Pope Francis: Mafia Members Will Be Excommunicated

Unknown120px-Pope_Francis_in_March_2013_(cropped)I have previously expressed my admiration for Pope Francis and his extraordinary reforms of the Catholic Church. As someone of Sicilian descent, that admiration has grown even further today after reading the Pope decision to excommunicate Italian Mafia members. On Saturday, the Pope declared “Those who in their life have gone along the evil ways, as in the case of the Mafia, they are not with God, they are excommunicated.”

As someone who is half Sicilian and was raised Catholic, I have always recoiled at how Mafia figures and families continue to portray themselves as religious people while engaging in every possible mortal sin. It is particularly galling to hear the secret oath invoke damnation if the member breaks Omertà, or code of silence.

The Pope singled out the Southern Italian mafia known as “Ndrangheta” as an example of “the adoration of evil and contempt for the common good.” The Ndrangheta is estimated to make an annual 53 billion euros.

The Pope warned mafia leaders that “hell … awaits you if you continue on this road.”

Bravo, Papa, Bravo.

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  1. Professor Turley compliments the Pope and the resulting comments are from the Nazi- and abortion obsessed. Only in America.

  2. Yes………. but ‘Baby Banging Priests’ will continue to be protected by the church!

    1. 740 – they seem to be defrocking priests on a regular basis if that makes you feel any better. Certainly faster than NY school system is getting rid of tenured teachers who molest students.

  3. One mayor in Wayne County (near Detroit) used fake rape allegations to remove his honest Police Chief because the mayor, who repeatedly dined with head of the Mafia, was on the take from drug dealers and untaxed cigarette pushers in one “protected” drug house. And, this “protection” covered up terrorists activities planned in that drug house that killed over 3,000 innocent people on 9-11-01. But no one cares.

    Detroit’s Mafia Under Boss Peter Licavoli sent shooters Leo Moceri and Charles Nicoletti, and later, had them killed. Chicago Mafia Boss Sam Giancana’s driver James Sutton (aka James Files, changed name so he wouldn’t be killed in “clean up process”), shot JFK with CIA prototype “Fireball” long handgun w telescope from grassy knoll. Oswald was drinking a Coke in the Cafeteria located on the 2nd floor but FBI covered up the evidence.

    The Detroit Archdiocese holds Title to all Catholic Churches except one – where the Mafia holds the Title.

    “Mafia takes every last ounce of blood from everything it touches”.

    1. Coleman Young –

      The Detroit Archdiocese holds Title to all Catholic Churches except one – where the Mafia holds the Title.

      Could you back this up, please?

  4. Karen, Yes, Francis had his lung removed when he was a teen because of an infection. I was thinking steroids and/or water retention maybe from congestive heart failure. Just spit balling. Who knows?

  5. Annie
    Max, looks like he’s got his hands full.
    Men do not perform miracles… But they can make things happen.
    I’ll agree that he’s juggling at least a few things… With practice he just might be able to handle more (like pedophile priests).

  6. Annie
    I don’t think the Pope will excommunicate those who support the right to abortion, just as he won’t excommunicate homosexuals. Those who support the right to privacy of a woman’s body do not actually commit the abortion themselves Paul.
    = = =
    Who did Jesus say that we should condemn?
    I’ll leave it to the clutching stones story, found with Jesus’ name attached to it.
    He drew something in the sand. We’ll never know, but the men did not attack her for her “sins”.

    1. Max-1 – there is a difference between supporting it and voting to pass legislation that either allows it or pays for it. Abortion is against the tenets of the Church. The Church has never been against homosexuals, only the act of sodomy. Actually, I think lesbians are in the clear. 🙂

  7. Annie
    Dredd, German soldiers had the words “Gott Mit Uns” on their belt buckles.
    = = =
    At first I thought you meant Mr. 47% himself.
    Guess I win the Goodwin award for the day!

  8. Annie
    Wow, this Pope plays hardball. I think he will go down in Church history as a reformer. It took a Jesuit.
    = = =
    I agree. The RCC resisted Jesuits until now and look at the dust storm.
    There are a few more issues the RCC needs to handle: The pedophilia coverup (I wish the Pope would render unto the police the priests) and the role of women and Mass (still sexest).

  9. Nick:

    I forgot he only had one lung. Wasn’t it a childhood illness? I can’t recall. I hope the weight gain does not signify steroids for respiratory problems. He’s a good man, and I hope he has a long tenure as Pope.

    Good for him for taking a tough stance and trying to clean up the Church. It’s my understanding that he has excommunicated pedophiles, but this needs to be verified. I certainly hope so. We do not agree on every single issue, but he seems to have a good heart. I love that he eschewed the trappings of royalty and took a humble apartment.

  10. Paul C. Schulte

    Nate – Hitler was educated at a Jesuit school but after WWI it seems he was not active religiously.
    Obviously he was religiously active even though not active religiously.

    A real crusader that Mithra infected psychopath (The Dogma of The High Priest In Chief – 3).

  11. Don,

    The reigning isn’t working out like many say it is.

    Something else is involved.

    Dig deeper.

  12. maxcat06

    BarkinDog, I thought no one would remember that song!

    The dogs belong to Queen Jane … approximately …

  13. I might be mistake and would appreciate being corrected, but wasn’t Hitler baptized Catholic?

    I’m still waiting for that excommunication.

    1. Nate – Hitler was educated at a Jesuit school but after WWI it seems he was not active religiously.

  14. BarkinDog, I thought no one would remember that song! I had all but forgotten it. Thanks for the memories, and the God created Dog comment. That I truly believe.

  15. On the 8th Day God Created Dog. The pope and the beanie came later.

  16. Pope Francis will need several breaths of fresh air after what he said.

    Here is a song about nuns and rulers:

    Glory, Glory Halleluhya!
    Sister hit me with a ruler.
    I beaned her in the bean with a rotten tangerine.
    And school kept marching on.

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