Graham Calls For Authorization Of War . . . Against Iran

220px-B-2_spirit_bombingGraham-080106-18270- 0035Sen. Lindsey Graham recently objected to President Barack Obama seeking congressional authorization to attack Syria (that’s right, in contradiction to every assumption James Madison may have made about Congress, Graham is one of those who wants to embrace an Imperial Presidency and gut the check on power represented by his own branch).  Graham has been making it clear that he is not happy about the failure to join another war in the Middle East.  So what does a hawk do when a war just doesn’t turn out as hoped?  Graham is seeking authorization for a new war . . . not against Syria but Iran. After all, we have not defunded enough environmental, scientific, educational or welfare programs. Another war against one of the largest military powers in Middle East would guarantee a decade of military appropriations and interventions.

Graham is likely to be supported by an Israeli lobby which wants the United States to neutralize the threat posed by Iran as well as those military contractors who are apoplectic at the thought of peace breaking out. In other words, he might succeed despite polls showing overwhelming opposition to additional wars within the public.

Graham for his part is using the failure to go to war in Syria as something we just need to avoid next time: “Look how we’ve handled the chemical weapons threat in Syria,. If we duplicate that with the Iranians, they’re going to march toward a nuclear weapon and dare Israel to attack them. . . . The mixed message and the debacle called Syria can’t be repeated when it comes to Iran,” Graham continued. “So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to get a bipartisan coalition together.” For his part, Obama went public with a warning to Iran and the willingness to go with a diplomatic solution will not apply to their country.

The resolution is of course a repeat of the blank check given by Democrats and Republicans to Bush to start the Iraq War. That worked out so well for everyone that members like Graham are falling over each other to lay the groundwork for a war that will make Iraq look like a small police action.

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  1. You cannot argue with those who are legends in their own brain. I am sure if he was taking any of Professor Turley’s courses, he’d be failing. I can’t understand why these people want to fight–and this guy supposedly served in Iraq as a JAG. I have news for him: There are reasonable “adults” in the room that will not be a Parrott for whatever the Israeli PM and its’ Amen Crowd in the US continues to push.

  2. I guess we have to really consider the source here. Lindsay Graham is the king of the Chicken Hawks. Gene was right early on . We have an opportunity to talk to the Iranians to attempt a peaceful resolution of the tensions between Iran and the US. Of course, LG will be doing his best to make sure Iran does not seek peace.

  3. Michael Murry’s poetry, as usual, is on the mark. I doubt that Lindsey Graham could fight his way out of John Boehner’s tavern, but he sure loves war.

  4. To loveitorleaveit Bruce: Thats a dumb idea thats been around for a while, but most people with IQs over 80 see the illogic in it. People who care point out faults in their country & try to fix it. The loveitorleaveit mentality allows & even encourages the degeneration of ones own country & is therefor decidedly unpatriotic. Next you’ll be saying 9/11 didn’t have government help.

  5. Three years ago Graham was a panelist at the Halifax International Security Forum in Canada along with Janet Napolitano, Condi Rice; Senators John McCain and Mark Udall ; Stephen Hadley; Ehud Barak, Minister of Defense, Israel; Amos Gilad, Political-Military Affairs, Israeli Ministry of Defense; Norm Ornstein of the American Enterprise Institute, and others.

    I transcribed Graham’s remarks on Iran. Excerpted :

    “So my view of military force would be not to just neutralize their nuclear program, which would probably disperse and harden, but to sink their navy, destroy their air force, and deliver a decisive blow to the Revolutionary Guard.
    In other words, neuter that regime, destroy their ability to fight back, and hope the people within Iran would have the chance to take back their government and be good neighbours to the world in the future. So that’s what I mean by being tough.”

  6. graham can’t help it, it’s his religion. the sooner he can bring armageddon, the sooner he can jump start the race to heaven.

