Park Officials Look For Man Shown Kicking Squirrel Off Grand Canyon As Joke

1407377064000-1407269546001-Squirrel-kicking-2-1-Authorities are looking into a viral Internet video that shows a man kicking a squirrel off what appears to be the edge of the Grand Canyon. The 15-second video posted on YouTube purports to show a man putting food in a line to the edge of the Grand Canyon for a waiting squirrel. Once the squirrel reached the edge, he then kicks it off the edge as what he thinks is a hilarious joke.

article-2713391-202ED94800000578-842_634x384The rangers at the Grand Canyon agree that the site appears to match one of the overlooks but that they are still trying to identify the two men shown wearing cowboy hats and shorts. The man, if found, could be charged with disturbing or harassing wildlife — a federal petty offense that carries a maximum six months in jail and/or a $5,000 fine. Notably, the more obvious charge of animal cruelty is not being considered because such state charge would require them to retrieve the squirrel and prove that it was injured or had died. However, rangers say that they still are unable to identify the man despite a $16,000 bounty from PETA on any information leading to his arrest.

article-2713391-202ED93800000578-370_634x478As an advent hiker and animal lover, this type of film leaves me as confused as it does depressed. Assuming that this video is real, I just cannot understand why anyone would enjoy killing an animal in this way or think that it was funny. What is clear is that this guy lacks a very basic element of humanity and empathy that distinguishes our species. That makes him not only grotesque but dangerous. If you find killing defenseless animals funny, there is a great deal of cruelty that you would equally enjoy.

Hopefully, someone moronic enough to do such an act will brag about it to enough people to result in his identification. Certainly the Internet community is helping by posting these images.

Source: Washington Post

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  1. Went on a day hike to Storm King Mountain. It’s near West Point, NY.

    Doing about 65 mph on a highway. Saw a squirrel in the middle of the road.
    The squirrel saw me and went back and forth. Then I heard a crunch and looked in my rear view mirror. And saw the squirrel flying into the air. Yeah, it was dead.
    Had a great hike. Hiked pasted a rattle snake and snapping turtle on the trail. They didn’t bother me and I didn’t bother them!

    1. So Fromm would KILL a man who simply did no harm to a squirrel except hit it. How about those who hunt and KILL squirrels? Think they should be shot too?

  2. Squirrels are designed to fall large distances and survive. This did not kill the squirrel. They reach a very low terminal velocity quickly. The human terminal velocity of about 120 mph which we cannot survive. I don’t know the terminal velocity for squirrels, but I have seen them fall 30′ and keep on running.

  3. As far as finding the men, just going off the pictures in the post, so I don’t know whether they speak in the video with an identifiable accent, keep in mind that they might not be American or even in the country.

  4. remarcer;

    Obviously – so of “we” do – and ye don’t.

    There are certain administrative steps of law designed to maintain civility from the outset. The notion that it is wrong to simply kick an animal baited to an edge, off the cliff – is one for people who give a dang about decency in humanity.

  5. LOL – Nick, you are a riot.


    There are rare times I empathize with your heartfelt (though I believe totally biased/wrong – often) steadfast lines of banter. You are an easy target to Progressive slings/arrows.

    This time is one.

    But I cracked up REAL loud in Starbucks when I read Nick’s sha-blang…

  6. Several academic studies have found a clear link between animal cruelty during youth and violence against humans as an adult. This link is so well established, profilers routinely use animal cruelty reports in their assessment of the possible threat criminals pose.

    Studies have also found that men who abuse their domestic partners often target the family’s companion animals, as well. An abused dog or cat often means there’s a bruised child, spouse or elder in the same home.”

    Animal Legal Defense Fund

  7. just your typical american getting his kicks (no pun intended).
    I don’t understand though i would seriously consider doing the same to remarcer.

  8. Once again, this is a reminder that this tendency exists in all. When we blame religion, cultures, ideals, for inhumane actions, we should remember that it is the darkness that exists in everyone that can manifest itself. People just like to blame it on a name or tradition of some type. Here, with the person displaying very little to add to stereotype (except for the cowboy hat, but we’ll consider that functional clothing instead of a social statement… I know it’s a stretch…), we just human cruelty laid out bare.

  9. It’s not about the squirrel, it’s about the humans. There are lots of reasons why we don’t let people torture, abuse or mistreat animals. Any animals. For one, it debases humans, brings out the worst in them/us. It’s also a good warning sign of future psychopathy. Hope he is caught and punished.

  10. zara, When I was a criminal investigator the vengeance in me grew and I would think things like you just expressed. That’s when I got out of doing criminal cases.

  11. remarcer, thanks for the serendipitous comment between my 2 comments.

  12. I’ve visited the Grand Canyon five times… North & South Rims both. If this turns out to be true, and they find this ‘perverted’ individual…. As punishment, let them leave this man at the bottom of the Canyon, with only one canteen of water……. and let him hike his way back up to the top…. I’ll be waiting there, with his next drink.

  13. JT, When I was a young investigator, I had a hard time understanding cruelty like this. There is simply a darkness in people that lurks in us all. Most of us have it under control. Our conscience, upbringing, education, etc. are all integral in making it so the vast majority would not only never even consider doing this, but can’t process why someone would. Having seen so much darkness I have somewhat of an understanding, but it still is foreign to me. That’s why I made a stupid joke. We sometimes use humor to process horror.

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