“Bad Hijab”: Iranian Women Reportedly Being Attacked By Acid For Not Being Properly Veiled

150px-muslim_woman_in_yemen220px-Hydrochloric_acid_ammoniaWe often discuss the disconnect of religious fanatics who rape or beat or kill women and girls in the name of morality. Often such abuses seems to be condoned by governments like Iran. However, after a series of acid attacks on women for not being properly veiled, the Iranian government is actually investigating and denouncing the attacks.

The government’s sympathy only go so far. Under the Sharia-based law in Iran, women must wear the loose fitting hijab that covers their heads and necks.

The attacks have occurred in Isfahan and General Hossein Ashtari has confirmed at least four acid attacks. Others say that there are at least 13 women chemically burned for being “badly veiled.” Other attacks have occurred in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India where the women are accused of “sullying” their family “honour” by committing “indecent” behaviour.

While the government has insisted that it will investigate, others have insisted that it must also punish women who are not sufficiently covered. Various women have adopted thin veiled or more shapely clothing to the outrage of religious Iranians. Iranian MPs have written to President Hassan Rouhani to demand that police increase enforcement of wearing of the veil. Once again, these legislators have little faith in convincing people to follow their Islamic values. Instead, they want to coerce them to comply to their values and call it a moral act.

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  1. Hi Jonathan, This is truly horrifying! I remember when there were a number of similar attacks that happened a few years ago. Is there an email address I can reach you at? I just have a quick question.


  2. “Reproductive power must be held by woman themselves if they are ever to take their equal place in the sun of the best of human endeavors.”

    I’m fairly certain the power to reproduce still requires a contribution from the male of our species. And the best of human endeavors is a continuation of the species; so I’m not clear what your source is to make the claim that “The right knows this and that is why they oppose those rights and other rights of women.”

    For the record, in the cases where the natural rights of the woman are violated (rape, incest) that lead to a pregnancy; or the natural right to life of the mother is threatened if the pregnancy continues, then the choice should be that of the woman. Now, if you believe “the best of human endeavors” is to empower the females of our species to unilaterally decide to terminate the life of unwanted children, what in the world qualifies as the WORST of human endeavors; saving the life?

  3. So many people who comment on this site are enamored of themselves, and for a post like this one it is even more obvious. We don’t have the veil in the US but our right wing religious fanatics are very bad and would gladly go the whole nine yards if they could. Reproductive power must be held by woman themselves if they are ever to take their equal place in the sun of the best of human endeavors. The right knows this and that is why they oppose those rights and other rights of women. Domination and abuse of and discrimination against females has been built into the human male through evolution. It does not mean he couldn’t change, but it is a never ending battle to make him understand the profound evil that he causes in doing what he does. Religion is used in this case as it is the US to rationalize this evil. Our economic fundamentalists are equally as dangerous to the common good.

    1. Theo – assuming it takes two to tango, shouldn’t both partners have a say? Isn’t that socially fair? In fact, for women to hold reproductive rights just to themselves makes them misandrist of the worst sort.
      Theo, you are like the kid who supports the bully when he is beating up the little kid on the playground. You are an enabler.
      It is going to come as no surprise to you that I think abortion is murder. I firmly believe that. Roe v Wade was decided based on a lie. Had Roe not lied the case would never have been decided in her favor. BTW, Roe is currently anti-abortion now.

  4. According to Multiculturalism taught in the public schools and universities, this is just how that culture deals with women wanting to explore their sexuality. Who are we to judge? Or, is Multiculturalism non universal, in that whenever one decides, one can “pass judgement” (how so conservative!) on another culture. If so, then perhaps there are universal rights and wrongs no matter the culture? Not a progressive thought at all.

    Moreover, we are told in the university (I have a degree in English Subject Matter–and please don’t correct my grammar in this unedited blog post, it’s so unbecoming a red herring argument to the issue at hand.) that women in the Islamic culture love wearing the hijab and reveals a sort of female empowerment.

    Yeah, right. Raflaw, fix your own ideology before you start bashing the other side. You can begin by officially smashing the false notion of multiculturalism right now (but you won’t). I happen to be atheist and am not a conservative, but the one sided ideology bashing on this blog sight is pathetic.

  5. maxcat, I investigated many arson cases. In a residential arson, the FIRST thing you look for are family albums, and photos on the wall. Now, if the family or someone was home @ the time, then it makes sense the albums aren’t destroyed in the fire. That’s the first thing most everyone grabs. But, if they were not home, and no family photos are found @ the site, big red flag. Same w/ pets, but that is a bit of a different dynamic. My wife got into scrapbooking several years back. She goes on scrapbooking weekends. That is a whole new industry.

    1. Nick – That’s interesting. Of course, my dog and cat would be hoofing it out along with me. At one time, I would have had to grab 2 bird cages, but both birds are deceased. The photo albums WOULD be a good arson indicator, wouldn’t they be? My problem is the amount of albums I have, but I’d make a great attempt at salvage. I think scrapbooking is a great hobby, but it’s not something I ever got interested in. I guess I’m too busy taking the photos. To be honest, that’s the reason I wanted to go to my friend’s swearing in for her citizenship; I knew that it was the only way she’d have any photos to mark the moment.

