Mexican Psychologist Accused Of Killing and Dismembering Husband and Then Faking Mental Illiness

Mexico Killer WifeMexico is fixated on an extraordinary murder case involving psychologist María Alejandra Lafuente Caso, 40. Lafuente Caso is accused of drugging, murdering, and chopping up the body of her husband Allan Carrera Cuellar, 41. She has claimed spousal abuse as a defense.

The actual facts of the case undermine a claim of a spontaneous act of self-defense or even a delayed response as an abuse spouse. Police say that not only did Lafuente Caso cut up her husband with a chain saw but then distributed his body parts around Mexico City, including his head which was found by children in a park. She then allegedly sent text messages from his phone to pretend that he was still alive. She then pretending to be a grieving widow.

When accused, she claimed to be an abuse spouse. Police say that she then tried to claim mental illness. Given the elaborate measures taken in the murder and its aftermath, both defenses would be difficult to establish. The mental illness defense was particularly interesting since she is a trained psychologist familiar with the protocols and conditions for such illness. Yet, another doctor concluded that she was faking the symptoms and responses.

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  8. Nick…I tried to look in at Flowers for Socrates…another dang WordPress site that took forever to load…I gave up. No Darren, and WordPress is off my menu…only other exception is a blogger in Israel I read daily who has conquered the WP demons.

  9. Jag, A lot of folks are @ Flower for Socrates. Have you been there? You’ll see a lot of the old timers. Regarding men’s locker rooms. Do you remember the first women reporters going into men’s locker rooms? I saw an interview w/ Jackie McMullen, a good sports reporter in Boston. She has seen it go from contentious and nasty, to no big deal. The New England Patriots were one of the nastiest locker rooms back in the day.

  10. Nick…. This reminds me of the Good Ol’ Days around here…
    makes me miss a lot of the people we have lost over the last few years.. 🙁

    and in MY opinion, there is NOTHING wrong with a Men’s Locker Room…

    Though, I do tend to be one of the guys…. 😀
    I can be just as crude and sexist as the next guy…

  11. Groty…

    There are PLENTY of women with fake nails and fake boobs,
    Though, I am still of the opinion that these boobs are real…
    and while some people are a into making themselves look good…
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    with the exception of Bundy, many of the most brutal killers
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    doing anything to make themselves look nice…

    In all honesty…. This woman is HOT!!!!

    and I can tell you from experience that SOME people just age
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    I just turned 48, and my avatar photo is
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    She could just have GREAT genetics…

    Of course the chopping her husband up into pieces
    could be a strike against her…. 😀

    But… Enhancing ones appearance is
    NOT something I look at as a negative……

    and lastly, while her nails might be fake. which is VERY common…
    the rest of her looks really natural….

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  13. See, we have had some good natured fun here w/o any problems . And, what the hell is wrong w/ a men’s locker room anyway?

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