Stephen Hawking Joins Academic Boycott Of Israel

200px-Stephen_Hawking.StarChildLeading Physicist Stephen Hawking has created an international stir by joining a boycott of Israeli academic institutions and travel to Israel after sending a letter declining an invitation to attend the President’s Conference. While Cambridge originally claimed that Hawking was not attending due to his health, Hawking sent a letter to Israeli President Shimon Peres saying that he was in fact boycotting Israel due to its Palestinian policies.

The letter was an embarrassment for the University of Cambridge which appeared like it was trying to spin the declination of the invitation for reasons of health. Tim Holt, acting communications director at the University of Cambridge, issued a statement that tied the decision to Hawking’s continued struggle with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), known as Lou Gehrig’s disease:”For health reasons, his doctors said he should not be flying at the moment so he’s decided not to attend. He is 71 years old. He’s fine, but he has to be sensible about what he can do.”

However, Hawking sent a letter to Peres clearly stating that he was refusing on principle to travel to the conference in Israel. Hawking described Israel’s treatment and policy of the Palestinians as a “disaster” and reprehensible. Hawking stated that he initially accepted the invitation with the intention to speak out against the policies: “Had I attended, I would have stated my opinion that the policy of the present Israeli government is likely to lead to disaster.” He then explained that “I accepted the invitation to the Presidential Conference with the intention that this would not only allow me to express my opinion on the prospects for a peace settlement, but also because it would allow me to lecture on the West Bank. However, I have received a number of emails from Palestinian academics. They are unanimous that I should respect the boycott. In view of this, I must withdraw from the conference. Had I attended, I would have stated my opinion that the policy of the present Israeli government is likely to lead to disaster.”

There are various groups of academics supporting the boycott of Israeli products as well as academic and cultural ties with Israel, including a group with Desmond Mpilo Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus. The boycott has also received support of groups this year like the Asian American Studies Association. Various divestment policies have been proposed or passed at American academic institutions.

Ironically, MIT linguistics professor and political author Noam Chomsky actually opposed the ban by scholars but was himself banned from Israel simply because of his political views by the Israeli government.

The Hawking controversy reveals a deepening divide among academics in the United States over the boycott — an increasingly heated debate. The Hawking decision comes as Israel has ordered the building of new settlements opposed by the United States and the world community as well as a report this year from the United Nations stating that Israeli have taken a “heavy toll” on the rights and sovereignty of Palestinians. The U.N. complained about the creeping annexation” by Israel in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Others have disagreed that such boycotts are productive and insist that more interaction with Israel is better for pushing reforms. Israel Maimon, chairman of the Presidential Conference, added this week that “Israel is a democracy in which all individuals are free to express their opinions, whatever they may be. The imposition of a boycott is incompatible with open, democratic dialogue.”

The response to Hawking from conservative publications have been extreme. One such site asked “Would Professor Hawking ever survive in any Arab country or under the Palestinian autocracy he shamefully defends?” The Israeli publication noted that “[w]hile in the Arab world disabled people have been called ‘the invisibles,’ because they are segregated and hidden from the public eye, Israel’s work with illness and disabilities would merit a book in itself.”

Hawking’s letter has put the boycott and divestment movement on the front pages of international newspapers and is likely to rekindle the debate on U.S. campuses.

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  1. Leading Physicist Stephen Hawking has created an international stir by joining a boycott of Israeli academic institutions and travel to Israel after sending a letter declining an invitation to attend the President’s Conference. While Cambridge originally claimed that Hawking was not attending due to his health, Hawking sent a letter to Israeli President Shimon Peres saying that he was in fact boycotting Israel due to its Palestinian policies. ”

    What gives it a bit more impact is the fact that at first he accepted the invitation, then both sides committed ink, advertising, and schedule to that expectation.

    Then he reconsidered as noted.

    Israel has gone nuke nuts and is dragging the U.S. along down that ill fated road.

    It is a foreign policy blemish adding to the other foreign policy blunders.

    Glad someone is “speaking out” about it.

  2. Since Israel has decided to spit in the face of the UN and the US about building settlements, and oppressing the Palestinians in the West Bank, I think it is entirely appropriate that academics follow the Palestinian lead on the boycott. This is one way to make Israel live up to its duties and to push them to making peace.

    As far as Hamas is concerned and the Israeli policies in Gaza, I have no problem with that at all. When they decide to launch rockets to kill people indiscriminately, Gaza simply gets what it deserves. I was looking for the letter Hawkings sent to see if he made any distinction between the two parties. I would have a real problem if this boycott were to give Hamas any aid or comfort, and I hope that this boycott will make such a distinction. There is no possible way to get a peace with Hamas unless they radically change their policies.

  3. ARE,

    Another problem with Israel’s Gaza policy that you mentioned (“… Gaza … gets what it deserves …”) reminds me of the Brazilian Police video JT posted yesterday.

    The Gaza innocents ought not be considered “deserving of violence” any more that firing a shotgun into a mixed crowd is giving the crowd “what it deserves.”

  4. I am glad he said it, it needs to be said more often & louder: the current policies persued by the Israel government will lead to a disaster for the nation. Like the industrial masters in the West the end point of the radical agenda is the complete collapse of the thing they perport to be trying to support.

  5. Sorry Dredd, but the Israelis target specific criminals and facilities. Hamas simply tries to kill innocents. THAT is a big difference. Too bad you cannot see that. Also, under international laws of warfare, if one side uses civilians as shields as Hamas does, there is no crime if the Israelis shoot them in responding to hostile fire. It is HAMAS which is responsible for the deaths of those innocents. Just as a bank robber is guilty of murder for any civilian casualties caused by his actions. Also, the IDF is NOT a civilian police force and cannot be held to the same standards as police whose primary concern is to limit casualties of ones own people. If you live next door to a munitions factory and are in a war zone, you cannot cry if your place gets blown up along with a legitimate target. Also, if Hamas puts an anti-aircraft gun on top of a hospital, they cannot cry foul if the hospital gets blown up.

  6. To Hell with israel.

    It is time to pull out of the middle east and let them kill each other once and for all.

    Israel is not our allies. They lie and manipulate us.They spy on us. They steal technology and information from us. They drag us into their fights. They use us.

  7. Time:

    “Israel is not our allies. They lie and manipulate us.They spy on us. They steal technology and information from us. They drag us into their fights. They use us.”


    If you think that Aman (the military intelligence of the IDF), Mossad, (responsible for overseas intelligence work), and Shin Bet (Israel’s internal security service) haven’t provided us invaluable intelligence (by word, deed, and example) on the militants committed to killing thousands of Americans you’re just not reading. Here’s a primer:

  8. Randyjet,

    You make the mistake of assuming that Hamas represents the Palentinians just like most Americans assume Jihadists represents muslims.

