BBC: Taliban Commander Sends Eight Year Old Sister On Suicide Mission

158px-flag_of_afghanistansvgEven for people who have followed the utter depravity and hatred of Muslim militants in places like Afghanistan, the BBC report from Helmand province yesterday truly shocked the conscience.  BBC is reporting that an eight-year-old girl was found approaching a police checkpoint wearing a suicide vest.  She is thought to be the sister of a leading Taliban commander.

It would appear that the unhinged holy rage of the Taliban includes the belief that strapping a suicide vest on a child (let alone your sister) would please Allah.

The girl fortunately was spotted before she could detonate the vest. They are not sure if she was confused by the ordeal or unable to use the button rigged to her explosives.

In an interview later, the girl said that she was “tired of my stepmother. My brother told me to wear the black vest, go to the police checkpoint and press the button.” She says that her brother was there and fled after she was arrested.

The use of a child for this mission gives another frightening glimpse into the Taliban’s hateful beliefs where even a child can be used as a vehicle of death.

mummybomberl_468x468The Taliban is not alone. If you recall, we have previously discussed other groups recruiting children as suicide bombers, terror camps for children, and homicidal children’s programming. I do not accept that we cannot judge such groups without understanding their history of abuse and violence. The use of children as weapons is a grotesque act that few people cold stomach, let alone countenance. It reveals a homicidal inclination that has found an expression in religion that knows no bounds or limits.

The use of children in suicide bombings by Muslim extremists is on the rise and various international groups have been set up to help those who, like this little girl, refuse to go through with their missions.

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  1. Women and girls are treated as property in this God forsaken country. Anyone read the book “A Thousand Splendid Sons”? It deals with the abhorrent treatment of females in that society. Young boys are not much better off, they are sold by their parents to Afghan Army high ranking officers as Bacha Bazi dancing boys and used as sexual toys. I recall the story ofthe 8 year old Afghan girl who was killed on her wedding night by her old disgusting pig of a husband who was some elder or such in his village. Thank goodness this girl was unable to work the mechanism to blow herself up and is now in custody. My hope for her is that she is removed from that country and given chance at life elsewhere, where she can learn that women and children have value. I can only imagine what her life was like, she probably was threatened with death or burning if she didn’t comply. Our presence there hasn’t improved or influenced he Afghan people in any significan way and the sooner we leave there the better. Too many lives and treasure lost, for what? For those neocons who are just itching to get back into Iraq, think about just how little these people in Afghanistan and Iraq, appreciate what was done for them, yes and “to” them. They hate us, we need to leave them to their own devices. I pity the women and children in Afghanistan, but if it comes down to it, I wouldn’t sacrifice any more American lives so that these women and children can be protected from the men in their society. As I’ve said before, what a curse to be born female in such societies. Even little boys aren’t safe from their depravities.

  2. I read this with horror earlier this week. And to think, rigid monotheists sometimes yell at me about “pagans” like me being the sort to use human sacrifice. Seems maybe they ought to look in the mirror instead!

  3. Randyjet I agree. Opinions like Jaime-bankster are ridiculous, unless I didn’t get the sarcasm. Thinking that drone operators are purposely targeting innocents is certainly incorrect.

  4. The US has often screwed up mightily and still is but the Taliban has been killing and maiming people in the region for decades and maybe longer. The US didn’t cause them to be religious fanatics.

    If the US such a threat to peace why are people always screaming how THE US should be resolving this world problem or that. It just doesn’t ad up, the “Great Satan” needs to stay home. No matter what we do we are wrong.

  5. This is one of the most disgusting stories of the new year. Whenever you mix religion and politics, this is one of the results. People offering up children to kill other people and other children. Disgusting.

  6. randyjet

    The US did nothing directly to Afghanistan or Iraq. Iraq did nothing to the US. A group of extremists hiding out in Afghanistan attacked the US. In retaliation the US has destroyed two countries, and left one, having caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

    The Vietnamese did nothing to the US. The US murdered three million Vietnamese, following the French who murdered a few hundred thousand. This was for nothing but power. The Vietnamese were promised free elections if they did not help the Japanese in WW2. They complied. Then they were bombed into submission by the French and Americans for thirty years. All they wanted was to be Vietnamese, governed by Vietnamese, in Vietnam.

    Sometimes it is necessary to lay it all out side by side and strip away the patriotic shroud, regardless of how hard it is. That is the only way to stop this nonsense.

