Leading Muslim Cleric: Twitter is “The Source Of All Evil and Devastation”

Twitter Logo200px-Codex_Gigas_devilSaudi Arabia’s top Muslim cleric Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh has announced that he has found “the source of all evil and devastation” in the world. It is no small achievement. The source you ask? Twitter. That’s right, Twitter is “the source of all evil and devastation.” This is one of top ranking Islamic cleric in the most powerful Muslim nation on Earth.

This is an elevation of Twitter from his earlier comments calling Twitter something only used by “clowns.” It is has apparently moved from circus-like to pure evil.

By the way, someone should tell al-Sheikh that the declaration that “Twitter is the source of all evil and devastation” still leaves him 91 words on twitter to denounce such demonic spawn as Facebook, Tumblr, and others that would be hurt not to be condemned on the same basis.

We have seen other Islamic leaders in Iran and other countries striking out against the Internet and social media, which dangerously allows people to hear opposing views and exchange ideas. Other authoritarian nations like China have joined the campaign against social media and Internet freedom. However, al-Sheikh insists that it is Twitter that is threat to Islam. He did say that it is not the technology itself but the fact that it is “exploited for trivial matters.” He said this on the “Fatwa” television show — catchy title.

What I particularly love is his statement that “People are rushing to it thinking it’s a source of credible information but it’s a source of lies and falsehood.” The problem appears to be that Twitter is used to offer other views than those approved by the Wahhabi establishment and enforced by the medieval Sharia system in the country. Any other information is simply not “credible.”

As facially ridiculous as these comments may sound, they immediately produced the desired response among soon of the faithful. One writer stated “I swear the mufti has spoken the truth; the evils of Twitter are many.”

Other Saudis responded with mirth and mocking . . . on Twitter.

Source: Yahoo and Haaretz

18 thoughts on “Leading Muslim Cleric: Twitter is “The Source Of All Evil and Devastation””

  1. Pretending to know the mind of a sky-monster is the source of all evil. At least the worst kind of evil.

  2. Tweet a fellow twit on your Smartphone and twitter away. Maybe dumb. But “Evil”? Most of the Evil in the world is perpetrated by artFays with religious or Nazi beliefs. The only difference between a muslim nut and a Nazi is the difference between Mein Fuhrer and Mein Gott.

  3. As long as he’s not dissin’ Facebook or any other social media whose stock I own.

  4. Whenever there is a threat to their way of life, attack! Well, no social media is going to shut down. And more and more Muslims will get access. What difference that will make I have no idea. In this ISIS war, we see so many beautiful children with no future. The women shoving their babies into helicopters, hoping they get to live in peace, broke my heart. All because a new President didn’t understand how important our presence is. We aniholated Japan and Europe, then helped them build. It was a lesson many forgot or didn’t learn in the first place.

  5. It is clearly the nose of the camel creeping in under the tent. I can see his point. His world, it is a changin’.

  6. If you go to YouTube and watch Jimmy Kimmel Mean Tweets you’ll LYAO. There are 7 editions plus an NFL and NBA edition. The Gary Oldmann PSA is also hilarious.

  7. I imagine when one believes that they have the god-given authority to issue fatwas and tell others what to wear, how to walk, where to sit, who can do what, it’s quite an emotional blow to recognize that the rest of the world gets their information elsewhere.

  8. Yeah, because we can’t allow humans to communicate, without having “Allah” breathing down their necks…. 24/7

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