    This war/conflict has been going on since Biblical times. Israel believes that ‘God gave them this land’ (including the Gaza Strip). Therefore, they can ‘wipeout’ or treat the Palentinians as garbage, since they don’t worship their (Israel’s) ‘God’. The United States has been selling weapons to both sides (or to everyone in the middle east). The US can easily resolve this issue (and they are by helping Israel erase the Palentinians slowly), but the rest of the world is not on Israel’s side, making it very difficult for the US & Israel from ‘accomplish their goal overnight.’

    Also, how can you be so heartless to say that comment about justifying bombing a hospital just because a few ‘rebels’ are inside or landed their aircraft on top of it? Yes, Hamas has been targeting ‘innocent’ Israelis due to the fact that I mentioned above. Are you in favor of ‘collateral damage’?

    Did you see that now Israel has been dropping bombs in Syria? Why is Israel involved in the conflict of the Syrian ‘Revolution’?

  9. This thread has the earmarks of vitriol. I support the use of boycott as a civil expression of protest. Israel is a good ally, flawed as are all people and countries. For me it always comes back to the proverb of walking in a person’s shoes. What person here can say they have walked in an Israeli’s shoes?

  10. Israel and the Arabs within the present boundaries need a three state solution–Jordan, Egypt and Israel. The notion that the Arabs within Israel are of a separate Nation and need a Nation State in those tiny specs of land is like saying that Buffalo needs to be a Nation State out in western NY because they dont talk turdy turd and a turd like the city boys and girls. “Palestinian” is a contrived human tribe that is indistinguishable from the Arabs in Jordan from whence they were once contained.
    The borrder on the east needs to be rounded out from Jerusalem and make a fresh border with Jordan. Let the Palestinians stay in Israel or move to Jordan if they are not already in that territory. Wipe out Hamas and HezbullapCray and give Gaza to Egypt to police and secure its terrorists. There were three staes in 1967 although the Jordanians and Egyptians dis not recognize Israel. Israel won the war of agrression waged by Jordan and egypt and the borders need to be squared up for safety. It is not like ther e is not enough land mass for Arabs to live in the middle east. There is plenty of room for those Arabs from Jordan who live now in Israel to either move or have the border placed to their west.
    The Arabs in Israel want you to think that they are unique and need their own little Nation State in the suburb of Jerusalem. This goes against two axioms. The first is that terrorits should nto be given national recogniztion and provided a nation state boundary. The second is that the territory in question is so small that it doesnt qualify as a suburb, much less a provence and is hardly a nation.

    As for the schmuck who is boycotting fine. Perhaps he can start boycotting the U.S. because of our drones. I am sitting here in Den Haag at the judicial conference listening to people spout about terrorists around the world and no single group has the stigma of Hamas. The guy in the wheelchair ought to go spend six months in Gaza himself and see how they treat him.

  11. Nick S,

    What about the Palentinians’ shoes? The discouraging news about this conflict is that even liberal news outlets-CNN, MSNBC,etc.-have joined FoxNews in being biased against the Palestinians and in favor of Israel by ignoring the religious undertones involved.

    I was watching CNN’s Anderson Cooper a few years ago. He had inaccurately reported that Hamas had broken the cease fire agreement. His guest reporter, Christian Amanpour (I may have misspelled her name), corrected Anderson Cooper by stating that the cease fire agreement, approved by the US, allowed Israel to treat the Gaza Strip members as prisoners. Remember, as I mentioned above, Hamas doesn’t represent all Palestinians, not even a majority of them.

    Internationally, the US & Israel have been very intolerant toward opposing religious views of Christianity and/or Judaism.

  12. This is one of those geopolitical matters where it is easy to say, “A pox on both your houses.” I have been following the conflict for a long time, and at least part of what I see is a failure to negotiate in good faith on both sides. I understand that Israel feels besieged, and it is, but trying to stop people from attacking you by making them even more angry is not good social psychology. It is a good way to further radicalize an already radicalized opposition. There is another generation of young kids growing up right now whose ambition in life is to become fighters in asymmetrical wars.

    Israel has some of the best psychologists in the world in their academic community. The government leadership should listen to them. Bibi Netanyahu is a charming, movie star handsome man who looks the part of what a leader should be. However, it is clear to me he is an authoritarian hard liner whose idea of solving problems is found at the business end of a cannon.

    This is a fight no one is going to win. One of my friends is a brilliant psychiatrist. He also happens to be a Muslim and originally from Syria. He was was chatting with my (then) teen-age daughter and she wanted him explain the middle east conflicts. They talked about Afghanistan, Iraq and the middle east conflicts in general. She asked him, “Why can’t they just sit down and talk it out instead of constantly killing each other?”

    He thought for a minute before replying. He said, “You know, they have been living that way and fighting like that for three thousand years at least. Fighting is a way of life over there. There is absolutely nothing anyone can do to make them stop because fighting is all they know. Neither side is willing to give an inch.”

    He went on to add, “The involvement of the US is just dragging this country into centuries old conflicts, and has the effect of making both sides distrust us. It is a tribal thing. The US government seems to think they can stop a three thousand year old fight in one generation. It is not going to happen.”

  13. If the Israelis were tough about the situation they would drive the Arabs across the Jordan River into what is now Jordan proper. The Arab nations surrounding Israel are huge and the Israeli land mass is tiny. I lived in Israel in 1980 as an outsider. No Arab called himself a Palestinian. Many called themselves Jordanians. The Palestinian thing is a contrivance and a cover for terrorists.

  14. nick:

    You’ll like it. It’s not a cheerleading book that argues Mossad et als are the best. Indeed, it recognizes fundamental Israeli flaws in dealing with terrorism but it cogently develops the methods used to prevent terrorism and reads like a policy paper for US Homeland ( I hate this word!) Security. This is not a moral missive about the practices used, but a nuts and bolts schematic about the global threat and how to deal with it. It does not argue that terrorism is a threat to Israeli national security but a threat to the sense of security of the Israeli population. Sound familiar?

    The book is implicitly in keeping with my long-held position that, in the realm of international affairs against enemies, our Western notions of morality and honor have to be tempered by the degree of savagery we face. The Israelis understand that lesson of realpolitik quite well.

    There are some very bad wolves out there in the international forest. We have to remember that sad fact as we traipse on through.

  15. I hope that wheelchair guy stays out of Palm Beach, FL as well. We have a lot of folks who get treated bad here by the golf club types and they need to be boycotted.

  16. RWL The FACT is that Hamas is in power in Gaza, and while they did not really win the majority of the people, they NOW have it by force, like it or not. Thus while Hitler never got a majority in an election, ALL Germans paid the price and justly so.

    My point is that under the laws of warfare, if you place an anti-aircraft gun on top of a hospital, and the opposing force sees it, they are JUSTIFIED in bombing it out, even if it destroys the hospital. It is the side which VIOLATES the civil nature of the facility that bears the onus for the destruction of the hospital. There is something called an open city provision in warfare in which the defending side declares a city open, and FREE of weapons and combatants. If they violate that rule, the other side has every right to bomb that city flat. Thus any casualties that happen because of Israeli attacks are the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of Hamas.

