Kenyan Men Rape Girl, Break Her Back, And Dump Her In A Latrine . . . Ordered By Police To Cut Grass As Punishment

125px-Flag_of_Kenya.svgKenyan police are facing a global outcry this month over a brutal gang-raping of a girl named Liz during which men broke her back and then dumped her into a latrine. Not only were the men not prosecuted but they were told to simply cut grass as their punishment. There is a demand for an investigation of the local police but many Kenyan women are rallying around the case as illustrative of a rape epidemic in the country.

The local police force, known as administration police, are being investigated by the national police force. The rapists however have gone into hiding.

Liz was attacked after returning from a grandfather’s funeral in a village in Busia, western Kenya. She must now use a wheelchair and there is an effort to raise funds for her medical costs. I know of one group of employed local police officers who would seem an obvious source of such funds.

News accounts say that the girl was dropped into a pit latrine and had to climb out after finding stairs used by the workers to dig the latrine. To make matters worse, she knew the men and they were captured by villagers . . . only to be given the grass cutting duty. The girl herself was taken to the local doctor who completely missed a diagnosis of the broken back and told her to seek physical therapy. The family had to lease their farm to get money to take the girl to a more distant hospital where her broken back was confirmed by doctors.

Source: BBC

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  1. Howdy, Three of the attackers were in custody the day after the attack after having been taken to the local police station by townspeople.

    Kenya is a patriarchal society, primarily Christian and the he focus of attention by C Street/The Family:

    “Kenya’s women fight for justice as rapists are sentenced to cut the grass
    A vicious attack that left a schoolgirl in a wheelchair has fuelled campaign to change ingrained attitudes”

    …. “As she pulled her broken body up the steps, villagers who had heard her cries found her.

    They quickly raised a mob to give chase. The schoolgirl knew some of the men who had raped her and started shouting their names. The villagers managed to find three of Liz’s attackers and frogmarched them to the police outpost in the village of Tingolo, in Kenya’s north-western county of Busia. The officers arrested the trio for assault and promised the girl’s angry neighbours that the men would be punished. At daybreak, the rapists were handed curved machetes, known as “slashers”, and told to cut grass in the police compound. Duly punished, they were sent home.” continues

    “Exporting the Anti-Gay Movement
    How sexual minorities in Africa became collateral damage in the U.S. culture wars”

    …. “While the Ugandan controversies have garnered the most attention outside of Africa, the influence of U.S. evangelical culture warriors has been felt across sub-Saharan Africa. The Christian right has been involved in legislative or constitutional efforts to crack down on the LGBT populations of Kenya, Liberia, Namibia, Nigeria, Malawi, Rwanda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe as well. Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill has become a kind of template for other countries, including Nigeria and Liberia, where similar laws have been proposed. ” continues

  2. Tuesday, February 26, 2013

    MUSLIM GANG Prepped 12-Year-Old British Girl for Gang Rape…

    The nine men, from Berkshire and Oxfordshire, are accused of sexually exploiting six girls, aged between 11 and 15

    A teenager has told the Old Bailey a man carried out a brutal sexual assault to “prepare” her to be gang-raped.

    The girl, who was 12 at the time, said Mohammed Karrar used sex toys and numbing cream used by dentists during the incident at an Oxford flat.
    Sobbing during her evidence, she said five or six men then came to the flat and all raped her on the kitchen table.

    Mr Karrar is one of nine men who deny a total of 51 offenses including rape and trafficking from 2004 to 2012.

    The latest witness was asked if the attack had caused discomfort and uttered the word “much” in reply, before breaking down in tears.
    She said the men who attacked her drank alcohol and took drugs before taking it in turns to rape her.

    Men ‘swarmed around’
    “I just wanted it to stop,” she said.
    But she told the court the men produced a gag to stop her cries.
    She also said Mr Karrar and his brother Bassam took her to sex parties in Wycombe where groups of men would “swarm around” her.
    As many as 10 men would come to the parties, she said, playing out sexual fantasies including handcuffing her, horse whipping her and dripping hot wax on her.
    “Forgive me,” she said. “I feel stupid.
    “At the time I thought he (Mohammed Karrar) loved me.”
    The trial is now expected to last until May. .
    The defendants, all in custody, are:

    Kamar Jamil, 27, formerly of Aldrich Road, Oxford
    Akhtar Dogar, 32, of Tawney Street, Oxford; and his brother Anjum Dogar, 30, of Tawney Street, Oxford
    Assad Hussain, 32, of Ashurst Way, Oxford
    Mohammed Karrar, 38, of Kames Close, Oxford; and his brother Bassam Karrar, 33, of Hundred Acres Close, Oxford
    Mohammed Hussain, 24, of Horspath Road, Oxford
    Zeeshan Ahmed, 27, of Palmer Road, Oxford
    Bilal Ahmed, 26, of Suffolk Road, Maidenhead

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