Soccer Player Grabs Dog By Throat and Throws It Into A Fence

 As a dog lover and human being, this video fills me with rage. What makes this vicious attack all the more incomprehensible is that the dog had yielded and laid down in front of the player.

The abuse clearly reflects someone who was raised without any sense of kindness toward animals. The self-obsession among some soccer players can also play a role. We have seen this type of cruelty on the soccer field before.

I honestly do not see why a player should not be banned over such cruelty or at least sanctioned with a loss of play and fine.

What do you think should be his punishment?

28 thoughts on “Soccer Player Grabs Dog By Throat and Throws It Into A Fence”

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  3. From what I can tell from a badly translated page is that the crowd started throwing things at the player, other players started in on him verbally and the referee tossed him out of the game. Apparently the dog was ok and ran off frightened. Personally, this is when I believe in the old ‘eye for an eye’ type of law.

  4. Sarah, you get a better angle with this one because the station crawl and logo is smaller, it’s a different station. the dog ran into the field which the author of the video explanation says is common, some other soccer players had grabbed it but it trotted off. As you can see when the slo-mo starts, the dog is laying down. It doesn’t have to be chased, just picked up. I’m not trying to pick a fight but the tape shows what it shows. People can and do make unprovoked attacks on dogs as well as dogs making unprovoked attacks on people. One doesn’t exclude the other.

  5. “Sarah, you’re projecting. The dog was non-threatening. ”

    I wonder who is really projecting here. And how do you know the dog was non-threatening from the convenience behind your computer?! The dog bite statistics are out there. Google it. Most of the victims thought the dog was non-threatening also. Just last week, a 5 year old boy from Oklahoma who had survived the tornado, was mulled to death by a dog. I am sure everyone thought the dog was non-threatenng also. And this is just one example that made the news.

  6. “…but the dog laid down in submission, nothing further needed to do but lead it off the field.”

    Are we seeing the same clip?! The clip gets cut, and you are drawing conclusions based on your assumptions. At 8 seconds the canine is submitting, but the clip is cut, and it only shows the player picking it up at 10 seconds. How much was it cut from the clip? Was it put through the correct sequence? And how much damage/threat did the dog do prior to that? None of this is answered by the clip.

  7. Maxcat06, I just thought your kitty was helping you type your response, as mine does on occasion. 🙂

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