    When you launch rockets from Gaza City, that makes the city FAIR GAME, and I think that Israelis have been quite restrained in the use of their weapons, compared to the US Army in WWII to German cities.

  17. You make the mistake of assuming that Hamas represents the Palentinians just like most Americans assume Jihadists represents muslims.

    Oh, of course. Poll after poll shows that the majority of Palestinians reject the idea of using suicide bombing and missile attacks to advance their objectives.

    Except the polls say the opposite.

    And, of course, Hamas could not possibly represent the Palestinians.

    The fact that they keep having elections and Hamas (and before it, the PLO) keep getting elected doesn’t mean that they represent the Palestinians.
    No, it means….. it really means…… WTF could it mean?

  18. Israel is facing an enemy that wants to wipe them off the face of the earth. That is not in dispute. Those are the shoes of which I speak. I agree Israel has blood on their hands. So, instead of the “walk in someones shoes”, I’ll offer “let he who is w/o sin.” Just how tolerant would the U.S. be if Canada vowed to “wipe us off the face of he earth.” Although we know those hosers wouldn’t stand a chance. We would just need to bomb their breweries and ice rinks.

  19. ARE,

    The Gaza Strip is not a nation, city, or country. It is similar to a county in a state or a municipality in a county.

    However, I do understand your point about the hideous side of war. Is it war or a revolution? It seems like a revolution or uprising that Israel is trying to supress.

    Remember, it is about Israel’s religion vs the Palestinians’ beliefs. Israel believes that ‘God gave them this land. Therefore, everyone must follow their laws, customs, rules, religion ,etc.’ This is not about Israel defending itself.

    Reveiw OS’s thread. He does a better job of wording it than me.

  20. mespo, The book you describe is exactly the type of nonfiction I love.

    Regarding tripe. WordPress has locked me out of the Wrigley thread. The last Italian restaurant I ever saw tripe on the menu was in Waterbury, Ct. It closed in the 70’s. Tripe is true peasant food and this place specialized in that fare. When my family went there my old man and I would order it, the rest of he family would avert their eyes as we ate. Real Mexican restaurants have menudo. I will order it after researching how spicy it is. I usually can’t handle the spicier versions. I LOVE spicy, but now it causes agita in my 6th decade. A wise old doc in Boston told my brother the reason our culture has a vitamin D deficiency is become when Baby Boomers came of age we ceased eating organ meat, which is loaded w/ vitamin D.

  21. For some reason, wordpress is not allowing me to respond to mespo on his tripe question. I tried once here, and twice on the Wrigley thread where he asked me about tripe on menus!

  22. Roger L,

    You’re forgetting one important detail: Israel and the rest of the world doesn’t recognize the Gaza Strip as a nation, country, et,. Hence, any elections being held or conducted is frivolous.

    See my thread above in response to ARE. This is about religious intolerance. It has been this way for centuries.

    Read OS’ thread.

  23. Nick S,

    You can’t use that example of Canada & the US for Israel and the Gaza Strip. See my response to ARE about Gaza not being a nation.

    Also, read OS’ thread. This is an ongoing war of the Crusades? It hasn’t really ended?

  24. I’ll try again, mespo. I’ll do it in stages. Tripe is peasant food for any culture. I like menudo but it is often to spicy for me to handle. When I find a restaurant that isn’t too spicy I’ll order it. I love spicy, but it causes me agita in my 6th decade.

  25. An addnote:
    Regarding my psychiatrist friend. He moved away from here two or three years ago. He took a job in Saudi Arabia where he can practice psychiatry without worrying about his family’s safety.

    His house was firebombed several times. Somebody threw Molotov cocktails at his house in the middle of the night, starting fires. His wife and kids were inside at the time. He said he could not risk staying any longer for the safety of his family. He sold his home and moved.

    This community lost one of the best psychiatrists ever to work at the mental health center because of bigotry. On the upside for him, I suspect the job he took in Saudi Arabia probably pays more in a month than he made in a year working in this rural area. No taxes on the salary, and I am told by a mutual friend, they gave him a nice house.

    As for the bigots who thought it would be a good idea to endanger his wife and kids, forcing him to leave this community; most of his former patients think hanging would be too good for them.

  26. Tripe continued. My father and I loved tripe. There was a great restaurant in the horrible city of Waterbury, Ct. that closed in the 70’s. It specialized in peasant Italian food. My father and I would order tripe and even better, sufrito! The rest of the fam would avert their eyes as they ate more mundane entrees. I’ve not seen it on a menu since then. This coincides w/ what a wise old doc in Boston told my brothers. Our culture stopped eating organ meat when Boomers came of age. We have a vitamin D deficiency in our country because organ meat is loaded w/ vitamin D and it’s just not part of our diet.

  27. nick,

    I unspamed and approved your original posting both on this and the Wrigley thread. I’m not sure why the spam filter caught them in the first place unless maybe it doesn’t like tripe any more than it likes spam.

  28. RWL it is NOT about religious intolerance since it used to be that about one third of Palestinians were Christians. Hamas on the other hand IS a MUSLIM party and they only won the elections because W Bush and Rice insisted that those elections be held ASAP. This was stupid since Al Fatah was running multiple candidates for the Parliment and local offices. Had they kept to the schedule they wanted. Fatah could have cleaned up their slates, to have just one candidate against Hamas. In the event Hamas won a plurality, not a majority. At that point Hamas then took it electoral victory as license to take over ALL of the national functions in Gaza. In effect, it was a military coup against the PLA. It would be like Texas GOP winning in the whole state, and then taking over border controls, the Federal buildings, and all Federal courts in Texas. It was for this reason that Egypt refused to recognize the coup and closed their borders to Gaza until control was returned to the national government.

    Of course, once Hamas stole power, they used it to kill off their opponents. There were a number of former POWs who lived in Gaza who were Fatah supporters, and Hamas simply SHOT THEM when they returned home. There were hundreds of Fatah supporters who were begging the IDF to let them get out to the West Bank because Hamas was gunning for them. I think the Israelis should show Hamas and their people the same amount of mercy Hamas showed their opponents in Gaza, Which is NONE.As far as I am concerned, the more Hamas supporters Israel kills the better.

  29. Nick, how many links are you attaching? Two is the limit on WordPress. Also, if you have one of the forbidden words possibly embedded in another word, it will block. For example, “b@st@rdization.”

    I tried a couple of times to link to a book on Amazon and a couple of other online booksellers. Those will not go through, apparently because a lot of links are embedded in the main link. WordPress doesn’t like that.

