The Incredible Inedible Egg: Chinese Face New Food Threat of Fake Eggs

eggED6AC_Incredible_Edible_EggChina is facing a new food scandal over fake eggs. Sellers are offering eggs on the street for about 6 cents cheaper than stores. When Chinese buyers take them home they find that they taste funny and the yolk quickly mixes into the rest of the egg. The reason is that they are not eggs but a concoction of resin, algae, wax, and other ingredients.

Here is how to make a fake egg. Take a mold and mix in resin, starch, coagulant and pigments to make egg white. Then add sodium alginate from brown algae for viscosity and add a fake yolk from resin and pigments. Once the egg is solidified, use an amalgamate of paraffin wax, gypsum powder and calcium carbonate to make the shell.

Fake eggs have been appearing since the 90s but appear to have increased recently with people producing 1,500 fake eggs per day.

Source: News Feed

24 thoughts on “The Incredible Inedible Egg: Chinese Face New Food Threat of Fake Eggs”

  1. pete,

    Given what they are made of, I’m kinda curious what happens if you boil them.

  2. This blows my pea-brain! Adulterated baby-formula. Thousands of dead pigs. Poison animal food. Then there is America: Pink slime, meat that is not meat, bacon that is not bacon. Cheese-product. I do not trust fast food eggs either. Just moisten saw-dust, add flavoring, heat, and serve.

    I am saddened.

  3. Sadly, I have to agree it will be only a matter of time before these show up in some form in the US.

    Rember the time when you could actually have bacon on a cheeseburger? The stuff put in by most restaurants cannot be bacon, it doesn’t seem real. If you want a bacon cheeseburger, you have to go to a mom-and-pop place.

  4. These eggs will be banned in China. As a result our big “food” corporations will import them into the USA to be more competitive!

  5. It ruins the, “What came first, the chicken or egg,” question.

  6. I read about this about 5 years ago, and thought it so weird that it was a bad dream.
    I couldn’t imagine making anything that looks like an egg inside and out, and yet I have seen videos on youtube showing just that.
    Seems like a lot of effort to make 6 extra cents.

  7. I read a thing about frauds the other day and learned that peddlers in New England in the 1800s would turn bits of walnut wood into replicas of nutmeg pods and sell them door to door. They would get out of town before people discovered the truth. It seems the human animal has a very great potential for theft and has been practicing for years

  8. Three Steps To The Outhouse by Who Flung Foo. Copyright 1974. The book explains the “convergence” of capitalism and communism and has a chapter on fake eggs.

  9. the Chinese now have egg on their face….

    Did anyone check Monsanto’s interest in all this?

  10. Obviously a recipe for “Egg Fool Young”

    ….Looks like there will not be a “crack” to case anytime soon!

    Chinese: Egg-Nostic capitalism…?

  11. And that’s cheaper and easier than waiting for one to just drop out of a chicken?

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