Saudi Court Orders Woman Flogged For Insulting Morality Police

300px-fomfr_whipThe Saudi Sharia system has again made headlines with its perverse view of justice. The latest victim is a businesswoman who will receive 50 lashes for merely insulting the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, or the Saudi morality police. Of course, the Saudi morality police is widely ridiculed and denounced as a group of religious fanatics upholding a medieval system of religious law.

You will recall that this is the same organization of lunatics who blocked girls from escaping a fire in Mecca because they were not appropriately covered according to Islamic standards. Fifteen would die in the interests of Islamic modesty at the hands of the morality police. Better to be burned alive than expose their hair in public.

This is also the same group that has been killing people in car chases and harassing families recently in malls. In other words, if there is any group of individuals more worthy contempt than the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice.

The victim in the latest atrocity insulted members of the morality squad when they entered a cafe looking for immoral acts like women sitting with unrelated men. Some of the woman’s employees had to run in fear of being arrested on immigration issues. The victim was then arrested for “cursing the morality police” and calling them “liars.”

A Saudi judge applied Sharia law and sentenced the woman to be flogged.

The fact that this is a woman cannot be easily dismissed given the work of these religious fanatics in arresting women for not dressing modestly or appearing in public with men who are not related to them. To have a woman confront these morality thugs takes an enormous amount of courage and likely magnified the anger for the religious police. Of course, she could hardly make a fast getaway: women are still not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia.

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  1. “Why do so many people repeat that mistake, saying everyone is equal or created equal. Equal rights okay but anyone who can think for himself knows the ‘all equal’ thing is nonsense.”

    Traveling Limey,
    Which is it; you agree with the created equal or you don’t? You agree if it’s equal rights and then imply “all equal” is nonsense.

    And don’t know why so many people make that mistake.

    Of course it’s equal rights. And we ALL have them by virtue of being created.

  2. Why do so many people repeat that mistake, saying everyone is equal or created equal. Equal rights okay but anyone who can think for himself knows the ‘all equal’ thing is nonsense.

  3. If the shoe fits, wear it.

    If it doesn’t, you must acquit.

    Quit. And just move on.

    “You’re so vain, you probably think this song is about you
    You’re so vain, I’ll bet you think this song is about you
    Don’t you? don’t you? don’t you?”

  4. However you choose to believe you came into existence is your business. Simply respect the fact all are created equal and have, by simply being given life, been endowed with unalienable rights. And if you need the strength that your faith in God provides to live this sort of life then by all means do it.

  5. However there are laws of nature, laws of the physical universe… If we are smart we will heed these and live longer, Governments, however, try to over-rule them and make life harder. There are also laws of the spirit too, but we are way behind on that kind of knowledge and its definitely not to be found in any Bible, Koran or Torah.

  6. There is no ‘Law of God’ except in imaginations. That’s why clerical governments are so bad, including Israel’s.

  7. Jomo999, a comment has been deleted for offensive and threatening content under our civility rule directed against Muslims.

  8. forcing another human being cover theirself with a cloth is not a law of God it is a law written by a man degrading another human being controlling them to what they want. All women need to be respected. They are not second class citizens. A woman must be given respect and honored for she is the bearer of children of life. Christ taught wisdom and love. He taught abought the kingdom of heaven. He didnt teach brutal acts against another human being. He taught forgiveness. Christ honored his mother..gave respect to her..who is above this man..but then again look what they did to him for him being different..and yet he was the son of God..the Lord..they tortured him crucified him..and they think they have the right to flog that woman..they spit on Gods will..its called FREE WILL..NO HUMAN HAS THAT RIGHT OF JUDGMENT..God did not give them that how how is it religious..for it didnt come by Gods hand it came from a man..its nothing but cruelty and control nothing more..

  9. Jonathan Turley
    “Of course, she could hardly make a fast getaway: women are still not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia.”

  10. @iconoclast

    I don’t know where American Morality Police would even begin. We have too much immorality. It would take half the country trying to monitor the other half, and it still wouldn’t work. We can’t even properly police people in prison. I do think we ought to criminalize adultery where there are children involved. Make the perps wear a scarlett vest and pick up garbage. Spend a few days in a cage at the mall with a sign detailing their crime.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  11. Iconoclast, I predict a few beatings and slaps and an occasional riot in the Legislature during the debates on the ‘Morality Laws’. Would be must see TV on CSpan.