  30. Also, I can’t say I’m a fan of organ meat. I’ll eat chicken liver and beef heart although I’m not a fan of beef liver based on taste. Brains, stomach and tripe are off my list for microbiologcal reasons. Most others I’d be willing to try with the exception of lung. Something about that sounds like it would have a nasty texture.


    That’s in part is what so strange about the spam filter as of late. It’s bagging a lot of comments like nick’s with not links at all. In fact, it bagged this reply and I had to login to approve it. I’m not sure what the exact nature of the WP issue with the filter is but I suspect either they are tuning the filter or having some kind of indexing issue. Whatever the cause, I hope they fix it soon.

  31. It’s got to be the organ meat reference. Let’s give it the ultimate test: HEAD CHEESE..GELATINOUS HEAD CHEESE!

  32. nick,

    That could be the issue, but maybe not. Your comments showed in the spam filter, but it also had the annotation “Cleared by askimet” which is unusual by definition. If the askimet software says it is cleared, it should not be spam. That does, however, make me think they are monkeying with the filter but that does not rule out having indexing problems either.


  33. ARE,

    LOL. You just made my point by stating that Muslims became the dominant religion in the Gaza Strip. However, We can go back and forth saying it is religious intolerance or isn’t. The fact remains that Israel never supported or recognize those Gaza elections (proposed by the UN, and weakly endorsed by the US-Bush & Rice Administration), regardless if Hamas won the elections.

    Everyone is needs to remember that Israel is similar to their muslim, neighboring countries: intolerance for other religions in their respective nation.

    For the sake of your point (i.e. let’s not use religion as the reason for this conflict, even though it is) I will try explaining it better: suppose the people of Texas didn’t want Obama as their President. Instead, they decide to hold elections for their own President, and become an individual nation. Do you actually think the United States is going to recognize or tolerate this election/uprising?

  34. On the issue proper, I think Dr. Hawking is taking a principled stand. And while agree with the general assertion of mespo that Israel is an ally, I stand by the contention that they are not a very good one and have long abused our friendship by being aggressors and then hiding behind our skirts. They are just as bad a neighbor to the surrounding Arab states and the Arab states are to them (in general). Someone has to make the first step to substantive peace and if Israel is simply too mired in neocon jingoism to see that their settlement policy is the exact opposite of helpful and that recognizing the Palestinians have just as much right to exist and statehood as they do then the fallout of the squarely and solely rests upon the shoulders of the Likud and Bibi and their intransigent and warmongering ways.

  35. Stick to the science, let the politicians fight themselves. Dr Hawking does have a right to not attend this conference and to speak out against what he believes are injustices though.

  36. I forgot to add: It was 15-20 years ago, when the UN proposed a separate treaty, allowing Gaza inhabitants to become a separate nation and to hold elections. Israel’s PM response: Heavens No! And the conflict continues…………..

  37. Where’s the problem? Boycotting Israel is no different than boycotting apartheid South Africa or boycotting a company that uses slave labor to make products.

    Read “By Way of Deception”, written by former mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky. It’s an expose by an insider on Israel’s attitudes toward other nations. The torture and murder of Ben Zygier (aka “Prisoner X”) falsely labelled “suicide”, and the kidnapping and silencing of Mordechai Vanunu are but two examples of the lengths the rogue state will go to.

    The only “blood libel” going on these days are the false accusations of anti-semitism hurled at people who make valid criticism of Israel.


  38. mespo, Being mostly retired I have time to indulge my passion for food. In your neck of the woods, only Bibiana in DC has trippa on it’s seasonal menu[Winter] as an appetizer. There are many restaurants in your area that are Hispanic, Asian and Ethiopian that have trippa. There are several places in upstate NY that have trippa, mostly in the Niagra Falls, area. A place in Cranston, RI, Boca Raton, and of all places Houston! The Houston[Quattro] menu looks VERY good. They have trippa ravioli. Probably so the faint of heart don’t need to avert their eyes! I’ll give you the list if you’re travelling to any of the aforementioned venues.

  39. I could care less about any of the middle east. Let israel fight for themselves. We need to stop getting involved

  40. “I’m not sure why the spam filter caught them in the first place unless maybe it doesn’t like tripe any more than it likes spam.” (Gene)


  41. There was a spam fillter on the West Bank put out by WordPress and it worked for a while but then the Hamas and Hezbolah (sp) types slipped past the filter by calling themselves Palestinians and the rest is history. Israel is going to have to agree to a new border with Jordon on the West side of the Jordan River and let Jordan rule that area and be responsible if any more Arabs turn terrorist in the guise of being Palestinian, WordPress and the Gawking guy in the wheelchair notwithstanding.

  42. The nature of the beast has its parallels in America. Like the Arabs, folks who lived in Saint Louis were like the rest of North America. Then they got this Cardinal Nation thing going and it spiraled. Now there are a large number of people who are no longer Americans, or Missourians but style themselves Cardinals and aspire to a Nation State bounded by the outer reaches of Saint Louis County. They are encroaching on the West Bank of the Meramec River and this is where the fighting will break out if they are not granted Nation State status and be allowed to secede. So these Cardinals are like the Arabs who now call themselves Palestinians and want a Nation State that would be about the size of the City of Saint Louis and Saint Louis County with a strip of Saint Charles County (the Gezza Strip). If you makie any blasphemous statement about some red colored bird which is prone to stiing on a bat, then you are condemned to Hell in that town. More later.

  43. I am sorry HumpinDog but the Cubs beat those Cardinals to the punch in forming their own Nation State out of a tribe. Wrigelyville is where its at bro–inside, but not part of, some place pronounced Chi Ca GO.

  44. i thought that was a good one too, Blouise

    i had to look up what tripe really was. that’s just nasty.

  45. pete, There was one rule in the Spinelli household when I grew up. You could not say something was nasty, or that you didn’t like it, until you tried it. Then, you could critique it. You dogs eat your own shit!

  46. nick

    i’ve never understood why they make dog treats look like little steaks and fake bacon. my dog thinks treats come from the cat litter box.

  47. and nick, as far as the butt licking thing goes, be honest. if you could bend like that are you sayin you never would have tried.

  48. Hmmm. If we could just get all those dog critics into one room and then all of us dogs fart at once. They are trying to stir us up. Or perhaps tell us to go away with our tails between our legs so that they can just talk humanoid to each other and not be guided in the least by lowly dogs. Yeah, until they go blind. I am going off- blog for a few weeks, or at least this blog.

  49. Nick,

    To expound on my previous post — I’m amazed you can get from Stephen Hawking to rimming in only four words. Must be a talent only you have. Good luck with that.