    1. Squeeky – Once Polaroid stopped making it, I really stopped looking regularly. I had heard that another company was going to pick up the slack, and I would like to see it happen, as I actually have 2 Polaroid cameras that use two types of film, but I haven’t heard of any. If I do, I will post something on one of the Professor’s links.

  6. I just posted a video, and the tabs, but it is in moderation. I hope somebody is around to free it. The first three chords are really cool. You start out with a Dm. then raise the 2nd string finger up one fret, then up to the top fret to make a Dm7.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  7. max, What a GREAT idea. I would have loved those photos as a parent. If you love kids it is the consummate Holiday. I loved it much more than Christmas. No mischief on Christmas!

    I learned from my daughter that most folks don’t have any, or many home videos from when they were kids. Their spouses, friends, have hardly any video. Doing surveillance, I always had the latest video cameras and shot over 50 hours of our family’s life. I had the different formats, VHS, VHS-C, High 8, etc. put onto DVD’s for my family and extended family a few years back for Christmas. I was surprised how much the kids love it. My daughter didn’t surprise me much but my son did. Lot’s of soccer games. But hardly any baseball or softball video because I coached them. The few videos my wife took look like they were shot by a Parkinson’s patient on crystal meth.

    1. Nick –
      I’m a photography nut, so the idea came easily to me. I truly mourned the demise of the Polaroid camera. I’m the kind of person that, although very much in favor of the digital age, still makes prints of my “better” photos and puts them in albums. A friend’s brother-in-law had a huge 75th birthday celebration in Philadelphia several years back, and I still hear from my friend’s sister about how often they look at the album I made from the photos I took. They weren’t at all “pro” but they were of all the attendees and the “man of honor”, and it’s very special to them. I’ve often said that, should my house be on fire and I had just moments to evacuate, I’d grab my photo albums, my Ipad with photos on it, and my camera. The rest is replaceable.

  8. @ Maxcat

    The photos. What a great idea! We never have trick or treat kids. That doesn’t stop me from buying candy…and …Oh Darn….have to eat it all myself.

    Too rural. Too dark. Too far away from house to house. The little kids would go to the VFW for a Halloween event. Costume parade. Cookie decorating. Games. Prizes. Goodie bags. Candy!! The adults were all dressed in costumes too…>of course!! We can’t let the kids have all the fun. 🙂

    Those without children or (later for myself) whose children were old enough to go to their own parties at another long suffering parent’s home…….went to a dance and party at the fairground. Lots of adult beverages and hella fun.

  9. @NickS

    Oh, I am a lousy guitar player so I don’t ever play in front of anybody except my BFF Fabia Sheen, Esq., an attorney. Usually just when she is half drunk or more. Maybe one day I will be good enough to play in front of people, but I will probably have to get lessons first. Here is a picture of my newest guitar, a Gibson ES 335 Studio:


    I really love the sound this makes with its Dirty Fingers pickup. Its kind of growly most of the time.

    Squeeky Fromm
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  10. Interesting song. I haven’t had to noodle out guitar chords for quite some time, but I think a minor fifth and diminished fifth in many sections might be the trick.

    Best line in a rock song… IMO …..I wish I didn’t know now, what I didn’t know then.

  11. Squeeky, You’re a smart woman, NEVER buy Halloween candy until a couple days prior. When our kids were little we had a Halloween party in our garage. I LOVE Halloween. And, I always remembered as a kid how anticlimactic it was when it was over. So, our house would be the last stop. We had bobbing for apples. Hot dogs, soda, hot chocolate, beer and bourbon or Schnapps to add to the chocolate. I loved hearing all the kids talk about who was giving our what, who were the cheapskates, etc. We would go through 200 hot dogs. In our climate it could be anywhere from 30 degrees to 70 degrees. The party was in the garage. We did it for awhile after our kids got older, but stopped a while back. I miss it and some year might just pick it up again. Neighbors always plead for us to do it again.

    1. Nick – Great Halloween comment. I love the holiday. Up until a few years ago, along with candy, I would search Ebay all year for cheap Polaroid film. When the trick or treaters came by, I’d take their pictures and give ’em to them. The parents were particularly appreciative, many saying that they hadn’t thought of taking a picture, or something like that. One of the funniest comments came from a mother who said that she had the last 6 years of my photos on her refrigerator. What made it funny was that I had only been doing it for 4. Now the film is harder to find, and when it is available, it’s either expensive or out of date. I’ve gone back to just candy, but it’s not as much fun.

      1. maxcat – for 20 years we lived in a rural area and never got trick-or-treaters. Then we moved into town and got them, moved again and got got them in herds of 20 or so. Now we are in a house that is hidden in a street that is hidden so we never see them any more. I have started saving money, but I miss seeing the kids in their outfits. 🙂

  12. @NickS

    Plus, I am trying to learn a new song. It is one of my father’s favorites, and he says the best line ever written in a rock song comes from it. It is called Shelf Life by Love and Rockets. Sooo, that always kind of keys me up trying to get the chords right.

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  13. @NickS

    Mespo hasn’t said anything mean to me for a while, sooo I am just punishing in advance for when he does. 🙂 Plus, I am all wound up from eating a few pieces of Halloween candy.

    Squeeky Fromm
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    1. No problem just playin and Squeeky I imagine I can hear you playin that song. I think I could figure it out on mine.

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