BBC: Taliban Commander Sends Eight Year Old Sister On Suicide Mission

158px-flag_of_afghanistansvgEven for people who have followed the utter depravity and hatred of Muslim militants in places like Afghanistan, the BBC report from Helmand province yesterday truly shocked the conscience.  BBC is reporting that an eight-year-old girl was found approaching a police checkpoint wearing a suicide vest.  She is thought to be the sister of a leading Taliban commander.

It would appear that the unhinged holy rage of the Taliban includes the belief that strapping a suicide vest on a child (let alone your sister) would please Allah.

The girl fortunately was spotted before she could detonate the vest. They are not sure if she was confused by the ordeal or unable to use the button rigged to her explosives.

In an interview later, the girl said that she was “tired of my stepmother. My brother told me to wear the black vest, go to the police checkpoint and press the button.” She says that her brother was there and fled after she was arrested.

The use of a child for this mission gives another frightening glimpse into the Taliban’s hateful beliefs where even a child can be used as a vehicle of death.

mummybomberl_468x468The Taliban is not alone. If you recall, we have previously discussed other groups recruiting children as suicide bombers, terror camps for children, and homicidal children’s programming. I do not accept that we cannot judge such groups without understanding their history of abuse and violence. The use of children as weapons is a grotesque act that few people cold stomach, let alone countenance. It reveals a homicidal inclination that has found an expression in religion that knows no bounds or limits.

The use of children in suicide bombings by Muslim extremists is on the rise and various international groups have been set up to help those who, like this little girl, refuse to go through with their missions.

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  2. mespo727272 writes:


    I don’t find a lot of humor in the actions of barbarians especially when they try to sacrifice their kids. Never liked the Abraham and Isaac story either. Must be a blind spot for me.]

    There is not blind spot for me but I wonder, why a god would ask Abraham to kill his own son? This is no different from the Taliban/ Al Qaeda mentality.

    No doubt Bush started this carnage and it still continues under Obama with drone strikes. We have killed many innocent people. But the fact of the matter is Muslims have been killing each other for centuries without our help. The gorge between Shia and Sunni is 10 times wider than many Grand Canyons put together. Sunnis are more ruthless where Shias have this inner power/energy of self torturing during religious ceremonies. Although Shia population is a minority in the Muslim world, they have more capacity for masochism. Now the question comes who is worse?

    The religion that has murals pained of heaven with virgins looks for death as the ultimate goal and age is not the prerequisite for that.

    The Bedouins of yesteryears that sat on mud floors have gotten the gilded thrones for themselves. As a result, human rights mean nothing.

    Multiple wives especially the underage girls bought and then smuggled from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh put the Mormon sisterwives and Prophet Warren Jeffs to shame. Women are the breeding assembly lines.

    Women are treated worse than doormats starting from very young age.

    Lastly, let me end with a poem from a SIkh Sage named Guru Nanak written about women which was written in the 15th century. BTW, a Sikh means a student, a learner, a seeker.

    “From woman, man is born; within woman, man is conceived; to woman he is engaged and married.
    Woman becomes his friend; through woman, the future generations come.
    When his woman dies, he seeks another woman; to woman he is bound.
    So why call her bad? The one who even gives births to kings
    From woman, woman is born; without woman, there would be no one at all.”

    I would like elaborate this verse a bit:”So why call her bad? The one who even give births to kings”.

    Mind you, Kings were the most fiendish and the cruelest people ever existed and still exit in the middle east with the same ruthless mentality. our BFF, Saudi Arabia comes to mind.

    So, the verse says why talk ill about a woman who even gives births to the most evil people in the world.

    In my opinion, Guru Nanak was the first feminist of his time.

  3. David:

    I don’t find a lot of humor in the actions of barbarians especially when they try to sacrifice their kids. Never liked the Abraham and Isaac story either. Must be a blind spot for me.

  4. What a man! Errr…I meant PUSSY… Sending his baby sister out on a suicide mission… Hmmm… Is that how they get “virgins” to all those “martyrs”?


