Karzai Denounces U.S. In Farewell Speech While Thanking China and Iran

225px-hamid_karzai_2004-06-14Outgoing Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai denounced the United States in his farewell speech and insisted that, despite tens of thousands of wounded and dead American service personnel (and over a trillion dollars in aid), the United States has been a curse upon his country. Instead Karzai showered praise on Iran and China as great allies for Afghanistan. This is the man who the CIA openly gave regular suitcases of cash to and led a government where billions simply disappeared.

The Obama Administration insisted on the money continuing to flow into Karzai’s pockets even as he attacked the U.S. and Americans as “demons”, and moves to shift alliances to Iran and China.

After a trillion dollars and 13-years in this country, Karzai again declared the United States as an enemy to his country while praising China and Iran. While we gave hundreds of billions in aid to his country, Karzai worked to give contracts and benefits to the Chinese. We have looked like utter fools for over a decade in pouring money into the country while our schools and domestic programs have been curtailed due to budget shortfalls.

Karzai insisted that it was the United States that continued the war and “the war in Afghanistan is to the benefit of foreigners. But Afghans on both sides are the sacrificial lambs and victims of this war.”

Also singled out for praise was India, Japan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Germany. The United States was conspicuously not included in even a praising thank you.

Our Afghanistan ambassador James Cunningham called the comments “ungracious and ungrateful.” I really do not care how a corrupt puppet like Karzai feels about us. What I really care about is looking (and acting) like a country of chumps in continuing our massive commitment of money and manpower in that country.

In the meantime, the U.S. is pouring more money into the country in an effort to keep U.S. advisers and trainers in the country. Ghani Ahmadzai has said he will sign the agreement (which Karzai refused to do) so that we can spend more billions.

Notably, even a critic of Karzai (who said that the attack on the United States was unwise) seemed more concerned about losing money than failing to thank the U.S. for any sacrifice. Samehullah Samem, a member of parliament warned that “We are completely dependent on the international community. We need the support of the international community, especially the United States of America.” In other words, we need not to criticize the U.S. because they give us money. That is the best that we can expect from a country where thousands of service members have died and over a trillion dollars has been lost.

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  1. Squeeky, Badmouthing the US gives Cape Man street cred w/ the thugs in Afghanistan. He sees Obama is bugging out of his country like he did Iraq. He sees his country becoming another Thunderdome like Iraq, and he wants to be positioned w/ the thugs poised to take over. This guy is not stupid.

  2. One wonders where he plans on spending his retirement years?
    Anywhere in the “stans” even with a billion dollars he will be nothing but a target – and eventually they will get him. There may be few places except China he may be safe now. That man has made some serious enemies.

    1. wrxdave, Karzai has restored a beautiful palace to live in rent free, with a lifetime government pension, and he resides right next to the President’s mansion with all the security afforded the President. The Constitution does not allow him to continue as President, but he will likely remain a powerful force in Afghanistan.

      “Karzai’s new 1,200-square-meter residence will be located just outside the grounds of the heavily fortified Arg-e Shahi, an 83-acre complex in central Kabul that has served as Karzai’s seat of power for more than a decade. The ex-president will live there with his wife and young son and will be provided with a security detail.”


      Meanwhile, 51,000 US-led Nato troops are set to withdraw by December. Let’s not forget how well we trained the Afghan troops to carry on, as illustrated in this short video clip:


  3. This is the logical result of paying millions to any political despot. Once the money stops flowing, they go looking elsewhere. I think the best thing to do is to stop all aid and see how well Afghanistan fares.

  4. “If the goal is to receive thanks and appreciation, take a tip from the Chinese. Next time, just provide money and help with infrastructure, not bombs, guns, death squads, destruction, and death to people who never heard of 9/11.”

    Okaaaaaay. Where to start?

    The Chinese are major human rights violators, and have the largest standing army in the world, which makes them a threat. They do not represent the West, with all of its freedoms, and so they are not a cultural target of Muslim extremists.

    Why in the name of Pete would we provide money and infrastructure, and no bombs, to a country that had JUST KILLED THOUSANDS OF US???? What do you think would have happened after 9/11, when we were reeling from the attacks, when we just barely missed having the White House destroyed, and we just gave Afghanistan a ton of money?

    Hmmmmmmmm. Let me think. What would have happened? Oh, I know!!!! Muslim extremists would have realized that mass murdering people in America was a lottery ticket!!!!

  5. And the weaker and more naive we appear, the more we invite terrorist attacks.

    KT MacFarland summed it up very well a while ago. She said that if you review the data on terrorists over many years, you can see a pattern. They keep testing us with small actions, over and over, gauging our response. When we have a tepid or no response, they ramp up, and keep ramping up, until we finally squash them down. And then they just go back to those small attempts again, testing, waiting for the next opportunity, when we get tired of it all. They will never stop. And we can send as many gift baskets as we want; it will have no effect.

  6. #1: It is pointless to pander to Muslim extremists. We can spend billions of dollars, which they will gladly accept, and yet have zero improvement in their attitudes towards us. It’s pretty hard to overcome a culture that teaches their children to chant, “Death to America” in elementary school.
    #2: Can we please STOP giving any money at all to countries that hate us? Please? We’re not “stabilizing” the region, or earning “good will”. We’re just supporting vast regions where the popular opinion is we should all be murdered. So let’s add that as a line item on an aid application? Do you want the West annihilated? Denied!

  7. I think Nick has a good point…. Say we arrest karazi…..like we dId Noriega once his usefulness was over, we invaded panama and took him captive….. Good start…. Maybe the UN could group and come and take Bush and Cheney to stand trail as War Criminals…. They are no longer in office so they don’t have diplomatic immunity…. Good ideal Nick…

  8. Let’s be happy this is the end of Karzai and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Hopefully the DEA can bust him on heroin charges.

  9. You know what’s ironic Harry, the Settloff family was going to pay the ransom… Our government would not allow them to… But yet we provide financial incentives to foreign governments on a daily basis…

  10. As well as being “ungracious and ungrateful,” Karzai’s comments as excerpted above are also true. Occupation of that country was never necessary and was only another disgraceful American imperial misadventure. Why would anyone think America should be thanked for that? It’s likely the new ruler feels the same way as Karzai but wants to ensure that the money keeps flowing.

  11. If the goal is to receive thanks and appreciation, take a tip from the Chinese. Next time, just provide money and help with infrastructure, not bombs, guns, death squads, destruction, and death to people who never heard of 9/11.

  12. Don’t you hate a politician that won’t stay bought??
    And American has been a plague on countries….if they have oil…

  13. This is totally sad and disgusting, but then I expect nothing less from Karzai. He is an abject failure as the leader of Afghanistan, and much of his sentiment should really be directed toward Pakistan, not the U.S. But his sentiment, unfortunately, reflects that of many of the Muslim faith.

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