28 thoughts on “Defy Expectations”

  1. The tree was just thinking of its future when its circumference would be bound by the box. It had to get out of the box while it was young and had the agility to do so.

  2. It is not the tree, it is the Public / City employees who did what they were doing for years with “dedication…”

  3. Dredd, These guerilla’s should take on names like Fidel, Che, Mao.

  4. Anonymously Yours


    There seems to be a number of trolls on the prowl of late…..

    nick spinelli

    Trolls are cowards.
    They are also a compliment in the sense that … well in this case anyway, where Nick seems to be the target, you busted bursted their balls!


  5. Donald L. Anderson,
    Don’t expect anything from nick spinelli. He is pretty much a pariah here. We usually just ignore him.

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