  50. I find it interesting that many of you pro or con Israel equate the Palestinian situation with Arabs or Islam in general. There are over 1 million ISRAELI Arabs and they get along fine with their Israeli counterparts. To say that Israel hates Arabs is ridiculous. Now to disagree with their Palestinian policies is something else, though I find that somewhat ridiculous as well. Hamas hates Israel and Abu Mazen, AKA Mahmoud Abbas is viewed by the majority of Palestinians as corrupt, making him a poor choice in any sort of peace process. Also how do you make peace with people who have sworn to kill your citizens and lob missiles in the early morning hours to kill children going to schoool? I am Jewish and support Israel but I do not hate Arabs or Muslims and indeed have friends who are Muslim, Iraninan, Palestinian etc. and they are pretty awesome.

  51. pete, LOL! Great observation for a dog. Of course you know your owner is the one that buys them. Maybe some eat them? I never have.

  52. gbk, It’s been proven those w/ a sense of humor lead a much more happy and longer life. Life is serendipitous, often not serious, and can end in a second. If you can’t laugh, hopefully you @ least sing or dance; they also help prolong life. However, maybe that’s not of interest to you.

  53. Stephen Hawking Joins Academic Boycott Of Israel
    Ironic that the technology that permits Hawking to communicate was developed in Israel.
    Well I guess he already got his punishment.
    Stephen Hawking – Living proof that G-d has an ironic sense of humor.
    Tell hawking to boycott all israeli products then dump him out of his wheelchair and take away his computer then tell him they are all israeli made products.
    Tell Hawking to boycott all Israeli products.
    Israeli medical and Pharmaceuticals discoveries
    Israeli company formulates a drug that ‘trains’ the immune system to seek and destroy malignant cells that have already invaded the body. Cancer cells,headquartered at the Weizmann Science Park, Nes –Ziona, Israel. Vaxil BioTherapeutics Ltd. is a clinical stage company developing a new class of synthetic drugs.
    Israeli Red Hill Biopharma has developed a new drug that will prevent nausea and vomiting in cancer patients.
    ImMucin, a vaccine that targets a molecule present in 90 percent of all cancers was conducted at the Hadassah Medical Centre in Jerusalem and consisted of ten patients with multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer that affects plasma cells in bone marrow, have now received the vaccine.
    Check-Cap – The first non-invasive, prep-free imaging test for colon cancer. The patient simply swallows the Check-Cap capsule and continues his or her daily life low energy X-rays that provide a much different look at the internal anatomy.
    Israeli Parkinson‚s drug approved by FDA
    Israeli Doctor Heads Merck Team That Has Developed Gardasil Vaccine.
    Alzheimer’s drugs discovery at Weizmann Institute of Science not FDA approved yet.
    Israel Teva has novel treatments for MS……
    Israeli Ataxia Telangiectasia is a devastating and rare genetic disease with … Analysis of the DNA from tumor cells and the patient’s blood cells….
    Israeli scientists have identified a substance that can kill cancerous cells ….
    Israel Meitav isurgical device to treat obesity….
    Israeli cancer drug discovery company Optimata Ltd gets $1.5B…
    Israel Protalex autoimmune disorders approved by FDA …
    Foamix Ltd is specializing in dermatologic skin disorders.
    EPIX Initiates Phase II Clinical Trial of EP-2104R For Blood Clot Detection Using MRI……
    Israeli Rosetta test accurately classified non-small cell lung cancer samples into squamous or non-squamous cancers Israeli Rosetta shares up 44% after positive study results……
    Fibrin sealants are tissue adhesives that can be used by surgeons to stop the bleeding from small blood vessels during surgery ….
    Hawking finds advance Lou Gehrig’s Disease research in Israel ……
    Teva this month began recruiting patients with rheumatoid arthritis for a clinical trial comparing its biosimilar …..
    Teva focusing on monoclonal antibodies, and aim to gain regulatory approval for their first product by the end of 2014…..
    Teva Biosimilars began clinical trials on their first product in the first half of this year…..
    Biosimilars will be “an important future growth engine used to boost infection-fighting white blood cells in chemotherapy patients, in Europe and sought U.S. approval in December…..
    Approved to treat non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and leukemia as well as rheumatoid arthritis, Rituxan generated ($5.24 billion) in sales last year,Rheumatoid arthritis occurs when the immune system attacks the joints, causing swelling, pain and damage that can lead to deformity and disability.

  54. henri, Brainstorm, an Israeli company, is in stage 2 trials for their Al’s treatment. It seems to be very successful, so far.

    Boycott Israel anyway!

  55. I am proud to say that I was not surprised at all to find that Hawking would end up joining the anti-Israel boycott crowd. I’ve never considered Hawking to be brilliant at anything. He’s a competent physicist. That’s it. Is he an innovator? No. Has he won a Nobel prize in science (the real prizes, not the bullsheis prizes)? No.

    Bottom line: Hawking knows that he has accomplished little of importance compared to the great Jewish/Israeli scientists, and Italian scientists for that matter.

    As cutting edge science writer George Gilder would put it, referring to his esteemed book, “The Israel Test,” Hawking has flunked it. And he flunked it because of his sense of inferiority compared to the Israeli scientists.

    However, this is one way to call attention to himself and to become a “winner” with the Leftist media. But even he knows the real score. He’s a just a B+ physicist and always will be for as long as he lives.

    Those who call Hawking a “genius” or “brilliant” know next to nothing about him. Hawking is far from a genius. And, more important to the boycott news, Hawking himself KNOWS that he’s no genius.

    The underlying reason he’s boycotting Israel is because it gives him a boost in the Leftist media and it gives him a way to attempt to be “superior,” when, in fact, he knows that he is inferior in every way to the Israeli and other Jewish scientists. For example, Jacob Bekenstein, an Israeli scientist, was the first to suggest that black holes should have a well-defined entropy. Bekenstein also formulated the generalized second law of thermodynamics, black hole thermodynamics, for systems including black holes. Hawking originally took the position that Bekenstein’s groundbreaking research was wrong, even though Hawking did no work or research of his own. Eventually, though, Hawking begrudgingly acknowledged that Bekenstein’s conclusions were correct, though Hawking made no public apologies for his complete lack of integrity and his total failure as a scientist.

    In a way, though, I’m glad he did join the anti-civilization–anti-Israel crowd. When he dies in the not too distant future, he will forever be known as that would-be scientist who hypocritically and with cowardice joined the Leftist anti-Israel crowd because he felt so inferior to Israeli and other Jewish scientists, and had to use equipment made by Israeli scientists in order to live each day of his wretched, pointless, and unprincipled life.

  56. “For example, Jacob Bekenstein, an Israeli scientist, was the first to suggest that black holes should have a well-defined entropy.”