    We had a president for eight years who was nothing but a shame. He and his two stooges caused the situation in Iraq, not Saddam Hussain. It is not always us and them. Sometimes we are them.

    1. issac, I agree with much of what you said especially about Afghanistan, and Iraq. The US DID ask the Taliban to turn over Bin Laden and his group for trial. They refused, and defied the UN order to comply. THAT is more than enough justification for invading Afghanistan under international laws. In fact, it is quite enough cause for a full scale war. You have to remember that the Soviets held the Doolittle Raiders who landed there after the raid on Tokyo. The Soviets had to keep them in prison for a long enough time to satisfy the Japanese that they did not countenance US attacks on Japan. Had the Soviets NOT done that, it would be more than likely that Japan would have declared war on them.

      You are off about what the US told the Vietnamese during WWII. FDR DID make it clear to Britain, and especially France that not one penny would go to them for stealing those colonies back. What is most terrible is that the Brits turned on the Vietmihn after the war was over and put in charge the French collaborators. The rest of the history should be familiar to the rest of us.

  7. Using a child like this is deplorable. Killing people with drones is deplorable. Does one cause the other? perhaps. Either way, we in the United States can decide not to kill people with drones without regard to what other people decide to do. I choose that we should not kill people with drones and have let my congressthing and senator children know about this.

    1. Paul, killing people with drones is more objectionable than doing it with aircraft or rifles? It is deplorable to kill non-combatants, but if the combatants use children, hospitals, and other facilities as a shield, the fault lies with those using them, NOT the attacking combatants who are not doing that. It is the difference between self defense and murder.

      If you are a pacifist, that is your right, but just because you chose not to respond when people are killing you and your family does not mean that they will stop. Maybe you are the one person who has enough courage to respond to my question as to what did the US do to Afghanistan or the Taliban that caused them and Al Qeda to do 9/11?

  8. There is nothing surprising about this. With religion, in all its awful variety, anything and everything is permissible when the cause is perceived as “holy.”

    Thinking a supernatural kingdom awaits the righteous only reinforces their decision to use children: because that child will be welcomed in glory.

    The fact that anyone is surprised by this is what’s surprising.

  9. The people of the world (95% of them) believe that the greatest threat to peace in the world is the (Top 10 Proofsl).

    Add to that the spying on their own people (5% of world) and most everyone else, the military NSA must know this.

    They should tell the State Department.

  10. I never cease to be amazed at some people here who without exception blame the US for any and all atrocities. It is either a lie that the Taliban would do something like this, and then if they do it, it is justified because of the US bad actions. It is this kind of ideology which cannot distinguish between simple legal concepts such as the difference between self defense and murder at the best, or at worst, support any and all atrocities as long as it hurts the US.

    I have yet to hear from any of these so called humanitarians who can tell me what terrible thing the US did to the Taliban before 9/11 that would justify that act of terrorism. They can cry rivers of crocodile tears over an innocent being killed in the Taliban area, yet will justify and shed not a tear over the victims of Taliban terror bombings or Hamas murders of innocents. They will instead justify it or ignore it. If they are to be consistent and not hypocrites , they need to call out and denounce such actions as this attempted use of their own kids in this cause. Of course, I suggest that one not hold ones breath waiting for such things, but at least they discredit themselves more than anything by such an attitude.

  11. Is this the same BBC who reported on the colapse of WTC7 hours before tha actual demolition happened then lied about it until they were forced to admit it after public outcry? The video of them reporting on WTC7s collapse while the building is visible behind the reporter has gotten millions of views on youtube so I would definity check that out before believing anything they say.

  12. If the Taliban leader was sooo desparate why didn’t he go. I will tell you why because he is a coward. He would rather have a “worthless girl child” do his “fighting for him”. What a man!

  13. She had two strikes against her–she’s a girl and a child. The Taliban is brutal. Their brutality made is even worse because they claim to be killing in the name of god and some people accept that claim and support them.

    The Taliban and others of their ilk won’t be happy until everything is rubble.

  14. Depravity knows no bounds unfortunately.

    The hatred for women and girls by some of these people is sickening.

  15. Deplorable and disturbing, But let’s not forget the use of American drones to indiscriminately kill children from afar using ‘pilots’ sitting in air conditioned rooms, drinking coffee and pushing joysticks. While drone killing is considered ‘collateral damage’ the outcome would be the same, except in this case the child survived.

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