Copenhagen Zoo Offered Roughly $700,000 and Alternative Zoo for Giraffe . . . Proceeds To Slaughter Giraffe and Feed His Meat To Lions In Front Of Children

200px-Zoo-kbh-2005220px-Giraffe_feeding,_TanzaniaRemind me not to take the kids to the Copenhagan petting zoo. Animal activists are appalled this week after the Copenhagan Zoo killed a young giraffe even though there was an offer from another zoo to take the animal. The zoo decided to slaughter and autopsy Marius, 2, in front of school children and then throw the meat to lions to eat.

The zoo used a bolt gun rather than lethal injection so not to contaminate the meat. It then hacked the animal into chunks in front of small children. A private donor offered $680,000 to save Marius, and thousands of people signed a petition to prevent the killing. Moreover, British zoo contacted the Copenhagen Zoo to say that they would take Marius.

The zoo however insisted on killing him and said that it was necessary under European rules regarding in-breeding. Zoo officials called Marius just one of those “surplus problems now and then” that must be addressed as part of an international breeding program. That is odd since you could just not breed the animal or even sterilize the animal rather than kill him. As for the kids, the officials said that they “were really very enthusiastic, asked a lot of good questions.”

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  1. This was sick. Sadism is probably not the right description, but it certainly shows a need for violence and cruelty. What is this person like in his work and private life. Yes, why not just sterilize the animal. I hope something will be done about this. I don’t think such a person should be employed by a zoo, but then quite a few people who shouldn’t be are employed by that zoo. And to do it in front of children. Remember Jeffrey Dahmer, the fellow who cannibalized his victims in his apartment and was convicted and later murdered in prison. I recall him telling authorities that he was impressed with the slaying and dismemberment of animals when he was a small boy by his father, and remember Ted Bundy, who murdered all those brown haired young women because he was rejected by a brown haired young women as a younger man, and was finally put to death. He told the authorities that his grandfather regularly shared with him pornography when he was a child. The point I make is that the young are impressionable and not all of them can handle the experiences they have in a healthy way and in the most susceptible they result in awful acts later in life. What will turn some into outraged activists in behalf of animal and human rights may turn the unlucky few toward criminality.

  2. personanongrata, You make a very interesting point. I know a lot of people who grew up on farms and some farmers. They have an entirely more balanced view of how things work. We have sanitized so much of our culture. Hell, we conduct war by drones from thousands of miles away. Very interesting analysis. But you do realize that’s the daddy take on life. The mommy take on life is to make everything Pollyannish. We need that balance, and we’ve lost some.

  3. I don’t understand the haste to kill this giraffe. Surely someone would have paid for it, and certainly much more than the value of what the giraffe equalled pound wise from the lions’ main diet.

    And, what a PR disaster for the zoo. Killed the giraffe then “fed him to the lions” in front of children. It seems more like an article out of The Onion than what would be expected of a real zoo.

    I wonder if they harpooned him.


  4. Where do the animal activists think the lions existing in the wild get their food, at the local neighborhood supermarket on the savanna?

    Exposing young children to the uncensored brutality known as life is called education. Coddling young children and preventing them from seeing/experiencing the myriad of brutalities in life only serves to shield them from the realities of life.

    When consumers in the US choose to eat beef, chicken or pork do they consider the methods employed at processing facilities to be humane?

    Shielding children from the harsh realities of life only serves to make those children more likely than not dependent on others and ignorant of the world around them.

    Yes, Virginia, lions do eat giraffes or whatever else they can sink their teeth into and it isn’t pretty.

  5. Some self loathing folks here were telling me recently just how much better Denmark is than the US. Indeed, Denmark recently received the award as the “Happiest Nation.” Ignorance is indeed bliss.

  6. Find some Dan on welfare and put him in with the lions and let them eat the guy in front of the kids.

  7. I have no problem with that at all. I guess nobody here has lived or worked on a farm or slaughtered their own food. I suggest that it is time to show kids the facts of life and that lions KILL and eat giraffes. Maybe they would prefer that since lions need meat daily, that they put the giraffe in with the lions and let NATURE take its course. Meat does NOT come from the supermarket. It needs to be fed, raised, then slaughtered. Give us a break!

  8. This is so shocking I don’t even know what to say. It would appear that they no regaurd for the giraffe only a desire to kill. What a poor example for the children.

  9. Administrators control the narrative, until it is so ridiculous sounding that there is a revolution on the administration.
    I cannot understand why, with all the public screaming save the giraffe, offers of ransom and save haven, they killed it anyway. And said publically that the children thoroughly enjoyed the killing.
    This is very weird, and something is not adding up.

  10. The kids were “really very enthusiastic.” Enthusiastic to see the slaughter of an animal that could have been sterilized to prevent inbreeding. I guess this is the type of thinking the schools, parents, and the government in a Socialistic country ever increasing number of weeks of vacation instead of work, euthanasia, use of any drug that make one feel good, and a host of other personally degrading, insane, irresponsible activities.

  11. Actually Veronica, yes we do slaughter our ‘surplus problems’ – over 1 million per year here in the U.S.A. It’s called abortion.

  12. nice ! yes well – we humans have quite a lot of these ‘surplus problems’ too but we do not generally just slaughter them ! Should we change our policies then ?

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