    That’s false and the rest of your rant is a mischaracterization of what happened. In the early 70’s, Hawking along with James M. Bardeen and Brandon Carter, proposed four laws of black hole mechanics by drawing an analogy with thermodynamics. Jacob Bekenstein, a graduate student of John Wheeler, eventually went further—and ultimately correctly—applying thermodynamic concepts literally. While this did irritate Hawking, he was along with Bardeen and Carter the first to apply thermodynamics to black holes. But this is the nature of science. Just as Einstein improved upon Newton’s explanations of what gravity did by explaining what gravity was, new discoveries are often based upon a nearly complete or correct notion presented in earlier work. None of this seemed to bother either Hawking or Bekenstein as in 1975 they both worked on a project that ultimately ended up identifying what is now called “Hawking radiation” and resulted in the famous “war” between Hawking and Leonard Susskind about the black hole information paradox.

    Your remaining disparagement of Hawking based on his politics is just more of your usual gibberish, Ralph. As a matter of fact, Hawking is a genius – not just a competent physicist – but he is not a revolutionary genius like Einstein. He’s an evolutionary genius. His work builds slowly on and in conjunction with the works of others and not in revolutionary leaps which is the normal way of things in the continuum of knowledge that is science. Evolution happens daily. Revolution? Not so much. There are many other physicists just like him that are his equal are better – such as Kip Thorne, Roger Penrose, Leonard Susskind and Gerard ‘t Hooftand to name a few – but they aren’t as famous as Hawking. Being a bestselling author as its advantages.

    Ralph, the only thing you’ve accomplished as far as anyone here can tell is amass a staggering amount of ignorance that is only surpassed by your seemingly endless hate.

    Get back to me when you’ve solved a major cosmological problem or they offer you the Lucasian Chair in Mathematics at Cambridge.

  57. And finally, I must point out–though it will fall on deaf ears and blank minds on this Leftist site–that Turley is a liar when he says the following:

    “Ironically, MIT linguistics professor and political author Noam Chomsky actually opposed the ban by scholars but was himself banned from Israel simply because of his political views by the Israeli government.”

    The anti-Israel, anti-Jew Chomsky was NEVER banned by the Israeli government, and Chomsky was indeed one of the anti-Israel boycotters urging Hawking to join his team. And please don’t tell me that Chomsky is a Jew. If anything, he is merely a JINO (Jew In Name Only). He has much more in common with David Duke than he has with Jews.

    Personally, I’d like to see Chomsky and Hawking go to Syria for a tour of that country. I have a very good feeling that if they were to do that, they’d end up like Chris Stone or US Ambassador Christopher Stevens–two anti-Israel, Pro-Islam lowlifes, who experienced Islam first-hand for a change, the former getting knifed and the latter murdered. It would be difficult to imagine a more fitting end to Hawking and Chomsky–two vile, hypocritical, cowardly, worthless, inferior, lowlife Leftist scumbags. (Yeah, I know, a lot of redundancy in my adjectives. Too bad.)

  58. Gene, you can promote Hawking all you want and twist the facts to your Leftist heart’s content, but you cannot change the truth. As a Leftist, you are doomed to ignorance and stupidity. For you to project your deficiencies onto me is classic Leftist tripe. You obviously know nothing about Hawking and you can’t come up with a single thing of any merit that he’s accomplished.

    Furthermore, Hawking KNOWS that he’s no genius and he KNOWS that he is far from brilliant. That is the main reason why he joined the anti-Israel boycott to begin with. He is envious of the Israeli and other Jewish scientists. Hawking NEVER received a Nobel prize, though I’m sure the Leftists have tried to convince the Nobel committees to give him one anyway. And he never will win one. Obama will probably give him a Congressional Medal of Honor (for his Leftist achievements). So you can applaud that when Obama does that for him.

  59. Way to go, Rove.

    However, as with most subject, my cats know more than you much less me. Let’s start with what Hawking has accomplished. I’ll keep the list short.

    1) He discovered that black holes leak particles and eventually evaporate in 1974.

    2) As part of that work, he explained the mechanism by which black holes emit radiation via quantum mechanics.

    3) The Hartle–Hawking state is a model in theoretical physics that he developed with James Hartle which is a proposal about the universe during the Planck epoch which postulates that the the universe is infinitely finite. In other words, that there was no time before the Big Bang because time did not exist before the formation of spacetime associated with the Big Bang and subsequent expansion of the universe in space and time.

    Bonus: He popularized the rather esoteric fields of theoretical physics and cosmology via his bestselling books, many of which are geared toward the layman.

    As I said, there are other physicists his equal or better, but to say he’s accomplished nothing is simply a lie no matter how many times you repeat it. Personally, I prefer Penrose and Susskind and I don’t think Hawking is in any danger of winning a Nobel. As for the CMH? That’s a military honor, dingus. I know for a fact he’ll never get one of those.

    And I know one thing for certain.

    He’s smarter than you.

  60. Gino, that was a great cut-and-paste, but you’ve established nothing, as usual. And the only thing that Hawking would be smarter than I am is in physics, because that is not my field of expertise. However, unlike Hawking, I have an incredible depth of knowledge, training, and experience in many areas other than my core area of expertise. In my core area of expertise, I must pit my wits in each case against some of the best minds in my field, and I rarely loss, making for a very happy client base. And in those rare cases of a loss, they’ve always involved factors beyond my control.

    Certainly Hawking’s Leftist politics exposes him as a total moron in practical areas of life. So I suppose that makes Hawking a form of an idiot savant in physics, but lacking in genuine depth, which is why his contributions to science are virtually nil. And from a practical standpoint of developing ideas or applications in physics that could possibly help humanity, he is a null set.

  61. I meant the National Media of Technology and Innovation, not the CMH. (Even though Hawking has innovated nothing.) Happy now, morons? Now go slink back into your respective Leftist black holes.

  62. Ralph:

    Your assertions about Stephen Hawking are so far beyond just being preposterous, it is a shame that Max Planck isn’t alive today; for he would have coined a new Planck Derived Unit to describe it. It would probably be Your hatred (as measured in Planck Temperature) plus your brain (as measured in Planck Density) multilied by your hubris (as measured in Planck Power)

    Gene destroyed your arguments as effectively so there is no reason to repeat it, but I will add that your attempt at chastising a scientist at the caliber of Stephen Hawking is hugely insulting to a man of his brilliance who can arrive at such historic scientific accomplishment despite total physical disability.

    How about doing something worthwile for a change, something that actually benefits humanity instead of attempting to feign wit through the criticism of others greater than you. In an analogy, your approach is akin to going to a fine art gallery and with a can of spray paint destroying a Rembrandt painting, claiming he knew nothing of art because your graffiti is the only true artistry. Any common thug can destroy, but it takes genius to create something excellent. Destroying excellence is not of equal genius to creating it.

    It is really getting old having to read your jabberwocky.

  63. “I meant the National Media of Technology and Innovation, not the CMH. “
    An easy mistake to make, they are so closely related.

    Oh, and last I heard that is the National Medal of Technology and Innovation not Media.

  64. “didn’t you hear that Stephen Hawking enlisted in the Marines so that CMH is possible” -Larry

    Leftist Marines that is.

