Russian Gays Forced To Drink Urine And Beaten As Part Of “Cure” By Nationalist Thugs

screenshotvideo1We have been following the threats to arrest gay athletes in Russia under the new anti-homosexual laws of the Putin regime — a threat repeated recently by a minister despite assurances from the International Olympic Committee. One official however suggested it may be suspended for the games. Now there are reports The Putin governments alliance with the Russian Orthodox Church has expressed itself in the abusive prosecution of the band Pussy Riot as well as the crackdown on gays and lesbians. Now these reports detail videotapes of gay men being forced to drink urine and abused as a “cure” of their homosexuality.

The abuse is being organized by a nationalist party headed by a man previously sentenced for hate crimes. The videos discussed in the latest article were shot in the industrial town of Kamensk-Uralsky.

Maksim Martsinkevich, an ultranationalist, has pushed supporters to use this “cure” and told a website associated with Putin’s security services that “I hope that these broken lives – and they really do have broken lives – will be an example to the generation growing up that they shouldn’t behave like that.”

That’s right, having urine poured on your head and being beaten by thugs can cure a sexual orientation.

Martsinkevich is obviously a disturbed and dangerous individual, but not nearly as disturbed and dangerous as the Putin government encouraging such attacks with these laws. The “gay propaganda” law is written in absurdly broad language to allow the government carte blanche in arresting gays and lesbians.

The law passed 436-0 in the Russian Duma. The law prohibits “propaganda of homosexuality to minors” to “protect[] children from information harmful to their health and development.” Even suggesting the equality of gay and traditional relationships can be viewed as violating the ban on promoting “non-traditional sexual relationships.”

Such discriminatory laws obviously emboldened monsters like Martsinkevich and his followers. The result is a major rollback of human rights in Russia — part of an overall attack on civil liberties by Putin.

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  1. Why can’t people just be humane to each other? Everything in life would be better and easier.

  2. I find talk of boycotting the olympics somewhat problematic, for athletes. However spectators should by all means boycott the games. Do not go. They will feel the pain of their actions.

  3. Sorry, meant to add that it is a bit odd that the owner/oporator of Stoli vodka can sell/market/advertise (aka propagandize) his product to the LGBTQ community abroad and yet not face any governmental crackdown for violating the Russian law against homosexual propaganda in Russia. Maybe it is because it’s only marketing for dollars and not human Rights? Suppose they market to Russian gays IN Russia or the Ukraine? Maybe even threaten to move out of the country? No?

  4. Sammy Sosa rubbed urine on his hands to “toughen them.” Certainly more benign than the steroids and HGH he injected into his butt.

  5. not to mention the fact that some did drink urine to whiten their teeth.
    their was a movie called the trap with this fantastic actor in it that i wanted to see. but when he kissed michael caine on the mouth I said your gonna pay for that. not because he kissed michael caine but because he ruined his image as superman that was very well done. like all relgions do they twisted this in their minds to speak against ME. but he is in purgatory now.

    however I am against certain acts in public, there is always a place like a nudist camp, beach, or such.

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  6. Blouise, You were given one strike, on calling them “Russian,” then you were subject to a beat down. However, it went beyond pc. These Ukranian kids I hung w/ were first generation. Their parents and grandparents escaped the Stalinist Soviet Union. Being of the same era, you know back in the 60’s, although it was the USSR, or Soviet Union, most folks still called it “Russia.” But, the Ukranians who escaped that Stalanist regime did not ever want to be confused w/ being Communist, or even the same blood of the Bolsheviks who created the Soviet monolith. They were as adamant anti-Communists as are the Cubans who escaped here.

  7. As usual… The Darwin Award is still up for grabs…. But this is dang close to the winner…

    Can’t wait to see what words of wisdom David shall impart….

  8. Wait, huh? Does this mean If I don’t drink urine I’ll turn into one them gay fellas? Welp, gotta do whadda I gotta do. Don’t wanna be one them queers.

  9. “I learned very early in my life to NEVER call a Ukranian, “Russian.”” (nick)

    It isn’t PC when one is avoiding a beating?

  10. Having grown up w/ many Ukranians I know how deeply religious they are. And, the Russian Orthodox Church is akin to our Southern Baptist Church regarding social issues. I mentioned previously to MikeS there is a lot of anti-Semitism entrenched in the followers. I learned very early in my life to NEVER call a Ukranian, “Russian.” However, for these purposes, vis a’ vis the church, it’s appropriate. Putin and this church is a very unhealthy alliance. Good thing Snowden has a GIRLFRIEND.

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