An Upside Down World of Justice

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Respectfully submitted by Lawrence E. Rafferty, (rafflaw) Weekend Contributor

In our sometimes upside down world, it can seem that the lives and secrets of our intelligence service employees and their agencies are worth more than the lives and physical and mental well-being of the countless prisoners who were tortured by the CIA .  That is the same torture that was authorized and approved at the highest levels of our government.

Let’s also not forget the many instances of allegedly criminal activity by large banks and their employees that resulted in civil fines or no action at all, notwithstanding the lives that were shattered in the meantime.

Recently it was disclosed that the Department of Justice and the FBI have recommended that Gen. David Petraeus be criminally prosecuted for allegedly passing his classified CIA email account and exposing state secrets to the biographer/author he was having an affair with.  This is the very same Department of Justice, along with the Obama Administration that claims it did not have enough evidence to file charges against admitted torturers and those that authorized the torture and destruction of evidence.

” The F.B.I. and Justice Department prosecutors have recommended bringing felony charges against David H. Petraeus, contending that he provided classified information to a lover while he was director of the C.I.A., officials said, and leaving Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. to decide whether to seek an indictment that could send the pre-eminent military officer of his generation to prison.

The Justice Department investigation stems from an affair Mr. Petraeus had with Paula Broadwell, an Army Reserve officer who was writing his biography, and focuses on whether he gave her access to his C.I.A. email account and other highly classified information.” New York Times

While I have no problem with the Department of Justice and the FBI bringing charges against Gen. Petraeus if he has broken the law, why is the CIA itself immune to criminal charges over illegal torture?  Is the possible indictment of Petraeus merely related to an alleged crackdown on whistleblowers that disclose “state secrets”, as alleged in the prosecution and sentencing of former CIA official, John Kiriakou?

It is interesting to me that while the Obama Administration has prosecuted more whistleblowers than any other administration, not a single Torturer has been called to Justice.  Not a single Bankster has been called to answer for his/her crimes that devastated the U. S. economy and wrecked countless lives in the process.

Instead, legitimate whistle blowers are forced to hide in foreign countries for their alleged crimes of informing us of the abuses to privacy laws that have been going on for at least a decade, if not longer.  There is a lesson to be learned when the Department of Justice wants to prosecute a former 4 star general and former head of the CIA for allowing his mistress to see his classified email account, but the individuals who broke United States law in torturing prisoners remain free and unscathed.

That lesson is that if you dare to inform the American public of our country’s abuses, your freedom is at risk.  However, if you torture people or authorize torture, we will turn a blind eye.

If you admit to the destruction of evidence of that torture, we just can’t find enough evidence to prosecute you.   If you destroy an economy, you are too big to jail, but not too big for Congressional efforts to allow you to continue to feed at the public trough when your banking gambles don’t pay off.

When and how will this upside down world right itself?  When will those in power be called to account for their selective blindness and their illegal actions?

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  1. It is interesting how this two track system of justice works in America. Pretty soon the general and his family will be out in the street complaining how they can’t breath. However remember in America on any given night 2.4 million citizens are locked up often for far less and they are slandered and even tortured. They could be there for years just waiting to be charged so the general should remember he was the one who took an oath and a lot of these poor kids never did. May the epiphany of hypocrisy staring back from the mirror break all of their hearts and bring them to their knees just like the rest of us…

  2. Ahh, the old “turn of the century”, BS. Do you mean in the last 14 years fat man?? A blip in the history of football. When did you turn into a political spinmeister?

  3. He might try ‘grey-mail’ which is the hallmark of the “criminal” who knows too much. This could be really interesting if it gets to court. The question will be if the DOJ wants a secret trial or not.

  4. Well so far the Giants have won two Super Bowls since the turn of the century and Green Bay has won one. So if you eek out a win we will be tied.

    Not that I think you will win. It’s not in the cards. Sorry.

  5. The Packers are only in the Championship game because they didn’t play the Giants. Eli has the number. If we played them we would have beat them.

    As we have done before.

  6. Selective political prosecution is the trademark of this administration.

    We can only hope that Petreaus gets his balls twisted and starts to spill the beans about what he knows. I bet he knows a whole bunch that could blow back on Obama, Hillary and the rest of the people he worked with when he was at the CIA.

    If Obama is smart he would give him a full pardon and close the books on this.

  7. He should have had her briefed. Call security and tell them I want the woman briefed. Maybe he did. Maybe he had the power to brief her.

  8. Trooper, The Packers are playing in the NFC Championship game next week. The Giants are playing golf in Florida. That said, I would bet on Seattle next week.

  9. Don’t forget the USS Mattox & the Gulf of Tonkin or FDR and executive order 9066. I’m still upset over the Sand Creek Massacre. There is a lot to say Grace over. Even today we have the IRS scandal with some politicians still saying what scandal ? So it seems scandals seem to lie only in the eyes of the beholder. Honesty seems always to be bias – would you not say ?

  10. It appears that the US needs to work on its own freedom of speech issues. We point our fingers at other nations while we here at home selectively prosecute those who engage in whistleblowing which indeed is speech. Selectively prosecuting those who those who are deemed to have broken our laws is extremely troubling.

  11. I think we should have a good discussion in spite of the post. Trooper, McCain warned us in 2008 that Obama is really just a Chicago hack politician who is eloquent. His mentor, Richie Daley could not speak in complete sentences. But, Daley knew how to destroy his enemies. Obama and his soulmate, Holder, will probably persecute..err prosecute Patreus for having the temerity to be able to defeat jihadists. Remember, Obama was against the surge when he was a Senator.

  12. Obama is going after Petraeus because he was effective in opposing Muslim extremism. If he had been a failure and aided in the advance of the Muslim Brotherhood he would have got a pass.

    That is the Obama administration in a nutshell. Selective prosecution against its ideological enemies. Nothing new here.

  13. With bankers, torturers, and priest pedophiles there seems to be safety in numbers and in variation of levels of criminal activity. Where is the line to be drawn in who is indicted? The small town loan officer who was following bank policies? The priest who had child porn but no complaints against him? The staffer who passed along orders approving torture?

  14. Mitt the pitts is coming.

    If you think justuce is turned on its head now. . Just wair until he gets to handpick his own” friendly” USAG.

    I’m just sayin…..


  15. It will right itself when even the most partisan hack can denounce his preferred party for actual principles.

  16. Good column.

    This incident reinforces to Americans that there are two justice systems in the U.S.

    One justice system is for the connected and wealthy.

    The other system – a much harsher justice system – is for the rest of us.

    Ordinarily, Gen. Petraeus would be judged under the “connected” justice system, but somehow he has fallen into the ordinary American system and is paying the price.

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