  65. I’m waiting for the news footage of him wheeling over to a hardened enemy gun turret and saving his whole platoon by lecturing the gunners inside on tensor field dynamics.:mrgreen:

  66. ralph sez

    ” However, unlike Hawking, I have an incredible depth of knowledge, training, and experience in many areas other than my core area of expertise”

    do ya know how bad it hurts when lemonade shoots out of your nose. i’ve seen you write some dumb fu#kin things here ralph but that officially takes the cake.

  67. As usual, you Leftist morons pick up on trivial details like spelling when I type at high speed, but you can’t discuss any of the conceptual issues I’ve raised. But I fully understand that. You’re simply too stupid to discuss anything unless it’s boilerplate spoonfed Leftist ideology.

  68. Ralph:

    So what is it that you are such an expert in anyway? You mentioned “ In my core area of expertise, I must pit my wits in each case against some of the best minds in my field, and I rarely lose”

    What is this core area of expertise you partake in?

  69. Yeah, Ralph. Inquiring minds want to know exactly what you claim as your expertise. Because whatever it is, it isn’t anything related to law, political science, history or science and any of its related sub-disciplines. We’ve got people around here who are actual experts in those fields and they make you look like a dancing monkey on a regular basis.

  70. What Darren and Gene said. What exactly is your “core area of expertise,” Ralphie (not from New Orleans)?

  71. It is a sad commentary on anyone, when an academic from New Orleans feels compelled to come on this blog and several others to emphasize the Ralph Adamo who has been posting is not him. The Ralph Adamo from New Orleans is so embarrassed at the verbal diarrhea dribbling from this guy he searches out the name, and registers on sites such as Loonwatch so he can distance himself.

  72. I choose not to reveal my core area of expertise for political reasons. But I can assure you that nobody here can hold a candle to me in it or in any of the many areas related to it. And in my avocations, I also excel.

    But the fact remains–and is the one you are most avoiding (and for obvious reasons)–that none of you can even converse intelligently on any topic, and certainly fail whenever it involves actual knowledge of anything. You are just droning, mindless regurgitators of leftist tripe. Needless to say, you are dreadfully boring as well.

  73. OS,



    “I choose not to reveal my core area of expertise for political reasons.”

    Really. You a double naught secret agent like your mentor Jethro Bodine? A DHS Director? Or is the truth that you don’t have an area of expertise?

    Maybe all of the above.

  74. Ralph wrote:
    “I choose not to reveal my core area of expertise for political reasons”

    Just as predictable as the morning sun and stupidity in congress.

    But, I have to admit, it was greatly funny Ralphie Boy. Can’t reveal it you say? Can’t reveal it because it doesn’t exist is more likely.

    The only thing you are an expert in Ralph is your ability to make people laugh at you with contempt.

    You proclaim to possess an intelligence greater than that of Steven Hawking, but cannot even conjure up the fortitude to reveal what it actually is because of some “political reasons” being the excuse. Well, put on your tin foil hat, wrap your DSL modem in a faraday cage and tell us what it is you are an expert in; the black helicopters are not going to hear you.

  75. As I indicated, none of you mentals have addressed the substantive points I raised below, nor, of course, could you, given your inherent severe deficiencies:

    “But the fact remains–and is the one you are most avoiding (and for obvious reasons)–that none of you can even converse intelligently on any topic, and certainly fail whenever it involves actual knowledge of anything. You are just droning, mindless regurgitators of leftist tripe. Needless to say, you are dreadfully boring as well.”

    The words of the character Professor William Hundert (played wonderfully by Kevin Kline) in the movie, “The Emperor’s Club,” clearly apply to you:

    “Aristophanes once wrote, roughly translated; “Youth ages, immaturity is outgrown, ignorance can be educated, and drunkenness sobered, but STUPID lasts forever.” ”

    Class is dismissed, stunods.

  76. Your claims about Hawking have indeed been substantively addressed, Ralph.

    And “uh-uh and on top of that you’re a dooty head” is not a cogent counter-argument.

  77. Gene,

    Probably time for us to just leave the room and let him sit there alone, with his propeller beanie cap, twiddling his lips and making airplane noises.

  78. Ralph wrote:
    “I choose not to reveal my core area of expertise for political reasons”


    What core area of expertise? So far you have shown no expertise in anything. Well, I might take that back. You have shown remarkable agility at begging questions, avoiding the point, self-aggrandizement, hyperbolic hatefulness and the gratuitous insult.

  79. I will discuss the issues, regardless of what you mentals say, so STFU stunods. I am going to discuss the facts whether you like them or not. And if you don’t like it, go express your angst at some other Leftist websites, like Loonwatch or Stormfront. They will empathize with you.

    The fact is, as I’ve pointed out, that Turley LIED when he said that Leftist Noam Chomsky did not try to get Leftist Hawking to join the Leftist anti-Israel boycott. The facts cannot be disputed: Chomsky directly urged Hawking to join the boycott. So Leftist Turley is LYING to cover-up for his scumbag comrad Chomsky.

    The reality is that Chomsky is a LEADER of the BDS (anti-Israel Boycott Diversment and Sanctions) movement. Interestingly, another Leftist anti-Israel Jew, Professor Norman Finkelstein has ATTACKED the BDS movement as a “cult” and accused its followers of lying about their goals–which Finkelstein characterized as the destruction of Israel.

    As I’ve pointed out, there are degrees of Leftism, and Finkelstein is just a little less extreme than Chomsky. Finkelstein wants Israel to give up a large portion of Israel’s land to the Muslims so that they can form their own “Palestinian State.” Chomsky, on the other hand, wants to see Israel destroyed by the Muslims and fully supports terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah who share the same goal. But both share a common bond–much as Turley and the other Leftists on this message board do to varying degrees–of hatred and envy of Israel and a great love for the enemies of Civilization.

    “For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem’s sake I will not remain quiet, till her vindication shines out like the dawn, her salvation like a blazing torch.”–Isaiah 62:1

  80. Ralph Adamo:

    The fact is, as I’ve pointed out, that Turley LIED when he said that Leftist Noam Chomsky did not try to get Leftist Hawking to join the Leftist anti-Israel boycott.

    I just don’t see it. The only thing JT said about Chomsky was:

    Ironically, MIT linguistics professor and political author Noam Chomsky actually opposed the ban by scholars …

    Which is true – Chomsky attacks boycott of Israel.

    Whether Chomsky still opposes the academic boycott is not germane since JT used the past tense.

  81. What Chomsky said or claimed to believe in 2003 is IRRELEVANT to what he’s doing and saying today, and specifically what he did to “persuade” Hawking to do regarding THIS specific boycott. Omissions and misleading statements are still false statements, and when done knowingly, as they were here, are still lies–as Turley well knows or should know.

  82. Re: Tripe.
    I went to a Chinese buffet.
    On the little sign above one of the buffet dishes it said: BEEF STRIPE.
    It was delicious!

