Catholic Priest Told Boy That He Could Guarantee This Grandfather Would Go To Heaven In Exchange For Sex

imagesJust when you thought priest abuse stories could not get more horrific, this case pops up. Catholic priest James Martin Donaghy – currently serving a ten-year jail sentence for 17 sex offences in Northern Ireland — was sentenced last week for coercing a seven-year-old boy to have sex with him in return for Donaghy guaranteeing that his grandfather would get to heaven. However, he told the boy that if he told anyone, his grandfather would stay in purgatory.

Donaghy pleaded guilty to four counts of indecently assaulting the boy and one of common assault between January and May 1989.

Here is what shocked me almost as much as the crime. He was sentenced to only two additional years to his prior ten-year sentence. That is it. Ten years as a serial child rapist who used his religious office to coerce children. The court said it found evidence of “remorse.”

He preyed on this little boy who came to him to be trained for his upcoming first confession and communion when the abuse began.

The boy was worried about his grandfather and Donaghy told him that this was the way to get his grandfather to heaven. When the boy went to confessional to discuss the incident, he found Donaghy as his confessor.

The victim, now 31, never told anyone until many years later when he confided in his wife. Donaghy at first insisted that he did not remember the boy.

JohnwaynegacypogoArrested and interviewed Donaghy denied the allegations, claiming he did not even remember the boy. He later pleaded guilty. His defense counsel later asked for leniency because, despite repeated rapes of children, many people came forward to say how Donaghy had given much pastoral care to many parishioners and families. That is like saying that John Wayne Gacy may have been a murdered but he was actually a great clown at parties.

By the way, remember that ridiculously low sentence. It will run concurrently so he will not have to do any extra time for raping a boy by threatening his grandfather’s eternal soul.

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  1. When this schmuck’s time comes and he has his interview at the Pearly Gates we hope that it falls on Wednesday when Saint Peter plays golf and anoints a “stand in”. Schmuck will waddle in with hat in hand and a kid will be up on the bench. Hell hath no castration like a defrocked Priest.

  2. pete9999… to get out of purgatory, you have to castrate the priest who molested you! With no fear of punishment…. like the church has………..

  3. of course the kids grandfather is sitting in purgatory saying “why didn’t you just not tell, i didn’t”.

  4. AY,
    I don’t think the priests will stand in the way of this priest being put away for a long time. At least the priests that are not pedophiles themselves.

  5. The priesthood is thankfully dying out. What parent would urge their sons to join this den of control freaks in these enlightened times? The seemingly few chaste priests within the fold are equally culpable for the rapes because most had to have known but chose to ignore the criminal nature of their peers. The priesthood particularly, more than other groups, has offered a gilded facade for pedophiles.

  6. I never understand the concept of leaving your kids alone with an adult, like a kid being alone with a priest, or rabbi, in religious settings (or any setting and other individuals). The idea can create an enviroment where an abusive person can easily take advantage of a child. Prison terms are good, but the abuse will unfortunately continue.

  7. itchin, Mel Brooks is a king of anti-pc, as are all comics to varying degrees. Sometimes I think they’re our last line of defense in the pc war to control our speech.

  8. That town in the movie Blazing Saddles screwed up. The big guy was saying yeah, ok, let the black freedmen in to live in the town and be citizens. BUT NOT THE IRISH!. But the townspeople overruled him. I bet that they regret it to this day.

  9. I don’t buy the defense / mitigating factor of “remorse”. Any criminal, no matter how depraved, can feign remorse and most do. Most of it is just lip service in an attempt to con some judge into lowering the penalty. How many boys does this priest have to molest/rape before he has shown his true remorse. And, more telltale, how many more would he have raped during his “remorse” for the victim if the PSNI hadn’t arrested him?

    Like I would say to those crooks I arrested when they told me the “were sorry”, I would ask “Sorry for the victim, or sorry you got caught?” In their mind it was almost always the latter.

  10. It’s not just the Catholic Church, it’s all churches that abuse their power. In fact, I wonder where all the Islam-bashers are on this one. Apparently more than one church is capable of having evil within it.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it’s not any religion per se that’s bad, it’s the way some people abuse religion as an excuse or justification for their behavior.

  11. Raff,

    The Irish and the priests are a powerful union…. But,I agree with you totally….

  12. Talk about someone who should be on the ACELA to hell!
    Lets talk about Dolan, Cardinal Dolan who did a fraudulent transfer of $57 million to put it off limits from sexual abuse victims with the full knowledge and permission of the Vatican. He is still a cardinal and a Bishop and the head of the American Council of Bishops. Everything has gone all quiet on this issue.

    These are the men who want to mold policy for our government. These are the men who claim to represent Christ on earth but support repression and corporate greed.

    No more tax exemptions for churches.

  13. There is nothing lower, than the Catholic Church, and its Priests. It’s not a really a church, it’s a Monarchy. The Pope is the King, the Cardinals Princes… all the way down to lowly priests and nuns….And, all of the followers are the cerfs/sheep. Then the church uses the ‘fear of ghod’ to keep the surfs in line. Granting children ‘miracles’ for sex…well, that’s just a little extra perk……….

  14. Chris, Welcome and you are absolutely correct. I am a PI and worked a civil case involving sexual abuse of an entire family[5 kids], boys and girls. That was almost 20 years ago. But now Chris, the Church has no insurance. The big dollars paid to those 5 defendants came from insurance. Nobody will insure the Church so it comes out of their till. It’s starting to hurt. They may have to start selling all that art @ the Vatican Museum. That would be quite a sale.

  15. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. We are past pretending that the Catholic Church cares about these kinds of acts. At the highest levels such acts are either seen as the cost of doing business or as a perk for priests.

  16. That celibacy thing has historically worked out so well. Stick to your guns, Vatican, and resist those who would corrupt the True Church with the scourge of reality.

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