U.S. Kurds To Stage Mock Sex Slave Auction and Begin Hunger Strike At White House

Submitted by Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

kurdish-national-congress-grieving-womanMembers of the Kurd Community residing in the United States will host a demonstration to draw attention to the plight of Yezidi and Christian women in Iraq and Syria suffering and persecuted at the hands of ISIS.

Reportedly beginning at 10:00am on Monday, October 27, members of the Kurdish Diaspora will begin a five-day hunger strike at Lafayette Park across from the White House, culminating with a march to the White House and a demonstration on Friday, October 31 from 12:00-3:00pm. The procession will include a mock Islamic State (IS) slave market, exhibiting the humanitarian disaster being faced by thousands of Yezidi and Christian women and girls currently being held captive by IS in Iraq and Syria.

In a statement event organizer Goran Slemani declared: “I am confident that as more people become aware of this crisis, they will encourage world powers to take action against IS and to save thousands of women and children from being raped and sold into slavery. We are going on hunger strike because the Christians and the Yezidis of the region need our voices!”

The event is sponsored by Kurdish Human Rights Watch and endorsed by the Kurdish National Congress. A statement of support is to be released. The effort shows a joint effort by these entities and other individuals and interdenominational organizations of faith the hope and commitment that their voices are heard. As such this will encourage and foster the United States and other word governments to act immediately and actively to protect these ethnic groups from the ISIS genocide before it is too late.

According to Kurdish Human Rights Watch and other sources, ISIS has systematically abducted thousands of Yezidi and Christian women and girls and is holding them in makeshift detention facilities in Iraq and Syria. Most of them have been forced into marriage or sold into sexual slavery, in addition to daily rape and trauma. All have been subjected to forced religious conversion.

As reported by eKurd News:

The Kurdish National Congress of North America (KNC) is a non-profit, member-driven organization representing Kurds from all parts of Kurdistan living in the United States and Canada. Its objective is to unite Kurds living in North America to work for common goals, to promote the idea of a United Free Kurdistan, and to strengthen the voice of all Kurds living in the USA and Canada.

The mission of Kurdish Human Rights Watch, Inc. (KHRW) is to enable Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), refugees, [asylum seekers] and homeless individuals to achieve self-sufficiency and economic independence through direct assistance and capacity building.

Awareness and solidarity among our respective societies are important in that we must consider each other as equal, continuing to work together toward a world in which all are valued under the protection of basic human rights.

By Darren Smith


EKurd News
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  1. Black Sabbath – War Pigs


    Generals gathered in their masses,
    Just like witches at black masses.
    Evil minds that plot destruction,
    Sorcerer of death’s construction.
    In the fields the bodies burning,
    As the war machine keeps turning.
    Death and hatred to mankind,
    Poisoning their brainwashed minds.
    Oh lord yeah!

    Politicians hide themselves away,
    They only started the war.
    Why should they go out to fight,
    They leave that all to the poor.


    Time will tell them they are Power Blind,
    Making war just for fun.
    Treating people just like pawns in chess,
    Wait till their judgment day comes.


    Now in darkness world stops turning,
    Ashes where the bodies burning.
    No more war pigs have the power,
    Hand of God has struck the hour.
    Day of judgment God is calling,
    On their knees the war pig’s crawling.
    Begging mercies for their sins,
    Satan laughing spreads his wings.

    Oh lord yeah!

  2. @ Squeeky, 25Oct14, 1:47PM

    Ignorance is surely bliss.

    Exploitation of resource rich nations by Western powers is the problem.

    Saturation bombing is not the solution.

    You and others commenting here at Turley blog have fallen for the war machines propaganda hook-line-and-sinker. You think nothing of calling forth death and destruction upon your fellow humans without understanding the ramifications of your keyboard flailing.

    It is the US government that has been operating for sixty-five years while thousands of miles from home militarily intervening and occupying foreign lands under the guise of humanitarian assistance and the waging of war against a noun (terrorism).

    Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt and Israel were all part of what was once known as the Ottoman Empire. These modern nation states were created as war reparations agreed upon at the Treaty of Sevres following the Ottoman Empires defeat at the end of WWI.

    It has been almost one hundred years since WWI ended and we humans are no closer to solving social problems through force-of-arms then we were on 11Nov1918.

    How many millions of lives does it take to learn a lesson?

    1. Person Non Grata, I wanted to post that video all day long. It’s the Noble Lie of Leo Strauss and the Neocons – As our Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld once noted in an off the cuff remark, strategic truths sometimes need be defended by a “bodyguard of lies.”

      But no one would listen.

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