  12. Wow-Squeeky–your friend’s law practice certainly seems to attract a specific kind of woman. Could it be regional? I know an occasional woman like the ones you describe, but out west we don’t see many like that. Back to the morality police. How many here would like to see a morality police? If such a thing existed, which aspects of American life would it be acceptable for the morality police to monitor? Would it extend to books, clothing, music, entertainment, art? Historically, some religions have considered other religions to be immoral. Puritans in Massachusetts once beat Quakers for their religious beliefs. Catholics and Protestants have killed each other for centuries over their beliefs…or definitions of morality. (See Henry VIII) The dialogue for setting up the national morality might get a bit sticky…yes?

  13. Squeeky, I think maybe Texas women are screwed up. One doesn’t see much of that in the Midwest.

  14. @pauls

    Well, if they do make a movie out of it, it will be a rerun, because I see this over and over. I can’t adequately express the amount of obsession Mary X has in getting a divorce. Even if the kids are just a few years from graduation. I saw one Mary, where three of the kids were hers from a previous marriage, and she ruined their last few years of high school with the shenanigans. But she had to get divorced. Now.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  15. Squeeky, I don’t doubt that there are women like that, however none of the women I know who are divorced resemble your Mary X person. The divorced women I am familiar with had serious issues that couldn’t be fixed and the children were better off after the divorce. Sometimes the divorced parties had joint custody and sometimes one parent had placement, in both scenarios everyone involved were better off.

  16. @annie

    True, but there is a particular type of crazy women client that you can define and give characteristics for. We call these clients “Mary X.” Mary will be married to a relatively wealthy man, either a doctor or businessman.” She will be between 35 and 42 years old, and good looking. She only works part time, usually at her husband’s business. They will have several children. She will be a very bossy type of woman, used to getting her way in things. She will have nice clothes and drive a nice car. In short, she is living the good life. She is often on Xanax, clonopin, or some kind of anti-anxiety med(s). Plus, she drinks a lot.

    She will present for divorce, usually on the grounds that her husband is too tight with the money, or secretly abuses her, although she will never have any witnesses, or bruises. By all outside accounts, her husband is a saint for putting up with her. She wants her half of the marital assets, plus some for her pain and suffering, and custody of the children with a healthy child support check. She is also convinced that her husband is secretly hiding assets and money from her.

    As the divorce progresses, she will take an extraordinary interest in the case, and go over his discovery with a fine tooth comb. Phone calls to the attorney are frequent and duplicative. During meetings, the husband will present as a nice man, a reasonable man, and something of a go-getter himself. After convincing Mary that the business isn’t worth what she thinks it is, a settlement will be reached.

    Her husband will go his way, with closure. She will not. She will go through her half of the settlement within one or two years, usually blowing the money on a fancy new car, partying, and new furniture. If she bought a house, she now hocks it up and blows through that money quickly, too. At that point she will begin living off the child support money, which means an affordable low rent house. She will still overspend, and to cure her money woes, she will want to go back to court for some sort of alimony, or because she thinks he screwed her in the settlement. This doesn’t work.

    Now, she will become extremely bitter, and try to turn the kids against the father even more than she has to date. She will take up with some man, usually a meek and compliant one. Her looks begin to decline. Meanwhile ex-hubby has a new girl friend, at least 10 years younger than Mary and Mary is convinced he instigated the divorce several years ago so he could be with the new chick.

    Mary starts to run through men, and they become scummier and scummier. She drinks more and more, and eventually, ex-hubby and his new wife move for custody of the kids, Abut half the time, they get it. Mary has to get a job, and go to work, now. It seems a lot of Mary’s end up as office managers.

    I don’t know how well I have described this, but I swear you can tell a Mary X when she walks in the door.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. squeeky – I swear that sounds like the plot for a Lifetime movie of the week. 🙂

  17. Squeeky “crazy” spouse comes in all genders. Females don’t have the market on crazy spouse.

    1. Annie – for once I am going to have to agree with you. Crazy spouse comes in both genders.

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