Park Officials Look For Man Shown Kicking Squirrel Off Grand Canyon As Joke

1407377064000-1407269546001-Squirrel-kicking-2-1-Authorities are looking into a viral Internet video that shows a man kicking a squirrel off what appears to be the edge of the Grand Canyon. The 15-second video posted on YouTube purports to show a man putting food in a line to the edge of the Grand Canyon for a waiting squirrel. Once the squirrel reached the edge, he then kicks it off the edge as what he thinks is a hilarious joke.

article-2713391-202ED94800000578-842_634x384The rangers at the Grand Canyon agree that the site appears to match one of the overlooks but that they are still trying to identify the two men shown wearing cowboy hats and shorts. The man, if found, could be charged with disturbing or harassing wildlife — a federal petty offense that carries a maximum six months in jail and/or a $5,000 fine. Notably, the more obvious charge of animal cruelty is not being considered because such state charge would require them to retrieve the squirrel and prove that it was injured or had died. However, rangers say that they still are unable to identify the man despite a $16,000 bounty from PETA on any information leading to his arrest.

article-2713391-202ED93800000578-370_634x478As an advent hiker and animal lover, this type of film leaves me as confused as it does depressed. Assuming that this video is real, I just cannot understand why anyone would enjoy killing an animal in this way or think that it was funny. What is clear is that this guy lacks a very basic element of humanity and empathy that distinguishes our species. That makes him not only grotesque but dangerous. If you find killing defenseless animals funny, there is a great deal of cruelty that you would equally enjoy.

Hopefully, someone moronic enough to do such an act will brag about it to enough people to result in his identification. Certainly the Internet community is helping by posting these images.

Source: Washington Post

79 thoughts on “Park Officials Look For Man Shown Kicking Squirrel Off Grand Canyon As Joke”

  1. I am curious as to the distinction in the law, if any, between luring a squirrel to hunt or trap and luring one to kick off a ledge.

    1. Eric – there is no hunting in the National Park and no kicking squirrels off the edge of the canyon.

  2. To us, the Grand Canyon is a natural wonder. To them, the Grand Canyon = Hollywood Western.

  3. Seriously? You have to retrieve the body of the squirrel to determine it was injured or died? Can’t we just infer that happened if it fell off the GRAND CANYON? That’s not a survivable fall. If someone falls out of an airplane without a parachute, can’t the court just assume he died without requiring a body?

    A sign of a psychopath is getting enjoyment out of torturing or killing animals. Not hunting for sustenance, but actually enjoying an animal’s pain or terror.

    I differentiate this from people who trap nuisance squirrels. This man did it for pure pleasure. At the very least, he should get the disturbing wildlife charge, and a general rebuke from the general population. He’s like one of those guys who run over bunnies and squirrels in the road on purpose.

    Now I, on the other hand, use live traps to catch our excess squirrel population. I drive them a couple miles away and release them . . . and then watch them run in a straight line back in the direction of my house. One day I’ll have to paint them to see if they actually return.

    1. Karen – there are some very short drops, in some cases walks, under the view points, so the squirrel may not have gotten hurt. When we lose tourists, they usually do not find them at the bottom of the canyon, but rather hung up on ledges along the way down.

  4. Humans are a cruel species, no less today than in ancient times when the power elite sacrificed dozens at sunrise, dozens more at sunset, and who knows how many more on certain holidays, high priests getting off on their elixir of choice, cruelty, as addicting as morphine. Power corrupts and twists the mind, disjointing reason from morality, to the extent that, no matter how many centuries elapse, man simply cannot rise above his satanic instinct, which had been waning in recent times but now has returned with a vengeance, with too many people adrift now without capacity to distinguish between sacrifice of a squirrel and sacrifice of aborting a fetus.

  5. randyjet – “physics” – R U serious;


    (and the presumption that I don’t know {which is not applicable to my critique of your remarks} – is another assumption of facts not in evidence).

  6. Eric, Those Eastern Europeans love to come to the great southwest US and cowboy up. I’m sure Paul has seen that.

    1. Nick – actually it is the Japanese who love all things Western. But the Europeans get into the swing too.

  7. Laser,

    I saw a rattle snake near your trash can. And the snapping turtle was at your door step.

  8. Nick Spinelli,

    The look in combo with the “cowboy” hats gives off a non-Anglo vibe.

  9. LaserDLiquidator,

    Just something about their look, wear, and posture, including the kicking (soccer?), says European to me, but of course that’s only an impression based on a few fuzzy stills.

  10. I am not a squirrel fan, They do major damage to my lawn furniture. That said, I don’t really want to see them dead either. I just want them to leave my lawn furniture alone!

    1. emw squirrels are good to eat too, by the way. There is no season or limit on them as well.

      1. randyjet – the squirrels by the park have plague. Stay away from them, do not feed them, do not pet them, do not kick them to the bottom of the canyon.

      2. randyjet – since the normal skydiver reaches a terminal velocity of 195 mph, how does a squirrel survive any terminal velocity?

  11. Paul, Great point. I saw dudes being jerks and showing off, thinking to myself, they must haul dead bodies out of this place all the time.

  12. Eric, We were @ the Grand Canyon in April. There were more Asians there @ the time than any other demographic. They do love their cameras!

  13. There is a $10000 reward for this character. Depending on where this guy kicked the squirrel off, the squirrel had between 10-5000 foot drop. We lose four to five tourist every year and there has not been as much upset. Although usually someone is not kicking them off, they usually are backing off to get a better picture.

  14. Eric – not citizens potentially – is a good point.

    randyjet – you presume facts not in evidence (30, 50 – 1000 ft – ????)

    Squeeky – come on girl – You are better than that…..

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