  7. When I served in the U.S. military in Vietnam, we had a word for the I’ll-stay-at-home-you-go-firsters like Senator Lindsey Graham. We called them R.E.M.F.s, which stands for Rear Echelon Mother F***ers. Just like with the AWOL Texas Air National Guardsman, Deputy Dubya Bush, once again we have yet another war-agitating Republican, or:

    Return of the REMF
    (From The Triumph of Strife: an homage to Dante Alighieri and Percy Shelley)

    Abroad, of course, the victims daily die
    Abandoned by the ones who sealed their fate
    From war and chaos refugees would fly

    But having not the means they cringe and wait
    And pray to prophets profiled in their books
    To have it all end earlier than late

    Before the very earth goes to the crooks
    Who start these wars and leave the poor to fight
    Then baldly brag: “It’s better than it looks.”

    They’ve made of day an endless nasty night
    Who would command although too blessed to serve
    Descending on us like some locust blight

    These vapid, vain vaqueros slip and swerve
    To duck the fight for which they’ve not the nerve

    As Dante’s dire De Born holds his own head
    At arm’s length like a lantern by its hair
    A stain of noise and lies begins to spread

    Like smog that chokes the filthy city air
    Which poets cannot breathe without a mask
    In search of words with more effective flair

    How can one answer that which none will ask?
    The question of just why the madmen reign
    So like the one unequal to his task

    Who’s glib gesticulating gab profane
    Divides and disunites the cheerless throng.
    A heedless, headless, hollow, sleepy thane

    Unable to accomplish missions wrong,
    He stalls for time and just renames them “long.”

    Michael Murry, “The Misfortune Teller,” Copyright 2006-2010

  8. Jill, everybody is hacking everybody. Everybody.

    You might be interested in this article on the NSA. Just by looking at the attendant chart it’s probably a good bet that we’ll never know the extent of what they are doing and they are but one of our intelligence agencies.

    Click on the wiring diagram segment to go to the (scale-able) org chart.

    “An Educated Guess About How the NSA Is Structured”

  9. [music]
    Don’t ask me I don’t gave a Graham,
    Next stop is Viet Nam!
    And its one, two three, what are we fightin for?
    Aint no time to wonder why,
    Whoppeee , we’re all gonna die!

    –Country Joe and The Fish

    The thing is, Lindsey Graham Kraker should have gotten killed in Nam and then now we would not have to deal with trash like him.

  10. Are we starting why the crusades were a bad idea, or the Russian invasion of Afghanistan you can’t rule the world with force

  11. Well, if Senator Lindsy Graham thinks we should declare war, who am I to disagree? ..Of course Senator Graham will not be going, -will he?

    Time for him to take a drive through the United States and see what he can see, besides worry-ing about the rest of the world.

    I am not an isolationist, but I think he could spend a little of his thought, energy, and $, on our own problems. Believe me, should America need defending we will ALL help. Not to worry.

    Time for Lindsey to go home and have a nice cup of tea.

  12. Evidently the UK has declared war on Belgiam! “Documents from the archive of whistleblower Edward Snowden indicate that Britain’s GCHQ intelligence service was behind a cyber attack against Belgacom, a partly state-owned Belgian telecoms company. A “top secret” Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) presentation seen by SPIEGEL indicate that the goal of project, conducted under the codename “Operation Socialist,” was “to enable better exploitation of Belgacom” and to improve understanding of the provider’s infrastructure.

  13. I’m going with cocaine use.

    I looked up Chalmers Johnson about this. Very interesting things to say on what Israel would like the US to do for them today! Just can’t wait for the apocalypse Lindsay? Like other millenarians, you’ll try to start it up yourself. That’s been done before, many times. It doesn’t work. What an a-hole.

  14. Since 1945, when Jesus granted America air superiority, we have bombed Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Lebanon, Granada, Panama, Iraq [twice], Serbia, Somalia, Bosnia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Yemen“. -Bill Mayer

  15. Yep. Captain Lindsay Graham Parmenter, fleeing the Syria Situation, looks to establish a new outpost in Iran.

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