces.

  6. I have seen many examples of Islamic art first hand when I was in Turkey. There is no doubt it is worthy of praise.

  7. No one told me that the GOP and the conservative Christians have partially converted the Muslims….. Something absolutely symbolic about all this burkashite…… Now, can someone tell me if burlesque has its roots in Islam…..

  8. Wow, gynes, that Islamic “art” was just soooooo amazing! But back here in reality, that junk makes Norman Rockwell look like Rembrandt.

    And yes, my cretinesque leftists (is there any other kind?), all Muslims CAN be lumped together in the garbage pan of the dregs of what used to be “humanity.”

    When Muslims aren’t actively engaging in mas murders, madness, and mayhem, they are giving moral and emotional support to those direct enemies of civilization, and that makes that as bad as the German people that backed the Nazis. But you submoronic leftists are too stunod to recognize that, as you are part of the very same Islamic problem.

    So why don’t you go enjoy some “art” featuring Jesus smeared in excrement? I hear they make an edible version of this art that should add to your enjoyment of it.

  9. i wouldn’t worry too much about ralph. one day the ists of the world will catch up to him. leftists, islamists, psychiatrists…

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