  83. Furthermore, the Leftists are lying that Chomsky was banned by the Israeli Government. Although Turley’s link is a dead one, I’m sure that it was a link to some other Leftist site, like al-Jazeera or Haaretz.

    But the following is the reality, as reported in the New York Times, another Leftist rag, but not as extreme as the former two I’ve mentioned.

    “There is no change in our policy,” said Mark Regev, a spokesman for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “The idea that Israel is preventing people from entering whose opinions are critical of the state is ludicrous; it is not happening. This was a mishap. A guy at the border overstepped his authority.”

    And note that the anti-Israel publication Haaretz is BASED in Israel. Of course the Leftists ignore that Israel is a beacon of democracy but ignore the relentless attacks on free speech and liberty throughout all of the Muslim nations or elsewhere, but that kind of hypocrisy is standard operating procedure for the vile Leftists.

  84. Be careful what you eat Malisha. Perhaps you missed that other article posted on this website about rat meat or byproducts being served in China.

  85. So, you applaud Hawking’s hypocritcal boycott of Israel, which makes you a Leftist? That isn’t news. You’re in plentiful company. Most posters here, on al-Jazeera, on Loonwatch, and on Stormfront agree 100% with you. David Duke would be proud of you. If they could, Arafat and Hitler would be giving you a fiery thumbs-up from their roasted remains.

  86. Ralph Adamo:

    I only intend to say this once. If you wish to engage me in a discussion on an issue of importance, I am both amenable and educable. If you instead simply prefer to toss out epithets, you’ll need to play with someone else. When I express an opinion, it does not “make me” anything other than a human being with an opinion. I think about matters before I express myself, and I have reasons behind my views. And it matters not a whit to me whether you, or David Duke, or Arafat, or HItler or anyone else gives me a fiery thumbs-up or thumbs-down. Those are my ground rules.

  87. Ralph Adamo:

    Omissions and misleading statements are still false statements, and when done knowingly, as they were here, are still lies–as Turley well knows or should know.

    I still don’t see it. An omission is not a statement at all and therefore, cannot be either true or false.

    Furthermore, the Leftists are lying that Chomsky was banned by the Israeli Government. Although Turley’s link is a dead one, I’m sure that it was a link to some other Leftist site, like al-Jazeera or Haaretz.

    Noam Chomsky Denied Entry By Israel may be the link JT was referring to:

    Israeli authorities barred leading American intellectual Noam Chomsky entry into Israeli-controlled territory.

    Chomsky was denied entry by Israeli authorities. Whether these authorities of the Israeli government “overstepped” or not, is IRRELEVANT. Those authorities represent the Israeli government.

  88. An omission is tantamount to a false statement if the person making the omission has a duty not to omit material facts. Misrepresentations, half-truths, omission, and concealments are just different forms of deception.

    Thus to quote one particular law:

    “To make any untrue statement of a material fact or to omit to state a material fact necessary in order to make the statements made, in the light of the circumstances under which they were made, not misleading. . .”

    With regard to the second point, Chomsky was initially denied entry by ONE person who had authority. However, that person acted on his own, and not in accordance with an Israeli policy. That is why the Israeli Government made a public statement that corrected that mistake. Such acts by individuals happen all of the time in the US and in many other free nations. But when an employee of Israel makes such a mistake, a mountain is made out of a molehill. Meanwhile, the Muslim nations and many other Leftist nations throughout the world are always denying individuals rights and far worse, but the Leftists are just fine with that. They are happy to protect their own, no matter how hypocritcal and heinous their support for oppression is.

  89. Ralph A et All

    Please read the link:

    As I said before (and as OS so eloquently stated), the problems in the middle east has been transpiring for centuries, if not millenniums. Also, as I mention earlier, the UN is the one that decided to allow the Gaza Strip to become ‘an unofficial/probationary member state & to hold elections in by a unanimous UN vote’. However, Israel and the US were one of the few nations (138-9) to vote against it.

    Please read the entire wikipedia link.

    Then, months before the ‘election’, Israel started a blockade, preventing Gaza voters from voting? See:

    Israel is had agreed (but they were not happy with the decision) to leave the West Bank, according to the wiki link. However, they came back to occupy it? Why can’t they just leave the Gaza Strip/land for good? Read the Yahoo! article. Moreover, if you read the Bible, (which Israel utilizes as the reason for tryng to keep hold of the Gaza Strip), Israel believes that this land has been given to them.

    I am not against Israel or for the Palestinians; I just want an end to the war/conflict which probably won’t happen in our lifetime.

  90. I forgot to add: I am not about to give anyone Bible lessons, but if you read the Old Testament, it will explain why Israel is refusing to totally (and not half-hearted) relinquish the Gaza Strip?

    For those Bible Scholars, ‘God’ changed Jacob’s name to Israel, and promised that his descendants will be as numerous as the sand on the seashore? Or was it as the stars in the sky? Anyway, there’s the religious connection to the ‘promised land’.

  91. Banned by Israel, Chomsky gives W.Bank lecture by video

    Although Israeli officials insisted he would be permitted to cross the border, Chomsky discovered on Monday there was no “official” guarantee he would be allowed in, so he decided to give the lecture by video link, the Haaretz daily reported.

    Doesn’t sound like he was denied entry by ONE person. Especially since that ONE person was on the phone to his superiors.

    Chomsky himself pointed out that Israel was in essence boycotting Bir Zeit University in preventing his appearance there.

  92. Ralph wrote:
    “I choose not to reveal my core area of expertise for political reasons”

    they almost fired him when he kept asking customers “do you want freedom fries with that”

  93. Gene, Pete, Darren, and Otteray, I realize that you’re in the “special ed” section of the Ultrasubcretin Subquintile and are a bit slow to grasp basic instructions; and I don’t mean to be rude, but I did say that “Class is dismissed, stunods.” Please turn off the lights when you leave.

  94. “Ultrasubcretin Subquintile”
    Wow, eight syllables within two words, we have a true theoretical lexicographer here folks.

    Yes, ralph, I’ll turn out the lights for you. We know you prefer it dim.

  95. Ralph, do you have a point, or are you just trying to show off your neologisms? How about sharing exactly where you got your vast knowledge of…..something. You make these grandiose claims of having more knowledge than some Nobel Prize nominees in physics and goodness knows what else. So what are your credentials?. You remind me of a previous troll in many ways. Brent Waller didn’t understand the internet either.

  96. In the end, it does not matter what any foreign academic, intellectual, scientist or businessman thinks of the I/P situation. As I said before, the middle east conflict has gone on centuries. All western nations have done is made it worse. The West started meddling in their affairs with the Crusades. It has only gotten worse since then. They are going to have to solve their own problems. We cannot keep pumping treasure and American lives into an endless war that started two or three thousand years ago. If they cannot solve their own problems, we cannot solve them either.

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