Bagged: Four Men Arrested After Posting Pictures Of Poached Deer On Facebook

poachingonfb3Adrian Acevedo-Hernandez, 36, Jose Luis Montufar-Canales, 31, Jose Manuel Ortega-Torres, 30, and J. Nemias Reyes Marin, 31, are in need of some “friends” after their Facebook postings led to their arrest. The men were shown on pictures with an assortment of dead animals. One picture from Hiko, Nevada below shows Ortega-Torres carrying off a mule deer in Nevada but game officials were struck by the background of the picture that was clearly not in the hunting season. That prompted a 16-month state and federal probe that finally led to the arrest of the men who are described as carrying out “a systematic killing, illegal killing, of wildlife.” Authorities believe that Acevedo-Hernandez, Montufar-Canales and Marin are illegal immigrants.

poachingdeerphotoThis picture was the tip that started the investigation, though the officials did not know the names of the hunters. When they finally identified Ortega-Torres and searched his home, they found illegally killed deer and migratory birds as well as butchering tools and weapons. The evidence incriminated other men in Las Vegas: Acevedo-Hernandez, Montufar-Canales, and J. Nemias Reyes Marin, 31 as part of the ring. They also found evidence of fraudulently obtained hunting licenses and tags.


The migratory birds exposes the men to federal charges. In addition, if the three men are illegal immigrants, they also violated federal laws prohibiting illegal immigrants from possessing firearms.

Source: Review Journal

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  1. Doody, I know you aren’t Richard Dreyfuss! And, thanks for some historical perspective.

  2. randyjet:

    who started the idea that blacks had to sit in the back of the bus?

    Hint: It wasnt republicans.

    Who passed the civil rights act over the objection of southern democrats?

    Hint: The party of Lincoln

    Who elected a black congresswoman in the past election?

    Hint: it wasnt democrats

    Republicans fought the war that freed black people from the bondage of slavery, do you think we were the ones running around in white sheets keeping them from voting?

  3. William Berry

    “What a fetid swamp of right-wing psychosis these Turley threads have become.

    Civility rules, indeed.”

    Actually, when this was a left wing blog the insults were there as well. In fact some called for shots to the head for certain libertarian/conservative commenters.

    Some of the other invective was pretty bad, it was used by the progressives to silence debate on the issues.

    All this hand wringing by the left is empty rhetoric, where were you when liberal regulars on this blog were calling for shots to the head for those they disagreed with?

    These people are just tired of sanctimonious, arrogant liberals pushing their “empathy” “values” as some sort of holy writ which cannot be criticized or evaluated on the merits.

    We have had 6 years of progressive/left policies writ large and the country is in bad shape. Which is always what happens when these policies are put into practice. They are destructive and the left refuses to admit that simple fact.

    The right wing psychosis is in thinking liberals have anything positive to contribute to our society, the only benign contributions are tie-dyed T-Shirts and organic farm communes, womyn with hairy armpits and legs and bean sprouts. The rest are malignant for a healthy society. Hopefully the last 6 years has put an end to the idea of compromise and working together. Dont compromise with leftist, regressive ideas, crush them.

  4. Nick, your last post exemplifies why people are leaving this blog. You make such off the wall slanders that it contributes little to the discussion. For your info I just returned from my 50th high school reunion and ran into lots of my friends who did quite well in life. All of us who were involved in the civil rights movement went further left as a result of our work in the black community in our area. For myself, I was involved in tutoring projects in the inner city for a couple of years, 1962-64. In college we had a secret group on campus which was Friends of SNCC because if the school found out about it, we would have been expelled and the teacher involved would have been fired. I personally integrated an apartment bloc in New Orleans in which I was the only white person there. I was lucky in that the cops did not arrest me for being there on some pretext or another. This was in 1994, so I guess I was lucky in that times had changed. A friend of mine in college was arrested for fornication because he was living in sin with a black woman. This was in Hartford,CT in 1964-65.

    Then we have the lack of substantial topics and ignoring anything that hurts the rightwing view here. For example, there was a good article in Bloomberg that pointed out that the so called failed Obama initiative on sustainable electric production that the GOP trumpeted as being bad because of the Solyandra failure, actually has been a big success and is returning billions in profit to the government loans. Then there has been a distinct refusal to acknowledge the propaganda about the situation in the Ukraine being touted by the government and the NY Times. People such as myself would post more here when there is a good debate on substantial topics with good rational discussion.

    1. randyjet – those solar places are getting federal grants to pay off those federal loans

  5. Squeeky, An honest piece. I can tell just about all the liberals here who are “down w/ the struggle” don’t have black friends and would fudge their undies going into inner city neighborhoods, places I spent much of my day.

  6. William, Try Flowers for Socrates, a superb left wing echo chamber. This used to also be one, now there’s a good mix. But, there are thousands of blogs out there. Flowers has a lot of the old time liberals who fled this fine venue. I think you will like it. To each their own.

  7. What a fetid swamp of right-wing psychosis these Turley threads have become.

    Civility rules, indeed.

  8. Beldar – Yes, there are illegal immigrants from other cultures. Look at that lady Onyango who was Obama’s aunt, I believe, whose deportation was stopped.

    The only reason it’s more often associated with Latinos is that we share a border with a troubled Latino country, and are very close to others. So, obviously, we will get more Latino illegal immigrants who can walk here, compared with Cubans who have to build a raft and fight off hungry sharks with their bare hands.

    1. Karen, I would certainly fly on an Airbus, but I would NOT want to do it on a long term basis. As I said, if it is a Boeing, I’m going.

  9. randy – don’t cling to your Harvard and the GOP are all stupid snipe. We all err.

    Your first comment about illegals was funny. I liked that one better. šŸ™‚

    1. Michaelb – that was a surprise to me, too. Glad to know that. Not that it makes any difference. They are going to be released, given amnesty and will sue the government for false arrest, plus get the meat back.

  10. @DBQ

    When Rafflaw does show up, he will snippily remark how Republicans who are legally in the country also poach deer, and how Cheney shot some dude while hunting migratory birds. Whatever, his comment won’t add much to the conversation.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  11. Please guide me on the lingo here. Sometimes I hear the word “migrant”. Or the person “migrated” “from Italy”Then I hear immigrant and immigrated. And legal immigrant and illegal immigrant. Then we hear Gruber and Goober. And Gomer Pyle and Goober Pyle. Then pile of itShay and pilings at the marina. When I hear “illegal immigrants” it is usually associated with Mexico and never Switzerland. I am here from another planet and have neither passport nor visa. Nor Mastercard. When asked I say: “We are from France!”
    I was told back on Remulak in my training never to say I was from Mexico. But, I need to be informed as to the dualities and trivialities here.
    Beldar here, from France. An inquiring mind who wants to know.

    1. Beldar – quit playing games. You have been around long enough to know the language and if you don’t you are a disappointment to your planet. Besides, this nom de plume is getting old.

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