  5. RandyJet, what Dredd and Issac said.
    Are drone operators purposely targeting women and children? I hope not, though I have no way of knowing because of the secrecy surrounding the drone program. But the larger question is, under what authority are we shooting missiles from drones anyway? Do we have a declaration of war? nope. Are we under attack? No, 9-11 was a bunch of mostly Saudi individuals that wanted to send a message for us to get out of the the middle east. And we have to kill women and children, wedding parties, tall men in pickup trucks or near trees because? Are we that afraid? The CIA with GHWBs help destroyed Iran. Our best buds in the middle east (the Saudi’s) treat women as sex slaves and have zero religious tolerance for anything other than their form of Islam.

    RandyJet, you say ” In fact, it is quite enough cause for a full scale war.”. So where is the declaration of War? And does this supposed war that is not a declared war also include Yemen? Pakistan? For every “fighter” (whatever that means) we kill with a drone, we create 10-100 people that hate us even more. For every innocent women, child, or U.S. supporter (and there have been many of those) we create 100-1000 new enemies. What a way to wage a “War” whatever that is.

    1. paul, There was an act passed by Congress which authorized the use of military force against terrorists who perpetrated 9/11. That is the authorization which was passed on 9/18/2001. The UN passed a number of resolutions that demanded the Taliban turn over Bin Laden which the Taliban refused. The UN also established the interim working group to set up an interim government and a military force to act.

      It is absurd to make Saudi Arabia responsible for 9/11 since all the persons involved were outlaws and were wanted by them for their crimes. It takes some really ignorant thinking to fix responsibility on that government just because the perps were Saudis. I guess you must think that all Muslims are responsible for 9/11 because the terrorists were Muslim fanatics too. Right?

      As for the attacks in Yemen, I see that you have a very short memory since the USS Cole was bombed and caused over 30+ dead sailors. Of course, those lives mean nothing to some folks who are against any US military. The government of Yemen allows the attacks, as does the Congressional resolution.

      If killing innocents makes more sympathizers for the Taliban, then the US has to be in the lead for making thousands of supporters of the US military since the Taliban has murdered thousands of innocents who had NOTHING AT ALL to do with ANY military or anti-terrorist actions. That is contrasted with the so called innocents who live in the Taliban controlled areas who have been killed. WE lost NO supporters in those areas since any such support or opposition to the Taliban is punished by DEATH. So I can care less about the friends and relatives of the terrorists. They have the option of leaving the area, The innocent victims of the Taliban and Al Qeada do NOT have any option like that since there are NO safe havens for those people, unless they get out of their country. Of course, the victims of Taliban atrocities are mostly brown and black, and since they are not part of the hate the US military actions groups, THEY do NOT matter at all. It is just tough for them and their families even though they have NO connection to the governments of those countries. I am reminded of the US embassy bombings in Africa which killed hundreds of innocents and who were almost ALL black and had nothing to do with the US.

  6. Geeba Geeba: “Thinking that drone operators are purposely targeting innocents is certainly incorrect.”

    Oh. And you know how? Because the government tells you so?

  7. Geeba Geeba

    Randyjet I agree. Opinions like Jaime-bankster are ridiculous, unless I didn’t get the sarcasm. Thinking that drone operators are purposely targeting innocents is certainly incorrect.
    So, “I didn’t mean to” is a sufficient defense?

  8. randyjet
    … my question as to what did the US do to Afghanistan or the Taliban that caused them and Al Qeda to do 9/11?
    You forget our history quickly.

    Bush II and company said that Iraq and al-Qaeda did 9/11.

    Bush II and company also said Afghanistan did 9/11.

    So he invaded them based on bible text located at Rev. 20 (Dogma of The High Priest In Chief).

    A lawsuit by enormous insurance companies and 9/11 families, who are supported by the testimony of U.S. government officials, says Saudi Arabia supplied 15 of the 19 hijackers.

    Who ya gonna call?

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