Saudi Arabia Orders Man To Receive 300 Lashes And Six Years In Jail For Helping Woman Convert To Christianity

300px-Fomfr_whipSaudi Arabia has added yet another infamous case of religious intolerance and hatred after a Lebanese man was given 300 lashes with a whip and sentenced to six years. His crime? Simply helping a Saudi woman who wanted to convert to Christianity. While Saudi Arabia continues to object to any slight of Islam in Western Countries, the Kingdom continues to deny the human right of people to choose their faith — and impose medieval punishments for those who try to exercise their faith under the Sharia system. The woman fled the Kingdom in the hope of being able to worship the God of her choice.

The court in the Eastern Saudi city of Khobar also sentenced a Saudi man to two years in prison and 200 lashes for helping the young woman named Maryam to escape to Sweden to secure asylum.

Maryam has stated that Saudi Arabia worked to instill her and other children with an intense hatred for Judaism and Christianity. The men worked with Maryam in an insurance company. Notably, they were arrested after Maryam’s family went to police to demand punishment of her friends. The lawyer for Maryam’s family, Hmood al-Khalidi, “expressed satisfaction with the severe punishments.” It is hard to call such a person a “lawyer” when he demands Sharia punishment for people who merely help an individual seek freedom.

Of course this record of repression of religious faith did not stop the Obama Administration in working with Saudi Arabia to create an international blasphemy standard to allow for the punishment of those who insult Islam.

Source: Yahoo

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  1. I can stand behind the truth of what the Qu’ran teaches as being “Islamic”. What many Muslims do and Muslim nations do-not so much! Just as in America we have our constitutional rights and protections from govt. intrusion and the checks and balances that keep us safe from govt oppression-and yet,the reality-NOT SO MUCH. Read the newspaper. Ideals and reality butt heads a lot in our own nation. Yet, we stand up for the ideals of our constitution and the founding fathers as being noble. Not all Americans are so noble. Muslims, either.

  2. Michael Powell,
    You have posted this question many times, but have not provided any links or context. I even tried Google to see if there was some case to which you might be referring, but there is nothing that seemed on point. Do you have a link, and could you describe your concern more specifically? If you have a story suggestion, more information is needed than you have provided so far.

    Also, if you have a topic suggestion, the proper place to make the suggestion is on the “Corrections” page–we are using that as the suggestion box.

  3. Might as well say the State of Connecticut practices this very same thing in the way they are enslaving black men in this crooked “Justice” system…


  4. Once that brainwashing known as religion is banned from the earth (I know, not likely), we might have peace, tolerance and all the rights we have only dreamed of up to that time. With that thought in mind, I wonder why Israel hasn’t thought about nuking Saudi Arabia instead of Iran?

  5. I wonder if the actual charge was related to Christianity or if they were prosecuted for interfering with her parental custody of her as a woman. Much of what KSA does has nothing to do with Sharia and this is one of the things-Islam does not advocate interfering with religious choice and that some Muslims DO, doesn’t make it right when they do. The womens rights issues are based very vaguely in sharia, but they are totally distorted. Most of sharia is about ones personal relation to God. Generally, unless it is glorifying sinful practice, interferes with the rights of Muslims to practice their religion or live in peace, wrongdoing is between oneself and Allah. It still won’t be something the west will embrace,but it’s better than the nonsense we see happening in KSA now.

  6. Ralph, We share a love of the movie, and the versatility of that great line. I use it all the time and have used it here @ least 2-3 times previously.

  7. The gov’t / nobility of saudi arabia has no redeeming qualities. They should not be considered an ally of the United States. (stating the obvious)

    If the president would have went to congress upon establishing after 9/11 the saudi gov’ts complicity in the terrorist attacks and asked for a declaration of war he would have gotten it. And certainly along with the backing of the great majority of the American public. Just making an observation.

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