Ice Tsunami

This is a fascinating video from Minnesota of what the family is calling an “ice Tsunami.”  It is remarkably slow moving but does cause damage to the house.

In other Ice Age news, check out the Sibearian Mammoth that scientists found perfectly preserved, including the vivid coat of the animal. Of course, this is all a terrible mistake since the animal is dated as over 10,000 years old — long before what creationist intellectuals like Sarah Palin say is the real age of the Earth.

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  1. AP, sorry, sorry, sorry. I’ll do better in the future. Marge was like her environment, the winter or the ice in the vid. above- a force of nature. She would not be deterred. It was interesting that she appeared to give everything the same weight and to approach everything with the same level of seriousness, even the “little stamps”. Marge was a truly strange and interesting character.


    Nick: best gopher/driveway guy- That was perfect, and if the ‘funny lookn’ line wasn’t written specifically as an inside joke (after the casting was done) since the referenced character was the Steve Buscemi character, then it should have been. There was an embarrassment of talent in that movie.

    I visited the Twin Cities once years ago in the early spring as a blizzard descended and was raging outside, which my party was told was pretty normal for early spring. All I can say is that your daughter is cut from way more hearty stock than I am. πŸ™‚

  2. My daughter married a gopher and lives in the Twin Cities. All her friends and his family sound like Fargo characters. You know who was the BEST gopher in Fargo. That guy who is shoveling his driveway and gives the tip to the deputy…”Oh..he was a funny lookn’ guy.”PERFECT accent, cadence, body language, etc. PERFECT!

  3. lotta, Francis McDormand is my favorite actress. And in my lifetime, Marge Gunderson was the best female character, IMHO.

  4. ap, lotta. ap. πŸ˜‰

    I agree. I could use another “Marge” movie. Not that Fargo could be surpassed…

  5. AY, LOL, Is Marge Gunderson one of the best characters ever on-screen or one of the best characters ever on-screen? That movie is a masterpiece, thanks for the reminder.

  6. lottakatz,

    Right on the mark. I laughed a couple of times when I thought that I was hearing Marge Gunderson…

  7. One of the voices on the tape: “I wonder how they’re going to stop it?”


    I just had to laugh at that. Did that strike anyone else as the perfect, generalized expression of America’s total cluelessness about nature, our place in it (as part of it) and our ultimate inability to control it? Nature always wins.

    Has Pat Robertson seen this vid? Did abortion or ‘teh gay’ cause this? We need guidance. Perhaps we should try expiation by blood? Oh, how will they stop it, LOL.

    Raf, yes that was a spooky (but excellent) sound, Armageddon crackles and grates instead of thunders, whoda’ thunk it.

  8. Just one, shrinking w/ age. Luckily I started w/ a foot..err, 12 inches.

  9. Well nick…. It’s gender neutral…. Sometimes you have all three…. But I assure you…. There remains many dicks ….. Wherever you may be….

  10. AY, You just described diarrhea, drooping boobs, and shrinking dicks.

  11. Saw that yesterday….. It’s a creepy feeling that you have no control over…..

  12. Those Gophers know how to deal w/ ice. They just don’t know shit about football.

  13. And when the Gulf stream conveyor stops, we’ll have a new ice age.

  14. Gene H. 1, May 14, 2013 at 8:01 am

    β€œBut it’s ice! What global warming? How can it be cold and caused by warming?” – Any Number of Scientifically Ignorant Pols in the Pocket of the Fossil Fuel Industry
    I saw a piece on one of the weather channels concerning this issue.

    They reported that the pole, the Arctic, was warmer this winter than usual, while northern Canada south of the polar region was colder than usual.

    They said this was causing the push of colder weather south into the states by disrupting normal jet stream location, mobility, and strength.

    As the ice caps over the ocean melt do to global warming, it will cause hot / cold flashes like when we get the flu.

  15. This reminds me of the old Ralph Bakshi Animated film, ”Fire & Ice”……..

  16. “But it’s ice! What global warming? How can it be cold and caused by warming?” – Any Number of Scientifically Ignorant Pols in the Pocket of the Fossil Fuel Industry

  17. It is an amazing video. I saw it on the news last night. It had a spooky sound as the ice crept closer.

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