97 thoughts on “Hobby Lobby’s Corporate Commandments–A Mark Fiore Political Cartoon Video”

  1. Paul,

    I had in mind going pro se.

    To the extent that the maxim, “The Law is what the Judge says it is,” is true, all I would have to (hypothetically do) is to find a judge who would rule that I could properly represent myself, being vastly too poor to be able to hire an attorney, especially after paying the fees to form 30,000 personal corporations.

    Obviously, at least hypothetically obviously, a personal corporation that is far too poor to pay attorney’s fees cannot be represented by an attorney in a civil matter?

    1. J. Brian – I think the courts have clearly laid out the parameters for corporations, poor or not. They do not have the right to vote. Thinking about it, corporations voting would give the board of directors an extra vote at the polls that non-corporations do not get. Of course, they could make it interesting and only allow 18 year old corporations to vote. How would they get an Voter ID? It requires a picture so you can be identified.

  2. Now that corporations are persons, surely every person is qualified to register to vote in elections?

    I guess I need to find a way to earn the money to set up 30,000 personal corporations, each of which will have one vote where I live. As there are fewer than 30,000 registered voters in the Wisconsin county where I live, were I able to set up those 30,000 voting persons, and act as the voting representative of every one of those persons, I would, if not caught in the act, surely be able to control every election in the town and county where I now live?

    It ought not take long for there to be far more than a googolplex of registered voters, each one having much less than a googolplexianth of effect on the outcome of an election?

    Being deceived by deceptive deception is of a dishonestly slippery sliding slope?

    1. J. Brian – corporations can only be represented by their attorneys, so the attorney would have to be instructed how to vote and then sent to the polls. Some lawyers might be voting hundreds of times with lots of conflicting instructions.

  3. When is Hobby Lobby going to sell corporation dolls for judges to play with as if they were people?

    Paul, John, and Spinny need one or two or so.

    The Muppet patrol saving Amurka.

  4. bettykath – BTW, Roe v Wade is based on the lie that Roe was raped. She has since admitted that she got pregnant from her boyfriend. Given the tenor of the times, my guess is that if she had told the truth, the case would have gone against her.

  5. Self righteous men who tell women what to do with their bodies probably are the worst offenders of the seven deadly sins.

    1. Annie – the Seven Deadly Sins do not enter into the argument. Really, you need to expand your argument.

  6. I’m surprised all of you corporate man haters haven’t commented about Jamie Dimon getting throat cancer from too much cunnilingus. I have about 10 jokes but this is not the venue. Maybe Fiore will do one of his masterpieces on the subject. Same way Michael “Sex Addict” Douglas got throat cancer. It has a good cure rate but the treatments are hellish, according to Douglas.

  7. Bettykath, I love how lightly certain men here take carrying a child and giving it birth. How easy it is to tell women what to do with their bodies. How quickly they attempt to make it sound as if women who try to prevent conception are cold hearted and uncaring. Women are more than baby making machines.

    1. Yes, men, did you like those men in the 7-2 vote for you with Roe vs Wade? Yes, yes a thousand times yes!

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