“Bad Hijab”: Iranian Women Reportedly Being Attacked By Acid For Not Being Properly Veiled

150px-muslim_woman_in_yemen220px-Hydrochloric_acid_ammoniaWe often discuss the disconnect of religious fanatics who rape or beat or kill women and girls in the name of morality. Often such abuses seems to be condoned by governments like Iran. However, after a series of acid attacks on women for not being properly veiled, the Iranian government is actually investigating and denouncing the attacks.

The government’s sympathy only go so far. Under the Sharia-based law in Iran, women must wear the loose fitting hijab that covers their heads and necks.

The attacks have occurred in Isfahan and General Hossein Ashtari has confirmed at least four acid attacks. Others say that there are at least 13 women chemically burned for being “badly veiled.” Other attacks have occurred in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India where the women are accused of “sullying” their family “honour” by committing “indecent” behaviour.

While the government has insisted that it will investigate, others have insisted that it must also punish women who are not sufficiently covered. Various women have adopted thin veiled or more shapely clothing to the outrage of religious Iranians. Iranian MPs have written to President Hassan Rouhani to demand that police increase enforcement of wearing of the veil. Once again, these legislators have little faith in convincing people to follow their Islamic values. Instead, they want to coerce them to comply to their values and call it a moral act.

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  1. Squeeky – just got your comment from yesterday thank you – Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter


    Well, I am the opposite of you because I am socially conservative and economically liberal. Plus, it is not that I don’t think the “other side” doesn’t have valid points every once in a while. it is just they are usually buried neck deep in a big pile of steaming partisan poop.

    Like the stuff about the abused women. When you boil down the anti-Christian gibes and anti-gun foolishness, what you end up with is that the police and courts are not very well organized to address the problem. Add to that the fact that a lot of women do not want to leave the abuser, and you have a problem.

    The 7 part series could have been reduced to a more readable 4 part series, and if the authors had eschewed irritating Christians and gun owners, they might have had more impact. But nooooo. The agenda driven twits just had to get their baseless partisan digs in, and lo and behold it does not seem that a whole lot is changing.

    Imagine what would have happened if a conservative group had written the series, and blended in some race issues and the failure of the Democrats to address the welfare state mess they created. That might have made it more popular in South Carolina, but would there have been any support from the Democratic side??? Probably not.

    Sooo, what I see myself as doing is de-partisanizing some of this stuff.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    Yes, I agree with you

  2. Communists kill people for practicing their religious beliefs. ISIS rapes and kill people for being Christian. Our govt. is just going to jail these people for 6 months. Lighten up you whining fundy Christians!!

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